Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014

Hamilton vows to emulate Senna in Rosberg rivalry

F1 Fanatic Round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he considers approaching his rivalry with team mate Nico Rosberg in a similar fashion to how Ayrton Senna dealt with his famously heated rivalry with Alain Prost.

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Lewis Hamilton to deal with Rosberg spat like Senna (Autosport)

Hamilton: “I don’t know if Senna and Prost talked about it but I quite liked the way Senna dealt with that so I’ll take a page out of his book.”

Nico Rosberg Q&A: Incident not a repeat of Schumacher 2006 (Formula1.com)

Rosberg: “That I do understand these kind of theories; Monaco is the perfect backdrop for these kind of things. But I have to disappoint: the data is clear, as the stewards have also confirmed.”

If Nico wins in Monaco tomorrow, the scales may tip back in his favour (NBC Sports)

“Hamilton might have had the momentum coming into the race weekend, but if Nico can indeed win tomorrow, the scales will tip back in his favour. Not only will he regain the lead of the drivers’ championship, but he would also have beaten Hamilton in spite of his mind games.”

ERS issue slows Vettel (ESPNF1)

Vettel: “Basically, I lost the ability to discharge at the maximum rate and initially halfway down the straight I was just relying on the ICE [Internal Combustion Engine], but it was a bit hit and miss to be honest, sometimes it was working, sometimes it wasn’t working on the same straight.”

Alonso celebrates “best lap of year” (Racer)

Alonso: “The two laps were good; I was really happy with the laps and the balance of the car. We were only one or two tenths away from [Sebastian] Vettel, which is a good surprise.”

Adrian Newey’s future still the subject of speculation despite Red Bull statement (SkyF1)

Christian Horner: “The details of any contract with any employee are private between the employee and the team and not something to be discussed with media. What I can tell you is that he has pledged his future with Red Bull for the foreseeable future.”

Behind the scenes at a controversy (ESPN F1)

“There’s nothing quite like the smell of a story brewing, with all and sundry scampering around the paddock trying to track down information, or making whispered phone calls to contacts in race control, hoping to get a jump on the competition.”


Comment of the day

Following the controversy in qualifying after Rosberg’s off on his final lap helped to cement his pole position, Max Jacobson is satisfied that the stewards decided to investigate the matter.

I’m glad the FIA conducted a thorough investigation on this one: had they not bothered to do so, I could imagine the media would have completely overblown the whole situation and Hamilton’s discontent may have been aggravated, with some fairly nasty consequences for their relationship within the team.

And I do believe their conclusion was the correct one. Had they found him even partially guilty, surely their only option would be disqualification (unless they had ruled it as simple impeding), which would be a ludicrously harsh punishment for what barely compares in malevolence to the infamous Schumacher incident of 2006, which was quite clearly deliberate.
Max Jacobson

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On this day in F1

Niki Lauda took pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix 40 years ago today. Ferrari team mate Clay Regazzoni join him on the front row of the grid.

92 comments on “Hamilton vows to emulate Senna in Rosberg rivalry”

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  1. As a Hamilton fan, I wouldn’t have minded a 3-place grid penalty for reversing onto the track. I think this is no less dangerous than having your DRS open when there is a yellow, for instance. In GP2, isn’t there (or wasn’t there) a rule that drivers get a grid penalty if they create a yellow flag during qualifying? Ridiculous, of course, but it would have been somewhat appropriate for Rosberg’s incident, because, even if it was an honest mistake, couldn’t he really have made the corner if he had tried? Slowing down and taking a wider line would have been riskier, so he chose to take the run-off to save his car; fine, but that also eliminated the qualifying laps of the drivers behind him.

    As for the mistake itself, I thought it looked very weird, especially coming from a Monaco specialist. I also agree with Massa: it’s a very strange place for such a mistake.

    1. Or…NR did something all driver’s have done often…braked a little later at that spot to try to put in a faster lap. Reversing was obviously not an issue. NR has been cleared of any wrongdoing other than he himself made a mistake of overdriving and thought he had ruined it for himself. Also, did FM say it was a strange place before or after he found out that the stewards confirmed NR was innocent? I’m sure any place on any track where braking is required is the normal place for a bloke to potentially brake too late.

      If anyone including LH has an issue, it should be with the marshals for throwing the yellow when NR was clearly out of the way and there was so little time left and so few cars remaining to go by that spot that the odds were there would have been no issues with another car going off at the same spot and somehow hitting NR.

  2. The 500 is 5pm in what zone? If not GMT what is it? :)

    1. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
      25th May 2014, 8:15

      @sigman1998 – The green flag for the Indy 500 drops at 12:12pm EST, so that should be 5:12pm GMT, I believe…

      1. Thank you! :)

  3. Hamilton may be an amazing driver, but one thing where he falls desperately short when emulating Senna, is actually not the driving, but the character. While Senna was probably one of the most enigmatic, charismatic and intelligent drivers, I can’t give Hamilton neither of those three.
    His persona is so fabricated, he’s a poser, his mystique/spirituality or however you wanna call it, is completely nonexistent, save for a few quasi-deep tweets and his intelligence either isn’t coming through or is so far off of Senna’s that I don’t really see how it will even figure.
    That’s probably why many insiders say Alonso is much closer to Senna when it comes to personality. He is very intelligent and has much more charisma.

    For me personally, from a Senna fan-boy from the beginning of the 90s, as I got older, I found myself being more of a Prost’s fan with every passing year. You realize some things, have a different, less childish/teenage outlook on life, and start valuing some things more, while realizing the immaturity of others.

    These days, I find that I respect the both drivers pretty much equally, and am able to appreciate them both for what they were – two mesmerizing drivers and personalities, completely different, yet a perfect match for each other.

    Respect to both Senna and Prost and thank you both for what you brought to the sport and the limits you brought out of each other.

    1. I think that is a very fair comment even if a little bit harsh on LH. I do know this…LH admitted in 2011 to off-track non-F1 related distractions hurting his performance on the track, which I personally think was the start of the end for him at Mac, and Senna and Prost never let that happen.

  4. A couple of days ago Nico signed a new contract with Mercedes, then this nonsensical piece of driving.. Co-incidence? Love to have been a fly on the wall at the Mercedes discussions of the event, wonder if they really agreed with the stewards?

    1. maybe that is why Hamilton is upset, maybe Rosberg got a contract which makes him equal in payment and status in the team to Hamilton. previous he was told not to pass Hamilton and was earning less money. maybe Hamiltons comments about Nico being privileged growing up (coming from the most privileged of them all) were because of the contract extension too. maybe the contract means quite a lot in this spat that Hamilton is creating, Hamilton obviously wants number 1 status, and maybe he hasn’t got it and that is why he is saying all these things about beating and dominating rosberg.

    2. I think it is nonsense to call braking a bit late to try to ensure pole, a nonsensical piece of driving. At Mercedes they knew immediately and well before the stewards that that is all NR did. They have two drivers going for the WDC this year. Of course this type of mistake is going to happen. To immediately jump to the conclusion that NR is suddenly MS is what is nonsensical.

  5. Wow, Vettel has had terrible luck in qualifying this year. I think he’s had one or two clean qualifying so far.

    1. Malaysia and ???

    2. @yobo01 Yes, he has had car problems but his racecraft has improved over the years, as demonstrated most recently in Spain. If the car holds together well today I expect he will have positive results.

  6. So youre planning to emulate him by being a petulant little man child are you? Good job buddy, though you were already ahead of the curve on that one werent you

  7. Hamilton continues to perpetuate a child when things don’t go his way. Yet he wonders why he gives of a sour impression to the world.

    1. Malaysia and ??? Lol.

  8. Callum two l's
    25th May 2014, 9:55

    Really until this whole thing I didn’t think nico had it in him to be world champ… It appears I was wrong

  9. Even adjusting for British media often blowing Hamilton’s words out of proportion, this time he has really done it. I have lost what little respect for the guy I had. He’s pusjing 30 for Pete’s sake, and still behaves like a 13 year old. (13 goes on 30 gets a new meaning). Has he never ever caused a yellow in qualy or race, screwing up other peoples attempts? Isn’t this the same guy who hit Raikkonen in Canada in the pits, and that was A LOT more suspicious accident than Rosberg’s. Wasn’t it Hamilton who blatantly lied and cheated Trulli out of his finish position? Not even touching the whole 2007 business, and his lesser antics like posting McLaren’s telemetry on the net. So this is the guy who suddenly feels cheated because his teammate who has never done anything controversial in his whole career, and showed more respect to Hamilton on and off track than he deserves? With his stupid pouting and childish posturing, it is he who should apologise to Rosberg for even suggesting any foul play. And will he stop about emulating Senna already? The only way in which he can emulate Senna would be going to the stewards and demand for pole position to be moved. There is no other aspect of racing in which he is remotely close to Ayrton.

      1. Hard to argue that.

  10. For all Lewis’s supposedly clever mind games over the last few weeks, feeding the media careful comments designed to infer that not only was Rosberg slower but that Hamilton has speed in hand, Rosberg has never looked like being vaguely flustered by anything Lewis has said.

    Lewis looked destroyed getting out of the car and in the media interviews though. Maybe by reverting to “I’ll be like Senna” he’s acknowleding that up to this point he’s been like Prost?

    1. Valid point @hairs talks the talk but can’t walk the walk

    2. @hairs He looked destroyed because he thought he could have cracked pole . Not because he finished the lap and didn’t . As someone said earlier Q3 isn’t over until SV and LH park their cars .

      1. He could, would, but hadn’t…

      2. The point is that Rosberg hasn’t cracked when things didn’t go his way, or he got beaten, or Lewis was trying to get inside his head.

        Lewis definitely cracked this weekend. He’s always been psychologically weak, which is why I’ve been surprised to see him attempt mind games on someone like Rosberg, who clearly isn’t. He’s projecting his own weaknesses onto others and assuming things which would work when used against him would work on someone else.

  11. Well I don’t think that he means to emulate Senna in terms of his antics at the Japanese GP. He only means to emulate Senna by letting his driving very fast and do the talking on track. Unfortunately, Lewis has done the most talking off track yet.

  12. I think Hamilton had a right response if he mented to make a Senna defending his place on the track.
    But, Nico is not a Prost neither Hamilton a Senna, i hope for the beauty of F1 it was that, if he meant crasing at the first corner, that’s just wrong…

  13. Alonso is a Real Madrid fan too?

    We are a match made in heaven.

  14. Alonso is a Real Madrid fan too?

    We are a match made in heaven.

  15. I know crashing Rosberg in turn one definitely springs to mind as Hamilton said this but I in fact, I think he means he will take a page of Senna´s book by doing what Senna did on the Toleman or just humiliate him like he did Prost before he crashed in the McLaren…
    He would be screwed for the season if he actually crashes into Nico in turn one. Hamilton might act dumb sometimes but he is not that idiotic.

  16. one race Lewis, shake it off cuz u got this. starting with Montreal will begin the domination – again…of Rosberg. he simply does not have your talent skill. Nico is a smart dude, he knows its not likely he can beat out Lewis for the title and will need massive amounts of luck.

    I am glad Lewis is in this team, give Nico a champions drive. u deserve it Lewis

  17. Several years ago when Michael Schumacher came out of retirement to drive for Mercedes, many predicted that he would destroy Nico Rosberg. After all, this was Schumacher, the most successful driver in F1 history. The man who between 1994 and 2004 won seven drivers championships, a man who in his career had won a mind blowing ninety one grands prix.
    The numbers are astounding. The consensus among many was that even an ageing Schumacher, a Michael at half speed, would make mincemeat of Nico.
    The reality was quite different. Mercedes back then were not the team they are now in terms of performance, but Rosberg was not fazed by his legendary team mate. To think about it, Schumacher in the sister car must have been a huge gauge for Nico in so many ways. A means to measure his skills, and learn from one of the very best in the business.
    Some may argue that the events of Saturday morning prove that Nico may have learned some of Schumacher’s bad habits. After all when it concerns sharp minded drivers, then there were few sharper than Schumacher.
    The main learning curve for Rosberg without doubt must have been the ability to deal with pressure. This for me was the big risk Hamilton took in deploying mind games in the build up to Monaco. Less experienced drivers may have been affected by this, but Rosberg is no rookie, and he certainly can deal with the pressure.
    Today’s victory was a massive boost for Nico Rosberg in that he made Hamilton eat his words, despite the dubious acts the day before that split opinion so greatly on this site and others. He has proved he can beat Hamilton at his own game and on the biggest stage on F1, the Monaco Grands Prix.
    How Hamilton reacts in Canada in two weeks is the question we should be asking? He won’t forget this weekend in a hurry, but then nor will Nico Rosberg.

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