Toto Wolff, Mercedes, Bahrain, 2014

‘Racing drivers will never be friends’, claims Wolff

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Toto Wolff, Mercedes, Bahrain, 2014In the round-up: Toto Wolff says that the relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will never amount to true friendship due to the nature of their profession.


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Mercedes says Hamilton and Rosberg needn’t be friends (Autosport)

Wolff: “Racing drivers will never be friends because this is not going to the weekends doing a little bit of fun racing. This is their job and this is a very competitive environment. Everything that has been said about the great friendship is probably a nice story but it isn’t actually how it is in reality.”

Hamilton braced for difficult Canadian GP after losing track position again (Sky)

Hamilton: “Of course being second and not doing as good a job in qualifying makes it harder but I’ve recently had a good discussion with the strategy guys and there are opportunities. For me, it’s really important to understand them before I go into the race and even more than I have understood them in the past.”

Exclusive Eric Boullier Q&A: McLaren recovery will take time (

Boullier: “I tell all at McLaren: yes we are a super team – one of the most successful teams in F1 history – but we are not today. We should also look at others and analyse why they are successful – and look at ourselves asking if we do everything necessary.”

VIDEO: Gene Haas talks exclusively to NBCSN about his new F1 team (NBC)

“After successfully winning the race to get a new Formula 1 team on the grid in the near future, Gene Haas spoke exclusively to NBCSN’s Leigh Diffey today in Montreal about his plans for Haas Formula in 2016.”

Canadian Grand Prix is part of Montreal’s ‘DNA,’ Mayor Coderre says in announcing 10-year deal (Montreal Gazette)

“The city will be putting $12.4 million toward the 10-year deal, but will be responsible for major improvements to the facilities at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, which could cost an additional $32 million, Coderre said.”

Monaco has reignited Formula 1 fire in Booth (Yorkshire Post)

Booth: “I actually flew back home on the Sunday so had to just restrict myself to one or two glasses on the plane. Even the mechanics and the staff couldn’t party that hard because they were all packing the garage and the motorhome away until 1am.”


Comment of the day

After a thrilling qualifying session yesterday, @xjr15jaaag is looking forward to what will hopefully turn out to be an equally exciting race.

I reckon this is going to be a great race; You will have an epic battle for the lead between the 2 Mercedes cars, and then a monumental battle for 3rd between Vettel, Ricciardo, Bottas, Massa and Alonso.
Further down the field, I am anticipating the Marussias getting stuck in with the Saubers, and then a scrap between the Force Indias, Kimi, Grosjean and the Toro Rossos for the lower reaches of the top 10.

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Ludovico Scarfiotti died on this day in 1968 while practicing for a hillclimbing event in Germany.

Although the Turinese driver never competed in a full season of Formula One, he remains the last Italian to have won the Italian Grand Prix driving a Ferrari, which he did in 1966, driving a V12-engined 312.

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