Rate the race: 2014 Canadian Grand Prix

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

Felipe Massa, Williams, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Canadian Grand Prix.

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2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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244 comments on Rate the race: 2014 Canadian Grand Prix

  1. Mach1 (@mach1) said on 8th June 2014, 20:59

    Perez slightly ruined that race for me. His alternate strategy ended up being a cork in the bottle. No one could get past him on the straight to challenge Rosberg.

    Even then….a 10

  2. Calum (@calum) said on 8th June 2014, 21:00


    Bahrain was better but Canada still delivered another classic.

  3. Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 8th June 2014, 21:01

    I’m genuinely surprised by all the 10/10 ratings: I mean the race was good, but come on – there was very little overtaking throughout and the first half of the race before the Mercedes started breaking down was almost dull.

  4. Helio (@helio) said on 8th June 2014, 21:01

    10/10. Can’t be anything else.

    Also, as a Brazilian, let me ask: could Massa be any more stupid? Massive frustration, if he had 1/10th of what Senna had he would have won today. As things are, he not only did not win, but wrecked poor Perez’s race. Pathetic.

    • Jonny Edwards (@racectrl) said on 8th June 2014, 21:27

      Harsh, but it did cross my mind as well. It was a golden opportunity and as per usual Massa wasted it. The team started it off by screwing up his pitstop so i suppose you could it was a lousy team effort.

    • Rick Lopez (@viscountviktor) said on 8th June 2014, 21:27

      As a non-Brazilian, can you justify how you think it was Massa’s fault? Perez moved under braking, in to his inside line. How can that be Felipe’s fault?

      • Putti SPIII (@veldaarf1) said on 8th June 2014, 21:45

        I think Perez wanted to defend his position but misjudged how close Massa was to him. As a Force India fan I’m gutted but I guess such errors happen. I’m actually relieved they didn’t hit Vettel. The situation could have turned uglier.

      • AirR (@airroguedk) said on 8th June 2014, 21:56

        Watch the replay, massa had a lot of space available to make a move, and he did not use any of it, ruining perez’s race in the process…

    • Ricardo Ferreira (@yes-master) said on 9th June 2014, 12:10

      I have the idea it was Perez’s fault. Massa was in his line and Perez changed his to the left, so, as I saw it, the crash was inevitable.

  5. Malcolm Tucker (@malcolmtucker) said on 8th June 2014, 21:03

    8/10 for me, would’ve got a 9 if there were less retirements and Perez slowing the charge on Rosberg made the end not as good as it could of been. Brilliant to see Ricciardo get a win but I don’t rate races on whether the guy I wanted to win wins or not

  6. Master firelee (@master-firelee) said on 8th June 2014, 21:04

    Why can’t I vote? 9/10 or 10/10 for me not sure.

  7. andae23 (@andae23) said on 8th June 2014, 21:04

    I don’t often give a race a 10/10 – last time was 2011 Canada – but this surely was the best GP I’ve seen since, if not even better. Constant excitement, unbelievable developments, nobody could have written a script for that. The only minus point is the excruciatingly awful FOM coverage, showing exactly what we don’t want to see.

    Happy for Ricciardo, gutted for Perez :(

    • Palle (@palle) said on 8th June 2014, 22:51

      @andae23: You’re absolutely right about FOM coverage – it was particularly awful today: When Vettel almost hit the wall trying to overtake in the hairpin, FOM showed us the audience jumping up from their seats and there were plenty other bad judgements of what to show us, when. Complemented with the inability to find the interesting snippets to see again after the race it is pathetic. The epic battles and drama unfolding during this race would make it easy to recruit new fans of F1, if we were able to link to them or show them to potential new fans.

    • HoHum (@hohum) said on 9th June 2014, 2:06

      Absolutely agree, FOM must have bought in a director from X Factor or similar, seems to think the expression on peoples faces is more important than what is happening on track, idiot, sack him.

  8. Putti SPIII (@veldaarf1) said on 8th June 2014, 21:18

    Unbelievable!!! A strong 9/10 for me. Epic drama throughout! Really happy for the whole Red Bull team(this from a diehard Ferrari fan). Super happy for Daniel, a well deserved victory.
    I feel very bad for Perez and Massa. At least they are ok. Good job by Rosberg and Button.

  9. Aqib (@aqibqadeer) said on 8th June 2014, 21:19

    Just had to rate it 10 couldnt really find anything wrong just the relief when the red bulls got past perez

  10. Eddie (@wackyracer) said on 8th June 2014, 21:20

    As a HAM fan, 1/10, but as an F1 fan 10/10, voted 10 for sure :D

  11. Fixy (@fixy) said on 8th June 2014, 21:20

    Don’t feel like giving it a ten for no reason actually, Mercedes’ problems were refreshing, Perez, Ricciardo and Massa made for a thrilling conclusion!

  12. Bobby (@f1bobby) said on 8th June 2014, 21:21

    9/10. Great race, especially for neutrals or RBR fans. Rosberg going unpunished for making up his own track spoils it slightly for me.

    • Palle (@palle) said on 8th June 2014, 22:54

      @f1bobby: I agree with You that it would be optimal if the run of areas were made to take so much time out of the lap that it would constitute an inherent punishment.

    • Dean (@skiz) said on 8th June 2014, 23:43

      I don’t particularly like either of the current WDC-hopefuls, so I can’t be labelled as ‘biased’ in this case but one has to note that since Ham was trailing Ros, Ros didn’t gained any positions and afterwards he reduced the gap back to ‘normal’. You shouldn’t resent anybody for not punishing Ros.

  13. Michael Brown said on 8th June 2014, 21:22


    Although the ending was fantastic, the first half of the race was the usual 2014 dullness, and the I hate how the FIA insists on two DRS zones with one detection point on this track.

    Then the Mercedes’ developed issues and the race became very exciting. And the excitement only grew from there.

    I can’t rate this a 10. You want a 10/10, Brazil 2012 is that race.

    • Jonny Edwards (@racectrl) said on 8th June 2014, 21:34

      I’m a hater of DRS but this year the balance has been spot on (by accident it seems as the intention was to make it more powerful) Past races at Canada have been ruined by DRS inspired highway passes but not today. DRS only allowed the guy behind to get along side before the braking zone (as it has done for most of this season)

      • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 17th June 2014, 19:30


        this year the balance has been spot on (by accident it seems as the intention was to make it more powerful)

        I assume you’re referring to the change in the technical regulations to make the DRS flap larger – the intention behind this was not to make its effect more powerful but to compensate for the loss of downforce (and therefore drag) elsewhere on the car and so make the DRS effect approximately the same as it was.

        • Jonny Edwards (@racectrl) said on 17th June 2014, 20:43

          I stand corrected Keith. However I’m glad that they failed in their attempt to make DRS equivalent to last few years. Hopefully the FIA realise how much better the balance has been this year and don’t attempt to increase the flap size further!

  14. Ed Marques (@edmarques) said on 8th June 2014, 21:22

    Great race. Amazing actualy.
    Very happy for Ricciardo and gutted for Hamilton.
    Still don’t understand how Rosberg wasn’t penalized (5 seconds added at the end would fit the crime).
    Canada never disappoints!!

  15. Dimitris 1395 (@dimitris-1395) said on 8th June 2014, 21:22

    I am absolutely staggered. What a race that was. I feel so happy about Ricciardo. He is a future champion in my eyes and seeing him winning the race was a great spectacle. Even though it was proved that Mercedes is almost unbeatable even when they have power and brake issues, I had so much fun. Canada’s races are purely entertaining.

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