Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014

Rosberg stewards ‘had all the necessary data’

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014In the round-up: Former F1 racer Derek Warwick, who was on the stewards’ panel at the Monaco Grand Prix, said they had all the information they needed to make the right call on Nico Rosberg’s controversial moment at Mirabeau.


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Warwick urges Lewis to ‘man up’ as British steward speaks for first time on clearing Rosberg in Monaco (Daily Mail)

“We had all Mercedes’s data, including Lewis [Hamilton’s] data to overlay on Nico’s. We had the FIA data. We had onboard shots, overhead shots, circuit shots. We had throttle traces, braking traces, everything we needed to make, hopefully, the right decision.”

Christian Horner Red Bull raced with Mercedes – Horner (BBC)

“It is the first time we have raced Mercedes this year. Particularly in the last third of the race, Dan was the quickest car on the track so we can take a lot of confidence from that.”

Recent progress genuine – Marussia (Autosport)

“I don’t want to say that we are able to score points every race because it’s not real. I would say that now we are able to fight with Sauber.”

Eric Boullier: “The target is really to be in the top eight all the time…” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“It was going to suit us in Monaco and suit us in Montreal, and Austria as well because it’s a medium downforce track.”

Surtees on the Monaco GP (MotorSport)

John Surtees: “I have no doubt about Lewis Hamilton’s driving ability, but I didn’t like what I saw and heard from Monaco. I can understand the frustration that Lewis must have felt in not having that opportunity on the last lap of qualifying to get pole. But I think his reaction to his team-mate and team was wrong.”

German players ‘shocked’ by sponsor car crash – Bierhoff (Reuters)

“Germany international [footballers] Julian Draxler and Benedikt Hoewedes were passengers in the vehicles driven by German Touring Car (DTM) driver Pascal Wehrlein, who hit the two men, and Formula One driver Nico Rosberg.”

Pacing the pack (ESPN)

“For some reason [Hamilton] is very secretive about his hair cut at the moment and always wears a hat, but as a photographer that makes you even keener to get a photo – just like if a team is trying to conceal a part of its car. He’s been growing his hair back for four or five races, and on the grid he seems absolutely obsessed with getting his hat on before anyone can get a picture.”

Caterham Seven Kobayashi edition launched (Evo)

“Kobayashi has worked with the manufacturer to add his own unique styling tweaks to the model.”

The Stage Is Set (Sky)

Martin Brundle: “It’s certainly going to be very difficult for [Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda] both not to get dragged into a very delicate situation and I can easily foresee this becoming a four-way dynamic. Don’t forget it was Niki who was the pivotal force in bringing Lewis to Mercedes in 2012 when he wore him down with hours of persuasion in his hotel room in Singapore. Not that Lewis is complaining about that.”

Hamilton-Rosberg saga like a marriage without love (The Telegraph)

“In one corner there is Hamilton, from the council house in Stevenage, who drives on emotion, who is prepared to take all the risks, who is minded to say what he believes when he believes he has been wronged. And in the other there is Rosberg, who grew up as the son of multi-millionaire world champion in Monaco, who drives on knowledge, who calculates the risks first, who is clever enough to talk his way out of controversy.”


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@GeeMac is conflicted about visiting the Monaco Grand Prix:

Whenever I see fan videos of the Monaco Grand Prix I always get two very strong feelings when I consider attending the race.

The first is that, as a passionate fan of the sport, I would love to go to because nowhere else can you get so close to the cars as they thread their way through the historic streets.

The second is that, should I go, the experience would be ruined by the hoards of posers, hangers on and nouveau riche chavs who seem to be the target market of the race.
Monaco Grand Prix


John Surtees, Ferrari 158, Edenbridge, 2014

John Surtees drove the Ferrari 158 he won the world championship in 50 years ago at a special event in Edenbridge, Kent on Monday.

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