Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014

Rosberg’s pole confirmed as stewards take no action

2014 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014Nico Rosberg will start the Monaco Grand Prix from pole position as the stewards chose to take no action over the incident at Mirabeau.

Rosberg’s second pole position in Monaco had been under threat after the stewards announced they were investigating why he stopped at Mirabeau on his final lap.

The Mercedes driver appeared to lose control of his car at the corner and came to a stop in the run-off area. As that brought the yellow flags out his team mate Lewis Hamilton was unable to improve his time.

But after examining video and telemetry evidence the stewards ruled “no offence was committed by the driver of car number six [Rosberg] as they “could find no evidence of any offence related to the turn five incident”.

The two Mercedes drivers will therefore start tomorrow’s race from the front row of the grid.

2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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  1. I am not the most obsessive F1 fan, but my impression is that Nico’s reputation is pretty solid. I can only vaguely remember an incident of Rosberg running Hamilton wide a couple of years ago. He obeyed team orders to stay behind Hamilton in China 2013 when he could have attacked. I am inclined to give Nico the benefit of the doubt. Difficult to tell from a fans perspective, but he has always seemed to an honorable sportsman and a gentleman, not a win at any cost kind of guy.

  2. Lewis is quicker than Nico in my opinion. Today Lewis has proven himself weaker mentally. The hungry remarks and being a bit of an immature loser at qualy.

    1. Racing isn’t about being strong mentally, you have to be the quickest. That’s why Hamilton is still my favourite for the WDC.

      1. It helps though. You can be fast but if you crumble under pressure, it won’t help.

    2. “Today Lewis has proven himself weaker mentally”

      You can say that after Rosberg messed up his final hotlap while Lewis was going quicker? lol

      …you people.

  3. Hamilton should just keep his cool and get an almighty start tomorrow and then if he gets ahead of Roseburg .. he should use the pitstop window to improve his lead if any and make sure he uses the same tactic as Roseburg TO go counter in the tyre strategy

  4. People need to ask themselves, what might the outcome have been, if the second car (Lewis) was another car like a Redbull, and 2 teams where arguing in the stewards meeting?

    As it was, there would have just been Merc personel in their arguing their point using the telemtry. There wouldnt have been anyone in there from Hamiltons side pointing out contrary points about this or that being odd and abnormal. Had someone from Redbull been in that meeting for example, they’d had made the case to the stewards that this didnt look right, that did look right, this isnt normal behaviour, that isnt normal behaviour, etc.

    Because this was an inter-team battle, the stewards have just heard Mercs engineers side of the story and thought let them just deal with it internally.

    1. I think you make a great point. Sucks for LH’s side of the garage. We basically have a rift between the drivers now. Surely relations between the two garages is going to kick into rivalry mode. No more free intel/data lol! Both ways.

  5. I am not fully sure, but I want to give Nicole the benefit of doubt. He could have been a bit more classy with celebrating his mistake, but I can also understand the relief after quite a few sessions and races where Lewis ultimately managed to keep him behind, again and again.

    Only now watched press conference, don’t agree with people calling Hamilton petulant either; as Ricciardo said ‘all of use have reasons not to be entirety satisfied (with themselves )’

    Still a bit miffed with Rosberg for making that mistake and giving us the drama instead of a tight sessions with a closely fought pole. Oh well thats F1 too. I hope for a good close race without a first lap clash.

    1. Nicole? Negative, autosuggestion. Nico.

  6. Michael Brown
    24th May 2014, 21:40

    I wonder what the stewards thought about how Rosberg rejoined the track.

  7. The same driver spun off in China trying to push for pole.

    But of course, making a mistake is impossible and illegal around Monaco, so it must have been deliberate.

  8. So now that Lewis has a dominant car he’s gone all Senna on us? Its funny how fast a good car goes to your head, happend the Seb the last several years and he hasn’t come down well. These guys have a hard time staying level now that they want to be celebrities and race car drivers.

  9. I think this was the right decision because I don’t think NR plays in suspicious ways. I think NR was innocent of any wrongdoing as supported by the stewards and all this talk of a first corner coming together is drama queen crap like many of the comments aimed negatively toward NR today and LH today and over the last few days.

    NR will have apologized wholeheartedly to LH, the team will sit down and discuss this, and post-heat-of-the-moment everything will be much calmer and more normal by the time they start the race.

    Unfortunately now the drama queens will be labeling NR a cheat for the rest of the season, and I expect the commentators will, at the start of the race, hype up the drama like NR and LH are now enemies and it is still the heat of the moment from Saturday.

    BE must be doing a jig with glee.

  10. In the end of the day we all know you drive every lap in Monaco like it is your last lap. Nico got best time one way around. This is Monaco you can almost count yellow flags will be brought out as anyone of them 10 drivers could crash at any time. It is like when rain is about to start in Q3 and they all head out to clock best lap before it does.

  11. Skimming thru the comments, I find a lot of Vettel fans have turned into Nico fan, desperate and too eager to defend Nico… So it appears real Nico fan don’t get too excited ‘cuz they are actually not Nico fan but just anti Ham fan… Wouldn’t it be better care about how and why so great Vettel is being tossed out by Dan who even months ago was supposed to be crushed by the all time greatest, not?

    Re the anti climax of Q3, it does smell fishy but who knows? Whatever it is, they all have to move on and the race will be spiced up a lot which is good for viewers. If Nico did have a certain amount of intention not from the start but anyway in the middle of losing rears, then it will eventually bite him back later on.

  12. Nico looked so scared of Lewis after quali, I am still questioning if he actually got weighed? Remember him going into the part where they get weighed, and him sort of quickly making his way out as Lewis was coming out. Then he took some pictures and then went off to the post quali conference? Or am I wrong?

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