Felipe Massa, Williams, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Canadian Grand Prix

2014 Canadian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Williams, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Canadian Grand Prix.

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2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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244 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Canadian Grand Prix”

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  1. 9/10
    Don’t feel like giving it a ten for no reason actually, Mercedes’ problems were refreshing, Perez, Ricciardo and Massa made for a thrilling conclusion!

  2. 9/10. Great race, especially for neutrals or RBR fans. Rosberg going unpunished for making up his own track spoils it slightly for me.

    1. @f1bobby: I agree with You that it would be optimal if the run of areas were made to take so much time out of the lap that it would constitute an inherent punishment.

    2. I don’t particularly like either of the current WDC-hopefuls, so I can’t be labelled as ‘biased’ in this case but one has to note that since Ham was trailing Ros, Ros didn’t gained any positions and afterwards he reduced the gap back to ‘normal’. You shouldn’t resent anybody for not punishing Ros.

  3. Michael Brown
    8th June 2014, 21:22


    Although the ending was fantastic, the first half of the race was the usual 2014 dullness, and the I hate how the FIA insists on two DRS zones with one detection point on this track.

    Then the Mercedes’ developed issues and the race became very exciting. And the excitement only grew from there.

    I can’t rate this a 10. You want a 10/10, Brazil 2012 is that race.

    1. I’m a hater of DRS but this year the balance has been spot on (by accident it seems as the intention was to make it more powerful) Past races at Canada have been ruined by DRS inspired highway passes but not today. DRS only allowed the guy behind to get along side before the braking zone (as it has done for most of this season)

      1. @racectrl

        this year the balance has been spot on (by accident it seems as the intention was to make it more powerful)

        I assume you’re referring to the change in the technical regulations to make the DRS flap larger – the intention behind this was not to make its effect more powerful but to compensate for the loss of downforce (and therefore drag) elsewhere on the car and so make the DRS effect approximately the same as it was.

        1. I stand corrected Keith. However I’m glad that they failed in their attempt to make DRS equivalent to last few years. Hopefully the FIA realise how much better the balance has been this year and don’t attempt to increase the flap size further!

  4. Great race. Amazing actualy.
    Very happy for Ricciardo and gutted for Hamilton.
    Still don’t understand how Rosberg wasn’t penalized (5 seconds added at the end would fit the crime).
    Canada never disappoints!!

  5. I am absolutely staggered. What a race that was. I feel so happy about Ricciardo. He is a future champion in my eyes and seeing him winning the race was a great spectacle. Even though it was proved that Mercedes is almost unbeatable even when they have power and brake issues, I had so much fun. Canada’s races are purely entertaining.

  6. I hesitate to give anything a 10 because it could always be better, but a solid 9 easily.

  7. After the Bahrain race, I put a comment explaining that 10/10 races require a special something. Something I can’t quite put my finger on.

    Once again I can’t quite put my finger on it, but that race definitely had it. 10/10. One of the easiest ones I’ve given.

    1. Mate, I agree with you, but in some way there was too much DRSing. Something that I din’t liked at all. I was going to give a 9 to the race but I looked back at he five way battle to the lead and the nearly nowhere win from Ricciardo. Those points saved this raced from being a 9.

  8. 9/10. I had a feeling before the start that it would be a crazy race and it ended up being a wacky race! Thoroughly entertained but i’m not giving out a 10 purely because it was an merc problem that allowed Daniel to sneak a win.

    1. But the Merc problem was caused by Merc being so close to the edge design wise, a policy that has rewarded them handsomley so far.

  9. What a race! It had it all; close battles, good strategies, failing cars and even two big crashes!
    Though between lap 20 and 30 there were about 5 laps where nothing happened, so I gave it a 9 (wish I could give it a 9.5 though)

  10. Keith, there seems to be a problem with the poll. I can’t rate this a 15 out of 10.

    1. Ted would have something to say about this. It only goes to 10. 10 is the maximum (no going to 11 jokes, please!)

  11. Canada produced an epic race yet again!
    No better way to introduce someone in Formula one than showing this thrilling race.

    Best race pf the season so far.

  12. This race was probably a 9.5… I did not think I would have got up shouting at the TV this year!

  13. 10/10. Brilliant result for Ricciardo, Hamilton fuming, Hamilton’s brakes fuming. Thoughts to Massa and Perez. Accident could have been a lot worse, seen as they almost collected Vettel.

  14. i rate is this race 10/10 the race was soo good up front that we missed all the button overtake …and the end of the race i was really surprised looking at button on fourth place but i dont blame the race director because the action at the top end kept me on the edge of the seat

  15. 9/10. Really good one. Only the DRS-drive-bys instead of multi-corner-battles prevented it being a 10/10.

    Congrats to Ric! It´s been more than a year that I felt happy for a race-winner.

  16. 9: Thrills galore, happy to see a new winner, respect !…..nice one Daniel. :)

  17. 7/10, it was pretty boring before closing stages.

  18. 12/10. Absolutely fantastic race. I would say its the best and closest race we’ve had in a good 5, 6 years. Congrats to Ricciardo on a great win!

  19. My all time favourite driver Mark Webber said about his first win that for him it was very important that he would win it on pace, on true driving, that it would not be a fluke. I think Ricciardo has been very lucky today to come accros these broken down Mercedes cars, to have been pitted at the right time to get ahead of Vettel, to be there right when Perez made his mistake. But, but he drove very mature and handled every situation perfectly. For me, his Monaco and Bahrein drives were better performances. Nontheless a beautifull place to take his first win, I will never say he didn’t deserve it.

    We must keep in mind however that a hampered Mercedes was still almost as quick as the Red Bull. Perez has a brake problem and so did the both Mercedes cars together with Bottas that makes four Mercedes powered cars, coincidence?

    For me today is the first race ever where Hülkenberg dissapoints. He should have been faster on those options and been ready to pounce on those Red Bulls, he must have had a problem too.

    Brilliant drives from a lot of drivers. Shame it had to end in the wall for two of them. I expected Massa on the podium untill lap 67 or so.

    Good race: 8/10

    9/10 (Had Ricciardo won without the Mercedes it’s problem)
    10/10 (Had Massa been on the podium, somehow)

    1. Well said mate.

  20. Wet or dry, Canada delivers! 10/10

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