Red Bull, Sepang, 2014

Renault to show full potential of engine in Canada

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Red Bull, Sepang, 2014In the round-up: Renault say their engine will be operating at its full potential for the first time in this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix.


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Montreal overview (Renault Sport F1)

Renault Sport F1 head of track operations Remi Taffin: “In the last four races we’ve introduced several new upgrades and we will complete the process in Montreal, effectively giving us the first full opportunity to see where we are versus the competition.”

Pirelli open to Formula 1 grip study (Autosport)

“Pirelli is open to the idea of rebalancing mechanical and aerodynamic grip in order to improve the racing in Formula One, including bringing back wider tyres.”

Q&A: Jules Bianchi (Sky)

“I think [Ferrari are] trying their best [to catch Mercedes]. They’ve improved the engine a lot already, it is much better now. We still have to improve obviously but I think it’s getting there.”

Adrian Newey: “Seb has a very particular way of driving” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“We can’t replace the blown diffuser obviously, but Sebastian was quick before they came along. It’s a re-learning curve.”


Comment of the day

The debate over the entertainment value of this year’s cars continues:

I was at Barcelona and I found it boring, due to the almost complete lack of the engine sound, which made for almost no atmosphere. For the first time ever at a grand prix (my 36th) I deliberately missed an F1 session, simply as it did not seem worthwhile getting up early to attend it.

I am enjoying F1 this season on TV, but for me, it is now a ‘TV-only’ sport, since it is so underwhelming in the flesh. I am gutted about this, as it has been my passion since I was nine years old.

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On this day in F1

Alain Prost took the lead of the 1989 drivers’ championship by two points from team mate Ayrton Senna by winning the United States Grand Prix, which was held on a street track in Phoenix for the first time.

Senna retired with an engine problem while leading on a day when there were only enough cars running at the end to fill the six points-scoring places. Riccardo Patrese was second for Williams, Eddie Cheever was on the podium in his home city, and Christian Danner gave Rial their best ever finish with fourth having started last.

Here’s footage from the American broadcast of the race:

Image © Renault/DPPI