Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014

‘I wish you could see Rosberg’s data’ – Hamilton

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton raises suspicions over Nico Rosberg’s driving at Mirabeau when he went off the track during qualifying at Monaco.


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Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg relationship hits new low in Monaco (The Guardian)

“I wish you could have seen the data. I saw something late on last night and all I could do was smile.”

Hamilton-Rosberg feud began before Monaco (The Telegraph)

Toto Wolff on Hamilton and Rosberg using powerful engine settings when they are not permitted to: “It’s never going to happen again. I think they are probably exploring how far you can step above the line and what the consequences are. But isn’t that normal?”

Rosberg keen to avoid Prost/Senna end (ESPN)

“He said in the press conference that it’s been turned around, saying that he thinks he has the most passion, or whatever, from his childhood. He didn’t talk so much about me he just was mentioning himself and that’s what he said in the press conference.”

Flavio Briatore backs Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku as an ‘F1 kind of place’ (The Independent)

“I have a lot of friends there (in Baku), have had for many, many years, and we hope it happens in 2015.”

Ecclestone rules out French GP return (Autosport)

“They are knocking on the door, but I don’t think we can do that.”

Pirelli F1 tyres too hard – Alonso (BBC)

“When they bring normal tyres with good grip, we finish the tyre in two or three laps. When they bring harder tyres we finish the tyre in eight or nine laps but we go very slow.”

Alonso sure Bianchi has a great career ahead of him (Reuters)

“Hopefully with this result he can have a more competitive car next year and show his talent even more.”

Mercedes W05 – new front-wing endplate (F1)

“Despite their dominance, Mercedes keep developing their car in the hope of keeping their advantage for as long as possible.”

Where has the glamour gone? (James Moy)

“There is another type of Monaco Chav. The ones that sit on their boats, hugely overweight, surrounded by pretty Russian hookers whilst blasting out RnB at full volume. The ‘nouveau riche’ Chav.”


Comment of the day

Many were delighted to witness Marussia’s breakthrough points finish last weekend:

The highlight for me was Bianchi and Marussia scoring their first points, it is something I didn’t expect to see this year. Those points are so valuable to them, it is easy to forget how smaller they are than other teams (even Caterham), not only is it a morale booster for the team it also brings them valuable FOM points.

I am a big Marussia fan so seeing them celebrate like they won the race was so special it almost brought a tear to the eye. It was not a points scoring occasion like in the past where a Jordan or perhaps a Minardi would only get in the points because of the high attrition rate that used to happen during races in the past. They did a better job on the weekend than the other teams, Marussia have built a reliable car, obviously got the strategy right on race day, Bianchi did everything he could dragging that car into the points, a brilliant overtake on Kobayashi all culminated in a fantastic weekend for them.
Lucas Wilson (@Full-Throttle-F1)

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On this day in F1

1994 F1 seasonFerrari, Sauber, Tyrrell, Minardi and Larrousse were the only teams to participate in the first practice session for the Spanish Grand Prix, held 20 years ago today. The remaining nine teams sat it out while they confronted the FIA over its plan to introduce drastic changes to the cars on safety grounds.

Once they did return to the track disaster struck again. Andrea Montermini, who had taken Roland Ratzenberger’s place at Simtek, crashed at the final corner. Fortunately his injuries were not serious.

Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

294 comments on “‘I wish you could see Rosberg’s data’ – Hamilton”

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  1. Rosberg may have been started playing tough, but Hamilton won four races in a row even after head-to-head fighting and Rosberg, who lost those duels, always congratulated his team mate. Now Hamilton finishes second once and suddenly he’s the victim, Nico is the evil guy and the world is unfair. That looks all too much like childish behaviour to me.

    1. Problem is, as I see it, LH did not win 4 straight head to head fair and square…he started this downhill trend of childishness when he cranked up his boost to keep NR back, in Spain. Yes NR did not take the high road, and he too did it at the next race, but LH set the tone by potentially robbing NR of a win. In a perfect world perhaps NR should not have done or said anything about LH cranking his boost, taking the win, and apologizing after the fact, but I think that a WDC level driver would not let that alone, which I’m starting to think NR is just that, WDC level and not one to let himself get rolled over.

      1. Correction…after re-reading the quotes from Toto Wolff LH cranked his boost in Spain, and he LH only suspects NR did back in Bahrain, but since Wolff doesn’t mention that I would say it is pure spin from LH. LH has set the tone they are now in with his cranking of the boost in Spain and therefore did not win 4 straight fair and square imho.

        1. William Jones
          27th May 2014, 21:55

          Why on earth are Mercedes even preventing their drivers from extracting more performance from their cars in a perfectly legal way? Seems weird to me.

          1. I think it might be that they don’t need to crank things up to beat the competition, so might as well conserve their engines and gearboxes.

  2. Wow…so much to weed through here but in general I see this all having started by LH needing to crank up his boost to stay ahead of NR. Seems to me LH started this path and NR has had to now play the game. They’ve both now been guilty of tabloid junk…LH moreso…but I certainly no longer believe that LH won 4 in a row fair and square. Some have argued NR has needed LH’s ozzy DNF to be ahead, and otherwise LH has been trouncing him…but now we know LH started a downhill trend by cranking up his boost first. No question LH sees NR as a legitimate threat, and he may like to boil it down to “I’m faster” but if that is the case he shouldn’t have had to crank his boost to maximum in order to beat NR. All the crap since LH has brought upon himself IMHO.

  3. the strange data Hamilton saw from Saturday was rosberg outbreaking himself and going down the escape road… wow big revelation. Hamilton must have looked at it and thought “hmm, that is strange, he is not completing his lap” that is about all that is strange about it… the data will correlate to what the whole world saw, a driver braking in the wrong spot, nearly losing control of his car, and choosing to go down the escape road instead of continueing to brake and turn in to an apex he wont hit, and instead hit the barriers ala Hamilton in qualifying a few years ago.

  4. Why does something dodgy always happen when flavio briatore is around?

    1. Question of the day!!! LOL

  5. What Lewis should post is the pit times of both drivers since the start of this Championship…

  6. Here is my analysis of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg:

    Lewis is naturally aspirated V8 and hence slightly faster but very noisy while Nico is turbo charged V6 and hence faster but less noisy :P

  7. I’m not going to say I’m happy with the way Lewis is responding, but then again, I think Nico either made a very poor move or a deliberate move and either way it cost Lewis his shot at poll. Then he celebrated like he’d earned a clean poll afterwards which really put me off when I watched that. But he’s Nico so nobody says anything about that. Had that been Lewis celebrating after pulling a questionable move on Nico’s lap, most of you would have been screaming for his scalp.

    1. I think I understand more now as to why NR celebrated as he did, and to me it started when LH was the first one to turn up the boost to keep NR back. LH, as it turns out, did not win 4 straight fair and square prior to Monaco, and he is the one that set the tone and brought this rivalry down to the level it has come, with of course NR’s help. It takes two to tango, and I’m sure if it had been NR that made the first unfair move with the turbo boost, LH would be all about the excess celebrations too, and perhaps would have even gone public about it.

      1. Why you just want to ignore it was Ros who used it 1st in Bahrin?

        1. Because that is only a speculation on LH’s part, and not something Wolff said anything about when he was explaining that LH did it in Spain.

          1. @robbie, you sure it’s just speculation? Merc never denied it in any way and Toto says “there have been little fouls left and right on both sides and that will not happen again”.
            So, what “fouls” has Nico done then? Either he did something in Bahrain or he did something in Monaco. Which is it? They will say all the right things publicly, but those little slips tell a different story.

          2. @daved Yeah I think you are right and we don’t know what the little fouls were. It just seemed to me that the notable one (as pointed out by Wolff himself) was the one that LH committed in Spain after the team thought they had all agreed neither driver should do again but LH did anyway and then apologized for.

            I’m starting to think of it this way…they both started off feeling each other and the team out as to how they could advantage themselves…both guilty of minor things….then LH cranked the boost in Spain to keep NR behind and even apologized for it ie. it was ‘apology worthy’ but of course that was not going to be good enough for NR.

            So whereas I have been defending NR for Saturday in Monaco perhaps he was exacting revenge after all. Perhaps NR thinks they are now even which is why he has now said he thinks this will soon be in the past. Perhaps in their hearts both drivers know this is the stuff of a close rivalry and they have both been guilty. I get the impression the team is not going to have much more patience for much more shenanigans, nor the fans, and they will have to both get back to the job at hand and not the game playing.

          3. @robbi Yes, it is really hard to judge anyway. Even if you assume all parties are seeing the “facts” the best they can, it is well known that we humans have a tendency towards “confirmation bias”.

            – Lewis sees intent in Nico’s data.

            – Nico sees that it was just an honest mistake and he didn’t want to wreck his car so he took the runoff rather than try the corner and end up like Massa last year.

            -Toto sees no problem because he doesn’t want to deal with bad publicity for Merc so everyone needs to just behave and stop airing this in public!

            – Niki doesn’t mind a little cut throating as he sees it as important for the best drivers to be aggressive). so he just wants them to understand it’s part of the game, be professional and move on so they don’t embarrass Merc.

            -FIA sees it as good that Lewis doesn’t run off with the championship by the end of the 8th race…so it’s good for Nico to keep it close.

            Do the personal interests of the parties involved shape how they “see this”. Yes, they’re human.

            I’m a huge Lewis fan, so I see Nico completely off line and doing strange things with the steering wheel and VERY late braking. I like Nico, but my bias makes me see it as either really stupid or really dishonest.

          4. @robbie

            No, its is not speculation on Hamiltons part.

            This is a quote from Mark Hughes:

            “Re your questions
            1) Did really Rosberg use an unauthorised engine setting, prior to Barcelona as Hamilton claimed he did?

            Yes. Confirmed by the team on Sunday at Monaco. He used it in Bahrain when he was trying to pass.”

          5. @N But from what I have read I think it is very possible that in Bahrain NR did not think he was doing anything unusual, hence his answer where he opines that Lauda’s comment was a bit strange since adjusting boost is normal. I don’t think the team had really discussed this scenario yet. They then discussed it collectively and agreed that both drivers shall leave their boost alone unless instructed otherwise by the team. LH ignored that in Spain and even apologized afterwards, thus admitting guilt.

  8. In the last two races, NR’s fuel consumption has been higher that LH’s. If during the first occurrence it could be attributed to dirty air, the reversal of driver’s positions failed to confirm that theory, as, in both instances, NR’s was higher than LH’s.
    It is logical to infer that, with identical engines, greater fuel consumption points to higher power output. Therefore, if MB is the one that henceforth regulated this parameter after Bahrain, more power was available to Nico than was to Lewis during the Monaco race and during the Spanish GP.
    It would explain why Lewis was not able to put real pressure on Nico at Montecarlo.

    On the subject of the Rosgate, it is evident from watching the onboard camera replay that Rosberg was not set up to round the bend as his line was perfectly wrong to do so. Suffices to watch with attention the several other onboard laps of NR and others and compare these with the failed lap.

    It seems to me that a genuine abortive manoeuvre would have happened after a full wheel locking event. Now this, if it had happened, would have taken away any doubts about the situation.

    Then, there is a gesture of Nico as he nears the podium after qualifications that betrays stress: He brings his finger to stroke his nose, typical of those that fear being caught after a lie.

    So, if LH starts tying loose ends, higher power to Nico, faster pit stops for Nico, better tyre choice strategy for Nico,
    mysterious and unfortunate tweaks to a yesterday perfect machine that leave him struggling while Nico improves,
    he will be starting to feel real uneasy at MB.

    LH could have rubbed somebody the wrong way at MB. Who knows?

  9. @ifelix

    Agree with your assessment that this is likely Hamilton lying again and with others who say it all stems from his wanting to be the next Senna and produce similar feuds etc.

    This feuding with team mates and throwing tantrums in the team is probably the core reason why Red Bull and Ferrari turned Hamilton down but which Lauda thought he could manage. Of course he really can’t but is lucky Mercedes’ advantage is too great for it to really matter.

    Must also point out that part of the reason Hamilton is making a fuss despite winning 4 on the trot is obviously that those were gained thanks to the team protecting his starting advantage as Rosberg was generally faster in the races and would have likely had a few more wins had they been free to race with pit stops etc like normal F1. I doubt Hamilton would have bothered starting this feud if he felt he was on really on top like he was with with Button.

  10. KeepTurningLeft
    27th May 2014, 22:29

    Lewis wishes we could see it? We can! All he needs to do is Tweet it again!

  11. “We’ve sat down and cleared whatever air was needed to be cleared, and we’ve been through the data and seen what needed to be seen. I wish you guys could see it.”
    This is what he says in a different interview on Not so controversal or suspicious. I can imagine obe day Hamilton replying “no comment i am worried what the f1fanatic readers might think.

  12. This was no Rascasse-gate. While the jury still might be out on Nico (in the court of public opinion at least), I think there is little to be gained by Lewis getting himself into a tizz about it. Revenge is a dish best served cold so they say, and he should let his actions on track do the talking. Otherwise, he runs the risk of getting so involved in the mind games that he scuppers his best hope so far of the elusive second WDC.

    Personally, I thought Nico just overcooked it going into the corner. Whilst it was fortuitous that it secured pole for him, I didn’t think it was deliberate. However, I thought the same thing with crash-gate so time may indeed prove me wrong.

    1. You deserve your own opinion but when current top 4 drivers except Merc are said to have opined it was intentional, I would put more weight on their call. But yeah, case closed and Nico whatever reason got away with this 25 points under his name. What will be interesting is what goes around will come around. Will see.

  13. They must have told Hamilton & Rosberg to talk up the rivalry to create some tension in the season.

  14. FIA must now look at the data from Rosberg’s 78 racing laps plus the qualifying lap against the ‘mistake’ lap to see if there are any discrepancy in positioning his car and unusual movement of steering wheel prior to causing the yellow flag to be brought up at the right place at the right time.

    I still believe if one benefits from his own mistake to the detriment of others, that benefit is illegal i.e Rosberg should have been disqualified in the first place, mistake or not.

    1. You better forget it, ’cause it may be what they actually wanted to. Reading thru what Niki and other said, esp bearing the commercial focus of the sports itself in mind, they wanted to tip the scale toward Nico and it came in a perfect opportune if this guess holds some validity.

      Say if Nico could not come back again in Monaco, the scale will tip heavy deep to Lewis and they thought it does not good to the F1 and the Merc, simply too boring and way too predictable.
      So Lewis’ reaction has already been in the equation and it would add good material to the story making big out of media. Not Nico is playing sane and cool nor Lewis petulant and over-reacting thing. Maybe he just didn’t think they will go this far and now the reality transpires in his mind.

      Saying is that in private top 4 drivers said Nico deliberately caused this. Then why this unfairness prevail? As far as this contributes to the biz, why not? kinda approach I assume.

      1. I usually don’t like conspiracy theories. But when it’s in the best interest of the people in charge, I’ve seen some amazingly corrupt things in my life. I hope you’re wrong on this one, but I can’t say i would rule it out 100%. Even if it just affects their judgement and they don’t realize it.

  15. To stop future conspiracies or cheating during qualifying, what they should do is, if someones on a flying lap and the yellow flag impedes their lap, if they were quicker at that point before the yellow flag they should be awarded the place, would keep em on these toes

  16. Darren Danga
    28th May 2014, 13:57

    For we shall see in Canada if he makes the same mistake! I believe it’s gonna be all out war?

  17. ” I wish you could have seen the data……”

    We too Lewis..why don’t you tweet it..?

  18. Also interesting from Mark Hughes report:

    “2) Did all of the drivers who publicly stated that Rosberg did not deliberately go off in qualifying (Prost, Hill, Brindle, Warwick etc) privately say that he did?

    Not all, no. But bear in mind a lot of those comments were on tv in the immediate aftermath, before detailed slow-mo and front-on footage had been seen. Warwick later said there was something ‘slightly strange’ about 1 part of the data, but not enough to prove anything.”

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