Stewards investigating Rosberg’s Mirabeau mistake

2014 Monaco Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014Nico Rosberg is being investigated by the stewards over his error at Mirabeau during his final qualifying lap for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Rosberg went into the escape road after appearing to lose control of his car at the corner.

That brought out yellow flags, forcing the drivers behind him to slow down. That included his team mate Lewis Hamilton whose previous time had been less than six hundredths of a second slower than Rosberg’s.

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2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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93 comments on Stewards investigating Rosberg’s Mirabeau mistake

  1. Now Nico has resorted to Kangaroo tactics of hiding into the porch (Mirabeau) only to pip out to see how he messed up every other person on the grid. That’s not the mark of a champion!!

  2. Broom (@brum55) said on 24th May 2014, 15:23

    He reversed but it still would have been a yellow flag regardless of whether he did or not.

    • MazdaChris (@mazdachris) said on 24th May 2014, 15:33

      Unless there are specific regs against reversing back up the escape road, I can’t see why it would be a problem. He didn’t go back onto the track until the track was clear, so I don’t see what the problem would be.

      • Gdon (@gdon) said on 24th May 2014, 16:04

        The problem is that by reversing down the escape road, he was putting others in danger because there were other drivers on hot laps too and if they made a similar mistake, where would they go? Into him?

        • MazdaChris (@mazdachris) said on 24th May 2014, 16:20

          This is why they have yellow flags – if a driver has gone off, they wave flags to tell the other drivers to slow down so they don’t make a mistake and hit the car sitting on the runoff area. When they have double waved yellows the cars on track are expected to slow right down or even stop.

          I’m surprised this hasn’t come up before.

  3. TriniF1 said on 24th May 2014, 16:05

    I don’t see that anyone could say in a proven way his action to cause a yellow was deliberate. I don’t believe he did.

    The issue is how he rejoined the track.

    There is no rule with regards to reversing back on track.

    Cars may not reverse in the pit lane, but must be equipped with a reverse gear so they are able ‘to reverse at any time during the event’ so technically Nico did not break any rule there.

    However, a driver may only rejoin the track when it is deemed safe by the race director.

    Depending on how Charlie sees that I guess will depend on the result of the investigation.

    If guilty, the penalty is a grid drop.

  4. dkpioe said on 24th May 2014, 16:14

    Rosberg made a mistake – and went to espace road.
    he reversed on the escape road – I believe this is why he is being investigate.
    from what I know you can not reverse an f1 car on the race track, but is it ok on an escape road? and also does if matter if under yellow flag?
    some people think what Rosberg did was deliberate and comment of rosberg’s “instinctive steering of the car to a straight path after breaking to late” as some weird fake weaving. cmon people, grow up, if Rosberg wanted to be like that he would have hit the wall or locked up to nearly hit the wall, instead of running down an escape road where a yellow flag was not guaranteed. I was surprised a yellow flag came out at all – unless it came out when he was reversing – which again shows the initial error was not on purpose.

    • MazdaChris (@mazdachris) said on 24th May 2014, 16:27

      The recovering driver is allowed to reverse if it’s safe to do so. Which it was because it was covered by yellow flags and he only rejoined the track once it was clear. As far as I can see he recovered the car pretty much according to procedure. There’s some debate as to whether or not driving to the far end of the escape road and parking it would have cleared the yellow flag, but it’s all speculation and either way, there’s no regulatory obligation for him to do so, so no reason why he would receive a penalty for it. But who knows, the stewards will have a better understanding than any of us.

  5. Andreas said on 24th May 2014, 16:17

    According to Anthony Davidson on Sky, Hamilton was behind Rosberg’s pole time when he arrived at Mirabeau, so it’s not certain it was the “pole lap” LH claimed it was in the interviews. But then we’ll never know, will we? Either way, the incident itself seemed to me like Rosberg just overcooked it. Anthony Davidson said – and I agree – that had Rosberg wanted to make sure to bring out the yellows, he’d have (ever so gently) stuffed it in the barrier, or parked the car at the beginning of the escape road. From what we could initially see, he seemed to carry on further down the escape road, bringing him farther from the point where he’d be an obstruction. That far, I couldn’t see any clear signs of foul play.

    But the reversing back towards the track wasn’t initially shown – that only came to light a little later. To me, that move was stupid, and pointless. It may not have made any difference in the end – I’m not sure the marshals are allowed to retract the yellows when there’s a car on the escape road, however far down that road it is sat. But even so, he shouldn’t have started reversing.

    Possible outcomes? Well, it might well end up as a “no further action”, if it turns out that the reversing didn’t actually make any difference to the yellow flag period. He could end up with a reprimand (or whatever’s this year’s equivalent) for the needless reversing. I doubt it will be anything more severe – for that, they’d need to find solid evidence of the initial incident itself being deliberate, and barring any pit-to-car radio instructions to that effect, I can’t really see that kind of evidence turning up. This was not a simple “park it at Rascasse” job… :-)

  6. Neil (@neilosjames) said on 24th May 2014, 16:53

    It’s right that it’s being investigated – if deliberate (can’t see it) we’ll know, and if it was a mistake (can see it), we’ll know.

    Removes doubt from both sides.

  7. D.Bo said on 24th May 2014, 17:31

    REALLY? He didnt know he started his final lap before Hamilton so he says.

    Anyone with a little bit of knowledge from formula one can see on the video
    that he started shaking his steering wheel on purpuose way before the braking
    point and to put it in reverse to go back on the track is a joke.

  8. Graeme Marshall said on 24th May 2014, 17:34

    There are any amount of “unintentional” or ill judged actions in F1 that get penalised, unsafe release in the pits being the most obvious. The only gear NR should have been in was neutral, to select reverse was intentional and I suspect the act of a cheat

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