Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

Ricciardo ‘knew he could challenge Vettel’

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Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014In the round-up: Daniel Ricciardo says he expected to get on terms with world champion team mate Sebastian Vettel in his first season driving for Red Bull.


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‘I never doubted challenging Vettel’ (ESPN)

“I feel I’m still growing and getting better as a driver as well, so I knew coming into the season with the team behind me and sort of a new opportunity, that I would be able to challenge Seb.”

Sir Jackie Stewart visits IndyCar paddock at Detroit’s Belle Isle (Speed)

“Stewart was in Detroit to attend the wedding of Henry Ford III on Saturday evening but paid a visit to the IndyCar paddock for several hours and attended the IndyCar driver’s meeting before Saturday’s first race of a Detroit doubleheader.”

Ecclestone Says He Doubts Fashion Tycoon Lawrence Stroll Will Buy Into F1 (Forbes)

“Nobody knows if Lawrence is buying into F1. Everybody talks. A deal has definitely not been done. I doubt that he will buy F1.”

Gilles Villeneuve… what if? (McLaren)

“Yes, I know that Teddy Mayer’s decision to hire Patrick Tambay for 1978 instead of the dazzlingly skilled Gilles Villeneuve now looks like a mistake, but at the time we racing scribes all reported it as a pretty sound move, simply because Patrick had been so impressive in the Ensign in the latter half of 1977.”

Making the earth move in Faenza (Toro Rosso)

“The new building, known as STR4 will take about as long to build as it takes to plan, design and produce a Formula One car, with a target set, not in the usual minutes, seconds and fractions of a second down to the nearest thousandth, which characterises our sport, but in weeks.”


Comment of the day

Another memory of Sir Jack Brabham, who died last week.

I recall watching Jack Brabham race at Longford in Tasmania between 1960 and 1967. Longford was at the time the fastest circuit in the Southern Hemisphere and incredibly dangerous. A road circuit that was basically four straights connected by right-angle bends. However, part of the circuit went through the town on Longford, over a railway crossing and also two bridges over a river.

In 1965 the Australian Grand Prix was held there and Brabham was leading when while lapping a slower car he was nudged and spun. He dashed into the pits for a very quick suspension check and then blasted out, by now well down the field. He finished second to Bruce McLaren by one tenth of a second having passed other drivers the like of Graham Hill, Phil Hill and Jim Clark. It was a stunning drive on the edge on a circuit where any mistake would kill you. He was known for winning at the slowest speed possible but on that day he wanted to win and how.

A very modest man who survived by his own count the death of 30 friends. RIP.
Peter Lovett

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On this day in F1

Martin Brundle suffered a huge crash during qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix on this day 30 years ago after a problem with his brake pedal. Brundle returned to the pits to qualify, but team owner Ken Tyrrell refused to let his clearly dazed driver continue after Brundle asked which way to turn at the pit lane exit.

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