Pastor Maldonado, Lotus, Monte-Carlo, 2014

Maldonado predicts ‘difficult weekend’ for Lotus

2014 Canadian Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Pastor Maldonado, Lotus, Monte-Carlo, 2014The long straights and tight corners of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve will put Lotus at a disadvantage this weekend, Pastor Maldonado believes.

“Top speed and slow corners are probably the weakest points of our car now,” said Maldonado.

“It could be a difficult weekend for the team, for sure. We are not expecting to be at the top, simply because of the type of track and how we understand our car and its performance strengths and weaknesses. It’s not very aggressive on the tyres either, so we’ll see how it is when we head out to track.”

Although Romain Grosjean equalled the team’s best result of the season so far with eighth in Monaco, the team found its car was less competitive around the street circuit and failed to reach Q3 as it had in Spain.

“Anything can happen and our guys are all working very hard to adapt the car to find more traction in the slow corners and squeeze out some more top speed,” Maldonado added.

He expects the team will be closer to the front at “circuits where you need a lot of downforce like Silverstone, Budapest, maybe Hockenheim as well”.

“These kinds of circuits can be more efficient for our car. We’re improving every day, so with more time we will be back at the sharp end of the grid and not only at preferred tracks.”

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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  1. I think this is expected, even from a seasoned site as this one… Even before scrolling down to the comments section, I expected to see names like Crashlando, Stupiator, Crashtor and what not…

    He is not that bad guys, considering the brilliance he showed in his solitary race win… the way I see it, these good drivers are yet to score a win:
    – Grosjean
    – Bottas
    – Hulkenberg
    – Ricciardio
    – Perez
    – Sutil

    1. @egorov

      I think this is expected, even from a seasoned site as this one… Even before scrolling down to the comments section

      The comments aren’t ‘from’ the site, as I’m sure you know! So I don’t quite get what you mean here.

      1. @keithcollantine

        Pardon my English… I don’t mean to accuse the site, its just that I expected that members here could do more than just ‘make fun’ of an F1 driver…

    2. Yeah, these jokes are getting a bit old now, but it doesn’t affect him, he even finds it funny!

      So I don’t pay much attention to that, and this site is respectful for the most part, so there’s really nothing wrong with people here having a bit of fun.

  2. MAL, GUT, CHI, SUT… This is the F1 welet Bernie develop. Back in the days, there were pay drivers, but they were millonaires trying to live a F1 life. (I would if i could afford it). The biggest problem is that this pay drivers are so wealthy that they can afford good seats such as Lotus. I might also argue MAS is a pay driver, but he is a skilled one.

  3. Maldonao works on the difficult weekend. :)

  4. Maldonado predicts ‘difficult weekend’ for Lotus

    Keith, you could run this headline every week. :)

    This guy. Pastor’s performances since that lone Barcelona 2012 win have always make me wonder if William’s post race garage fire strategically burned up some key evidence in how they were able to win that race.

  5. Ask yourself this. Imagine you are a team owner on tight budget. Would you employ Pastor Maldonaldo for his driving skills alone?

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