Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014

Hamilton hampered by eye irritation in closing laps

2014 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Will Wood

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014Lewis Hamilton has described how he was forced to run the closing stages of the Monaco Grand Prix with reduced vision following a speck of dirt causing irritation in his left eye.

Despite running within a two second gap of his team mate for the majority of the race, Hamilton fell back into the clutches of Daniel Ricciardo with just under ten laps remaining.

But despite intense pressure from the Red Bull, Hamilton was able to hold off the Australian to secure second place.

“It’s fine, I can see,” said Hamilton. “I just got a bit of dirt in it. Fortunately it cleared up.”

While the irritation appeared to prevent Hamilton for offering a challenge to Nico Rosberg for the win, Hamilton himself admits that it was not the deciding factor.

“I don’t think it made any difference to the outcome,” said Hamilton. “While Ricciardo was closing the gap, it was a serious concern. I was driving with one eye, basically. I knew that he would get me unless it cleaned up.

“It eventually cleaned up with about three or four laps to go, so I was then able to position myself in the best way to stay ahead.”

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  1. It’s amusing that the most common criticism of Hamilton that’s bandied around by his numerous, very vocal detractors is that he behaves petulantly when beaten. And yet, the majority of his critics disparage him in extremely childish manners.

    Case in point is those who have rubbished the notion that something did genuinely get in his eye and hinder him from lap 56 onwards. If not, how else do you explain the sudden drop in pace towards the end of the race? Up until that point, he’d generally been matching Nico all race long. He didn’t make any mistakes (the cameras would have replayed any error that cost him those two seconds), and he clearly hadn’t run into obscene tyre troubles, otherwise he would have reported as such over the radio. What benefit would it reap him to lie about something in his eye, whilst presumably (because it would the only viable explanation) deliberately dropping pace with an already significantly quicker Ric catching him up? As usual, those who dislike Hamilton will clutch at any straws, however small, to discredit him.

    Oh, and for those who criticised his demeanour during the podium ceremony, bear in mind that he is convinced of Rosberg’s guilt over qualifying. If you believe otherwise, fair enough, but just as the stewards are better equipped to judge what Rosberg did, don’t you think Lewis, who is more familiar with this car’s characteristics than anyone else not in the Mercedes team, is also better placed to judge the situation than anyone here. He is convinced that Rosberg’s “error” was deliberate, and knows that the pole it enabled him to clinch also paved the way for his win. I think I’d be pretty bad tempered in his position with that in mind, and I’m sure most others here would be too.

    1. @heisenberg Actually , I am convinced he knows more about it than the stewards and the public . For instance , he may know specific characteristics of the car .All the stewards can examine are the brake pressures , steering angle etc etc , what if he had intentionally locked up and done it perfectly ? they wouldn’t be able to tell . Nico could have pulled this off deliberately .
      But , yes , Hamilton should not sulk like this . He should put it behind him . One thing is for sure , he knows more than what the public knows . Take a look at this video at around 0:51 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvzrPs5fegU. He thinks hard whether to tell something or not and then decides not to .

    2. don’t you think Lewis, who is more familiar with this car’s characteristics than anyone else not in the Mercedes team, is also better placed to judge the situation than anyone here

      Yes and no. He’s better placed to judge the situation than us but is not better placed than the stewards.

    3. @heisenberg You make a valid point, but if a driver gave up or had spat the dummy he would need a excuse to make it look justified right? Bring on the “something is in my eye line”. Sounds far fetched yeah? Well he knew his car had enough power on the straights and tunnel to hold Ric at bay, he knew he wasn’t going to pass Nico so he just switched off and rode it home even playing up to the team, media and public regarding not caring about the gap to Nico when he knew that he was no longer up his behind and had no chance of catching him with so few laps remaining. That was a totally pointless and invalid statement/question in my opinion. Conspiracy theories can run all year round, but his attitude was a statement that can’t be denied.

      1. @funkyf1 Why would he risk dropping back 8 seconds just for an excuse ? If you think he could not keep up with Rosberg all of a sudden , then you are deluded. Lewis may be emotional but he isn’t a guy who will drop back just for an excuse .

        1. @hamilfan Nothing is beyond this guy of late, anyway I was just adding speculation like yourself and personally considering Hamiltons behaviour lately I don’t think it’s to far fetched. Only Lewis knows the real story

  2. So by bashing someone you don’t like or come to dislike cuz other people do, many souls seem to get surrogate satisfaction. Have thought about the so called maturity of them and it’s hard to think of any better than the one whom they gleefully bashing and dissing. Ask yourself, “am I happy by deriding and ridiculing him with every bits he speaks?”
    Read Niki scolded HAM for not shaking hands with Nico on post race podium ceremony. Well, being a big man and pretending to be a big man is different but if he indeed saw something from the data as he implied on the Q3 event, I bet none can be so much like act as an actor in front of public.
    Ironically, his emotional weakness and inability to fake something different from his mind is evidence of his naive and rather pure mentality, which is also called as immaturity of course. Anyway, most of the people over here seem no less childish and petulant than HAM.

    Nonetheless, I don’t want to take part with HAM esp when he said of the strategy comparison between McLaren and Merc. Guess he’s being fed more than his fair dose of criticism and hence feel to compensate by saying what he knows which most of the public don’t know by nature.
    BTW, this approach always backfires… what a situation!

    1. Well said!!!

  3. So some thik Lewis spat his dummy out over the weekend, what we haven’t heard is how Rosberg reacted to Lewis winning. Two sides to every story. And since when did team mates have to be best mates?

    1. Well, of course Nico wasn’t thrilled with the fact that Lewis went on a win-streak, but he never sunk to the childish level of Hamilton. Nico wants to win too of course! I actually agree with you though, I don’t want them to be friends, they can be pals once they retire. Right now I want them to hate each other just like Prost and Senna used to. Rivalries are the best!

  4. In the week that ‘Black Jack’ Brabham died, the contrast between a real tough as nails driver who won everything there was to win and was highly respected by friends and rivals alike for the man and sportsman he was, and the petulant sulking and whining of Hamilton couldn’t be stronger. Hamilton is a great racer and perhaps one of the fastest F1 drivers ever but he’s a pitiful example of a sportsman. He says he’s grown up since his clash with Alonso at Maclaren. Really ? Why’s he still acting like such a child then ? Sadly, I can’t see him ever growing into a man that we can respect as his upbringing isolated him from the real world and he simply never got the chance to have a proper childhood and to mature into an adult. As great a talent as Senna was, many would agree that he was flawed emotionally and it so it’s ironic that Hamilton is following in his hero’s footsteps off the track as well as on it.

  5. ianchesterton
    26th May 2014, 13:32

    Didn’t Hamilton recently talk some smack about how Nico Grew up privileged and he himself grew up in just the opposite way? Hamilton was the mclaren poster boy for years. Meh, he’s not worth the admiration or disdain.

  6. Lewis, needs to lose, it will do him good and maybe he will learn how to act like an adult member of our culture. But on the other hand it’s quite entertaining seeing someone so adolescent in mind; I wonder how he would act if Roseburg went on to win all the time?

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