F1’s road relevance important for Mercedes

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Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, 2014In the round-up: Daimler chairman Dieter Zetsche says the current F1 rules packs is a major part of the sport’s appeal for Mercedes.

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Merc: Exit talks were held (Sky)

“With the objective to save fuel, be efficient and have very high performance, that’s exactly what we have to do with our production cars and we use exactly the same technical components. That’s why it’s making even more sense with the regulations than in the past.”

De Silvestro: gender no issue in racing (Autosport)

“I’ve never felt it was tougher or different, because I think the important thing is to prove you can be as fast, and if you are winning races or upfront people just consider you a race car driver.”

Monaco Grand Prix onboard video highlights (Canal+)

Half an hour of onboard video footage from the Monaco Grand Prix (seemingly not region-locked).

The First Time – with Williams’ Felipe Massa (F1)

“What was the first Grand Prix you can remember watching?
FM: I think it was 1988, when I was with my dad in Interlagos.”

1994 F1 seasonHead for Goodwood for that old-fashioned Formula One roar (The Telegraph)

“Other famous F1 machines confirmed to tackle the 1.16-mile course past Lord March’s family home include the infamous Benetton-Ford that Michael Schumacher hustled to claim the 1994 drivers’ championship at the expense of Damon Hill, who was denied by a single point after a controversial crash that took them both out.”

Organised chaos of the Sky lane at Monaco (The Independent)

Sky presenter Simon Lazenby: “Last year [with the V8 engines] I couldn’t hear myself think at the street circuits. Do I miss it? You know what? I’m quite happy with my hearing as it is! Damon Hill will back me up – he loves it like this.”

The loss of alcohol sponsorship won’t be the end of Formula One (Sportsmarketer)

“The total spend across all teams and FOM comes to around $60m, with Johnnie Walker contributing the most at around a third – but most of that goes to FOM for circuit signage.”


Comment of the day

One topic has driven more comments than any other this week – the fight for supremacy between the two Mercedes drivers. Is this a positive development for F1 or has it already become tiresome?

To be honest, I very much enjoy this rivalry. This is in fact the only thing interesting to look out for in F1 this season so far. For example I am not quite sure whose going to win the forthcoming Canadian Grand Prix although odds may be favouring Hamilton slightly. Which explains, the season is exciting.

And I am quite hopeful that Red Bull will be as quick as Mercedes by the end of the year which makes the competition even more exciting. As Ricciardo will probably take points from either of Mercedes drivers and will be fun to see how will it pan out in the drivers’ championship ultimately.

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On this day in F1

The second round of the 1954 world championship was held four-and-a-half months after the first and featured none of the F1 regulars – it was of course the Indianapolis 500, won for the second year in a row by Bill Vukovich.

As the newsreel announcer below points out, “he took the chequer only 70 seconds ahead…”


Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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64 comments on F1’s road relevance important for Mercedes

  1. Sai said on 31st May 2014, 0:19

    Friends, not friends, friends, not friends ….

    • Pennyroyal tea (@peartree) said on 31st May 2014, 11:43

      These drivers act like 8 year old girls, worse even. In the midst of all racing junior career they don’t know yet what is friendship, that’s sad. The saddest part is how self centred they are.

      • John H (@john-h) said on 31st May 2014, 13:08

        Yeah, I wish these drivers were real men like the good old days… Friends never fell out in those days it was all good hard racing and then back to jimmy’s for cucumber sandwiches and a friendly game of cribbage.

        Jeez, give these two a break.

  2. Robbie (@robbie) said on 31st May 2014, 0:31

    Now that is a classy tweet from LH. Way to go guys.

  3. trotter said on 31st May 2014, 0:35

    I’m not sure you can have a serious friendship with someone who keeps changing what they supposedly think and feel on a weekly basis.

  4. Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 31st May 2014, 0:37

    The driver line-up I am generally most disappointed by for failing to live up to my expectations is Alonso and Räikkönen. Alonso again has been a relentless points scorer, but besides in China he has managed to remain surprisingly anonymous.

    Räikkönen hasn’t remained anonymous, but for the wrong reasons – he has been dealt a pretty consistent thrashing from his teammate, which was evident even in Monaco during qualifying. And he has not had a very error-free season, unlike the other recognised excellent drivers (Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso etc).

    And the one to exceed my expectations – without wishing to appear biased – has to be Red Bull. I have always had a insitinctive feeling that Ricciardo was a good driver and his situation never fully allowed him to show it, but my has he flourished. His car control is brilliant, his tyre conservation skills akin to Vettel last season and his qualifying (perhaps unsurprisingly) very good indeed.

    Once Vettel finally has a smooth running, “normal” weekend, I think we have yet another fantastic rivalry in the mix – which will surely only add to the excitement.

    • Pennyroyal tea (@peartree) said on 31st May 2014, 11:45

      Actually I don’t think Vettel has shown to be quicker anytime this season but you could say that Raikkonen was pretty even 3 or 4 times.

      • Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 31st May 2014, 18:32

        @peartree I disagree. Alonso has comfortably beaten Räikkönen in most races and has yet to finish ahead of his teammate, unlike Vettel (Malaysia).

        And in qualifying – not historically Alonso’s strong point – it’s 4-2, pretty conclusively in Alonso’s favour in most of those cases.

        And @fastiesty, I can’t recall those occasions – the puncture in Monaco and?

        He hasn’t impressed me this season, it must be said. And reliability isn’t to blame.

        • Pennyroyal tea (@peartree) said on 1st June 2014, 16:17

          @vettel1 Ricciardo retired in Malaysia, who knows if China turn around wasn’t going to happen in Malaysia. I think Raikkonen which is the newcomer to the team is having issues on Fridays and that’s hurtin him nevertheless he has been on pace in Malaysia, Bahrain, Spain and Monaco as with Vettel he’s been slightly slower than Ricciardo at most places but the difference is Vettel was the majestic leader of the last generation.

    • Iestyn Davies (@fastiesty) said on 31st May 2014, 14:07

      Kimi was hit from the rear at least two times this season, taking away two top 5 finishes (possibly a podium at Monaco). Like Vettel, once he has tuned the car to his liking, he will be on form once more.. think Lotus 2012.

      Vettel just needs to re-adapt his muscle memory for a less planted rear end (as he did for one during mid 2010-2013).. then indeed it will be another great rivalry. Depending on his adaptability, it could be from 1 month to 6 (probably the faster end for Vettel).

  5. MtlRacer (@mtlracer) said on 31st May 2014, 0:58

    That onboard footage from Canal+ is really cool!
    Vettel says just before retiring “I’m just destroying other people’s race” (at 7:25 of video).

  6. Michael C said on 31st May 2014, 1:04

    Last time I checked, F1 rivalry intensity was measured by Unicycle riding ability, so this is at least an 8.

  7. Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 31st May 2014, 1:07

    I didn’t know Lewis and Nico could ride unicycles.

    • timi (@timi) said on 31st May 2014, 1:22

      @kingshark Considering we only see about 0.1% of any driver/team members lives I’d wager there’s a hell of a lot about them we don’t know.. Which is why I always try not to judge them :)

  8. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 31st May 2014, 1:33

    Re: Mark’s Tweet.

    Those Isle of Man TT riders have got big balls. The biggest of probably any Motorsport.

    Very underrated, and under attended.
    I wish we got tv coverage of it here in AUS.

  9. Roald (@roald) said on 31st May 2014, 1:39

    So Felipe Massa’s father took him to Interlagos (São Paulo) in 1988, while the Brazilian Grand Prix took place on Jacarepaguá (Rio de Janeiro) that year, about 350 kilometers away. That’s interesting.

  10. spoutnik (@spoutnik) said on 31st May 2014, 1:54

    That onboard footage is just incredible :) very nice to see the race like that!

  11. bull mello (@bullmello) said on 31st May 2014, 2:10

    The correlation of F1 to road car is not only important to Mercedes. Ferrari is said to be equipping the new version of the Ferrari La Ferrari with a F1 type V-6 turbo hybrid power unit by the beginning of the year. Bet Ferrari wish they had Mercedes like results to use in their adverts.

    • HoHum (@hohum) said on 31st May 2014, 2:43

      That’s a bet I’m not going to take, would be nice to see a return of the Dino with a 2-2.5 L v6 turbo hybrid. @bullmello

    • Dave (@raceprouk) said on 31st May 2014, 10:18

      Ferrari would just use their 16 WCC and 15 WDC in their adverts instead :-P

      • ^Mo^ said on 31st May 2014, 21:21

        Just so long they fail to mention from when those titles are, they’ll be fine ;)

        • kpcart said on 1st June 2014, 16:21

          I doubt any of the manufacturers really care about road relevance – otherwise they would be in other forms of motorsport – like lemans or WRC – or just spend the money on making their road cars better. the only thing they care about is success to promote their cars. Honda, Toyota, BMW – they all left because they couldn’t win. only Ferrari doesn’t need success in f1, they are Ferrari and everyone will always love Ferrari road cars even when they don’t win in f1 – they are the quintessential F1 team that everyone knows. they have won enough to not win for the next 10 years and people will still support the brand – all the rich manufacturers have enough money to stay in f1 at a great loss, but they are greedy and exit when they cant win. Mercedes almost left because they couldn’t win, so they were happy for regulation changes – not for correlation to road cars – but because it gave them a chance to start fresh at the same point as everyone else to produce a winning package. now they have, they will stay in f1.

  12. Funkyf1 (@funkyf1) said on 31st May 2014, 2:19

    Thanks for the Monaco onboard footage Keith, it’s a must see if you haven’t watched it yet people.

  13. evered7 (@evered7) said on 31st May 2014, 3:34

    Great video from Canal+. Thanks for sharing Keith.

    That Kimi move on Kev was just hilarious. I wonder what Bianchi was thinking when passing the duo :)

    • Toxic (@toxic) said on 31st May 2014, 5:15

      It makes you think how much better would be the broadcast if they would be showing that during this. Not only it looks amazing in Monaco, but you can also hear so many different noises with these new engines including bottoming and tires. So much potential wasted here.

  14. Hamilfan (@hamilfan) said on 31st May 2014, 4:28

    Wonderful Onboard video . Thank you ever so much Keith . FOM , this is what you need to spice up the racing not some cheap DRS , some cheap double points and circus tricks ! And yeah let me mention it before I forget , we want to see Nico Rosberg when he tries to pass Lewis and not the facial expressions of his girlfriend.

  15. JamieFranklinF1 (@jamiefranklinf1) said on 31st May 2014, 7:49

    Somewhat of a contradiction to what Hamilton said the other day about them just being acquaintances. But at least he’s decided to steer away from adding more fuel to the fire.

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