James Allison, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monza, 2013

Ferrari must be more creative – Allison

F1 Fanatic Round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

James Allison, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monza, 2013In the round-up: Ferrari technical director James Allison says the team’s design staff needs to be given greater freedom.


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Ferrari ‘hurt by lack of creativity’ (BBC)

“It is a question of giving them the encouragement to actually go off and do more unusual things and then have the time to look at them and know that if they fail it’s OK because there’s still time to put a back-up plan in place and for that to work.”

Caterham play down Haas talk (Sky)

Cyril Abiteboul: “I think they have a very strong opinion of how they want to do Formula One. I don’t think that we tick their boxes”

Mercedes offer Formula One rivals feud for thought (Reuters)

Lewis Hamilton: “People say that we are best friends but we are not. We have not been since we were 13 years old. I say hi to him and he says hi to me. We don’t have lunch together; we don’t have dinners. We are cool.”

Rosberg: Our feud will be forgotten (The Telegraph)

“We discuss the issues and we have already discussed them and it will again be better and it will be forgotten.”

Merc drivers ‘a bit like teenagers’ – Wolff (ESPN)

“We started [setting boundaries] before the season and this is a dynamic process that is being recalibrated before every single weekend – before the race weekend, at the race weekend and after the race weekend. Sometimes, and I mean this with a positive spin, they are a little bit like teenagers finding out how far they can go.”

Christian Horner: “We are now where we should have been in January…” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“We’re very much in Renault’s hands. We are making progress, they’re making progress, Total on the fuel side have been making progress. But really we are now where we should have been in January.”

Massa: Monaco easier than expected (Autosport)

“I expected Monaco to be much more tricky that how it was. It was better than expected.”

Caterham Group Statement

“Despite press rumours to the contrary, Caterham Group is not for sale.”

The Hamilton/Rosberg rivalry (MotorSport)

“The guys and girls at Marussia are some of the most welcoming and helpful in the paddock and their efforts don’t get enough respect.”

“Thoughts About the Most Absurd Place” (The Motorsport Archive)

“Like the precious, dull, soft safety net that is West London, this feels like the kind of place where fat, leery men go to die, poisoned by the strength of their own bullshit. Never has glamour looked so cheap.”


Comment of the day

If Hamilton’s handling of the media detracting from his performances on-track?

On track he is as good this season as he ever has been. For the first part of the season he seemed to concentrating all his focus onto racing. Now he thinks he’s playing mind games that are helping him beat Rosberg. If that’s what he really believes, it is delusional. He’s really playing right into the insatiable clutches of media spin where he is doomed to be endlessly surfing tornadoes.

What is wrong with just shutting up off track, and proving your points on track? The constant ever sharpening drama is somewhat entertaining, but ever so childish. The focus now is more on the sad soap opera, not his four wins so far. What would Hamilton most like to be remembered for, his words, or his accomplishments on track? It’s his choice, the world is watching.

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On this day in F1

1994 F1 seasonMichael Schumacher took his second consecutive pole position of 1994 in qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Damon Hill took second for Williams, with David Coulthard ninth for Williams.

Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

106 comments on “Ferrari must be more creative – Allison”

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  1. Alex McFarlane
    28th May 2014, 11:48

    Meanwhile, over on the Beeb website, Christian Horner believes the Red Bull raced the Mercedes, convieniently forgetting Hamilton’s sight issues.
    Perhaps one thing that was lost in the weekends other shenanigans is that even on a circuit where power was less of a factor, the Mercs cruised off into the distance without much difficulty. Given what transpired in Spain with boostgate, we now know for definite that the Mercs are sandbagging, and still the other teams can’t keep up. A great job by Mercedes on the W05, and if other teams can catch up and push them then maybe the new formula will be fully vindicated.

    1. And at the same time drivers and engineers at Williams, FI and MacL are loooking at their steering wheels wondering where that extra power setting is.

  2. People say that we are best friends but we are not. We have not been since we were 13 years old. I say hi to him and he says hi to me. We don’t have lunch together; we don’t have dinners.

    Ah common Lewis! It’s better that all the talking is done on the track. He is simply damaging himself by letting his emotions out so publicly. As much as I see Nico trying to calm the fire, I see Lewis adding more fuel to it. He has already faced a season where people remember him for his off track antics rather than his good drives and if he keeps this way, 2014 might also be remembered for the same reasons.

    As in COTD, it was rightly mentioned that people have almost forgotten about his 4 successive wins. So it’s time to shut up!

    1. Ah, the good old days of tweets, dogs and the posse-in-the-paddock.

  3. In my opinion COTD is spot on. But it’s kind of funny. I hear a lot of moaning on this site about Hamilton’s loose mouth and how he should concentrate on doing the job on track. That’s why the media throws these bones, because there are a lot of people waiting to split the hair and make assumptions. I’m not reading many comments about the evolution on track, just how childish Hamilton is. How are the f1 fanatics so different when they actually enjoy it and don’t hold back from fueling the fire. Maybe we should also have less to say about it. Anyone else in favor of enforcing a mean comments limit? 100/year?

  4. I remember in the past lewis would make a comment & than have to eat his words on the track.

    In 2008 for example he said he had never made a mistake in the wet & then hit the wall at Monaco.
    At Montreal he said that he was above making silly mistakes & then drove into Kimi in the pits.
    At Hungary he said he’d never been overtake round the outside because he woudl never put himself in a position to be & then Massa overtook him round the outside.
    In 2009 at Monaco he said after practice that he felt he was the best driver out there that weekend & then he put it in the barrier in qualifying.
    Going into 2011 he said he was the most focused he had ever been & then had a season of driving into people, He then made the comment at Monaco about only getting penaltys because he was black.
    Going into 2012 he said he was the best race starter on the grid & then got owned by Jenson off the line in Melbourne.

    I could list more.

    1. I say this without any intention of being sarcastic; please do.

  5. I really hope that this whole Hamilton-Rosberg saga won’t end like Hamilton-Alonso or Senna-Prost. If that happens I believe it will be Hamilton who is shown the door, not only because he is the one that makes things worse, but also because of the German driver in a German car thing (at least this is what I believe Mercedes would want).

    And if he leaves Mercedes what is the likelihood of him finding a competitive seat after that? Looking at the previous examples, it took Prost 3 years to find, and Alonso is still looking for it.

    1. He could go to Red Bull. I would love to see him and Vettel go head to head.

      1. I’m not convinced Red Bull want him. Christian Horner seems to get the barge pole out whenever it’s mooted.

      2. I would love to see that pair as well, but Red Bull currently have two strong drivers as Ricciardo is doing better than expected, so they don’t have any reason to change anything. Also they might want to avoid the risk of another big conflict between drivers; I really can’t imagine Vettel and Hamilton going along that well in a fast car. But yeah, I hope Lewis calms down a bit.

  6. As for this COTD, and when drivers will shut up off the track, the counterpoint is obvious and much-repeated. Drivers don’t call press conferences to deliver manifestos. They give interviews, and people ask them questions. Often they answer. And if they don’t give interviews, or don’t answer, they get branded as sullen, angry, bitter, disinterested, uncommitted, whatever.

    I remember back in the olden days of 2010-2011, when Hamilton decided to stop doing these interviews for a bit, people were talking about his sunglasses, or his girlfriend, or Rihanna, or comparing his musical tastes to those of civilized asthetes like the pianist Adrian Sutil. The press is not going to stop generating news about a driver’s inner life because he shuts up. So he had better speak up if he wants to define himself. And if everyone doesn’t like what he’s got to say, so be it. They are not running for office or applying to be your kids’ nanny.

    As far as what Hamilton what will be remembered for, it’s far too late to roll out this old rusty cart about how he will never get anywhere unless he starts being more neat and less street. While people have been chiding him, in between extended-pinky finger sips of their afternoon tea, he has been racking up an astounding record, and maintained his reputation as the quickest driver in the sport. In this regard, it may be best to learn from the recent words of Jenson Button. He confirmed that, while Hamilton got very emotional whenever he was beaten by Button, at the next race, Hamilton would stay quiet, put his head down, and destroy Button.

    1. Getting emotional when you are beaten doesn’t sound very professional. But I like the destroy part that comes after.

  7. Ok, but who will get it for them?

  8. Ferrari seems to be very creative when they are looking for ways to favour Alonso.

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