Felipe Massa, Williams, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Canadian Grand Prix

2014 Canadian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Williams, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Canadian Grand Prix.

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2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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244 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Canadian Grand Prix”

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  1. Best…. Race….. of ….. the ….. year…… Canada never fails to provide an exciting race. This is the kind of race I want to see all of the time. It was the first time this year that everyone in my household was yelling at the tv like it was a hockey game! And yes, I am Canadian.
    After Ricciardo’s tweet in the goalie mask he endeared himself to Canadians, and now he takes the win. He is going to be loved by Canadian’s for the rest of his career.
    Loved this race!!!!

  2. Hamilton, Perez, and Grosjean retired after all drove strongly. Raikkonen ruined a reasonably strong race with a silly mistake.

    On paper it should have been a fizzle, but another controlled drive from Hulkenberg and what can only be described as a shocker from Ricciardo sweetend the pot. That and lap after lap after lap of wheel-to-wheel racing made it a joy to watch. A solid 9. If the safety car had not come out with a chain of cars still fighting for the podium, it might have been a 10.

    Still brilliant.

  3. 9….10…..9…..10….9…..10…..

    10/10, though it would’ve been easier had somebody called Geddy/Neil/.Alex done the interviews:)

  4. 10/10

    Excluding championship finales ((Brazil 2008 and 2012) and wet races (Canada 2011) this was the best race F1 race I have ever seen. This is the new benchmark for a dry F1 race. If it is not a 10/10 then what else can possibly be.

    I cannot remember the last time watching a dry race where throughout the second half (Ever since the Mercs had their problems) that I had no idea who would win out of about a half dozen different drivers. Usually its just one two or three that still have a chance at winning. But today, ROS, HAM, RIC, VET, MAS, PER, HUL. all seemed like they had a legit chance of winning and I had no clue how it was going to play out. Fantastic race.

    1. Well said.

      Suspense: That’s what made it a 10 for me. My level of enjoyment has nothing to do with the amount of overtakes and all to do with the openness of possible outcomes.

  5. I would have given this race a 10 if Perez had finished in podium. Hard luck Checo and fi

  6. 10. For making me sit on my ass at the edge of the chair and rubbing my nails in a lonely dark room, seeing Perez running second in the SFI. Only if he could have overtook ROS, he would have a great chance to be a winner. Gutted.

    I was more disappointed to see Hulk not overcome his 5th place syndrome, while being the Mr. Consistent of the two. Happy for what SFI did with the car but Williams really showed a lot more speed. They just looked like the best Merc customer team out there. They still struggle with tyres as compared to FI.

    Happy to see the “smiling F1 man” take his first career victory, but would have loved it more had the battle for the first been more complicated.

  7. So who had Ricciardo, Rosberg, Vettel, Button, Hulkenberg in predictions championship? Fantastically unpredictable race, plenty of different strategies, unreliability, incidents and drama. I ‘only’ rated it a 9, because the actual wheel-to-wheel stuff wasn’t inspiring, either simple DRS passes or follow the leader with not a whole lot between those extremes – so it was really misfortune that provided the excitement over the racing. Still a great race (though personally i prefered Bahrain).

  8. 8. 5/10 first half, 10/10 second half.

    That latter half had me on the edge of my seat, tense, willing on Perez until his issues led to heartbreak. Hats off to RIC, but it’s rare for me to be so invested in any sporting event to jump up in a minute-long profane, profuse tirade of screaming. Only a 10/10 latter half could do that.

    I know the nature of the sport, particularly after a mandated or innovative equipment change allows for one team to dominate. That first half had me in a stupor of, “Well, Nico will have pit lap choice, they’re two stopping, so either Lewis will kill his tyres putting down qualy laps, or kill his car.” Given Lewis’ rearward bias, it was the latter.

    That second half, though… It was bittersweet that Checo’s setup favored Sector 3 while Nico’s favored Sector 1. With Checo so fast in the speed trap to negate Renault + DRS, he could defend easily, but a setup which gave him that was comprised in Sector 1, slowing those who followed while losing most of a second vs. Nico.

    Regarding Massa vs. Perez, could Perez simply have moved over to take a line that would require less brakes, cooling them enough over the final lap to defend against Massa? It blocked Massa’s line, and may have saved enough to keep within DRS range of Vettel. We’ll never know, but the idea that Massa had planned his move since the hairpin and went into autopilot afterwards is hard to shake.

  9. Definetely a 10. It had everything, which a racing fan would want from a race and more: battle for the lead, anticipation for something happening, crashes, dramas, ruined chances and unexpected result. It was the best race since Brazil 2012. It reminded me the old times.

  10. 10/10 disappointing for FI :-( but a great race!

  11. If this isn’t a 10 I don’t know what is.

  12. Good race, gave it a 9.
    Why? ROS should have gotten a penalty; Hamilton out because of engine issues; Ferrari no-where to be found and finally a damn shame MAS and PER didn´t take out Vettel a la Grosjean!! LOL

    1. Nice.

  13. A 9. If it was a decisive race, a championship title race, I would give it a 10.
    Brilliant job from RBR, Force India and Williams. And we had to wait 7 races, till finally watch the Mercedes having serious problems.
    A huge victory for Ricciardo. Well deserved. Vettel is improving. Massa was very unlucky. Perez couldn’t handle the pressure or the braking problem, and Nico proved to be a brilliant racer also, as he managed to keep his car safe in second position. So, Ham, he’ll have to work a lot now to get back into the race for the title.
    Another disappointing Ferrari race.

  14. 8. Dramatic but the downside is that the race is marked by the relative powertrain performances and unreliability.

  15. come on, if merc hadnt have failed it would just have been the same old bore fest, why people cant see that is beyond me

    1. Seriously? Mercs problems were only a small factor in a fantastic race. There was plenty of action throughout the field that even if they hadn’t had issues and finished one-two, this would still be 9 or 10, as there would have been continued great fight between the two Mercs and all the rest of the fights still going on among the rest of the pack.
      I guess you mustn’t have appreciated Bahrain much either.

    2. If the Mercedes hadn’t failed then the battle between Rosberg and Hamilton would have continued, hence giving a potentially equally good show.

  16. I only rated it 9 as over my 50 yrs of watching i’ve witnessed better races with overtakes without electronic aids sorry

  17. Well I voted it a 1.
    Yes, a one. I was so annoyed with the Massa/Perez crash that I stormed out of the room and felt like thumping partner in the kitchen. It should have ended Ric, Ros, Mas, Per, Vet and I would have voted a ten for the best race of this season, or last.

    1. Pretty nosense.
      You should vote the racing itself, and it was amazing till the end..
      Anyway, a 10 for me. Best race since Brasil 2012.

    2. Yes, I really expected Massa could get onto the podium. : (

  18. Didn’t give it a 10, but still a solid 9, because everybody got close on mercedes not on complete merit, but following hard and heavy problems from them, which makes it a little bit unfair to me. When and if the other teams will get close on mercedes and actually overtake them on proper merit, that’ll be a 10 (if the race deserves it)

  19. This was an awesome race. Even my wife who doesn’t really watch more than 10 minutes of a race couldn’t get away from the TV.
    I gave it a 10.
    But honestly…. after the safety car period I really thought that the Mercedes Cars would take another one… until the reliability bug hit.

  20. I rated the race an 8.

    The Canadian GP is one of my favourites and I am glad the BBC showed it live as if I had to choose races to watch before the season started, Canada would probably be my first pick as it often seems to produce entertaining races.

    In the first part of the Grand Prix I thought I would be disappointed as it seemed like it would just be another Mercedes 1-2 with Rosberg holding off Hamilton and there didn’t seem to be that much action overall.

    Hamilton then started to get closer but I didn’t think he was going to get past especially when Rosberg was somehow not penalised for cutting the chicane when I thought it was obvious he had gained an advantage.

    However when both Mercedes developed car trouble it added some more excitement to the race as it looked like they would finally bet beaten, but then when the other cars caught Rosberg up after Hamilton’s retirement they didn’t seem to be able to challenge him, first with Perez immediately behind on his one stopper or Massa catching the back of the pack up on fresher tyres.

    However Ricciardo had been waiting and timed his attack right to get past Perez and then Rosberg to take his first Grand Prix victory.

    Then on the last lap there was that massive crash, thankfully Massa and Perez were okay.

    I must say that the TV footage could defiantly have been better, there were a few times the director choose to show shots of the crowd or mechanics sitting in the garages when there was action to be seen on the circuit.

    Most notably after the second round of stops when Hamilton ran wide at the hairpin with Rosberg retaking the lead the TV then cut to the crowd’s reaction instead of focusing on the cars where Hamilton was trying to get the lead back before ultimately his brakes failed.

    We also didn’t get to see how Button managed to get fourth at the end.

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