Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

First-time winner Ricciardo halts Mercedes domination

2014 Canadian Grand Prix stats and factsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014Daniel Ricciardo became the 105th driver to win a round of the world championship with his surprise victory in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Less than three weeks after the Australian racing community was saddened by the death of Jack Brabham, the three-times world champion and first Australian to win in F1, Ricciardo became their fourth race-winner.

Brabham went on to take fourteen wins, fellow world champion Alan Jones won twelve times, and Mark Webber claimed nine wins before quitting F1 last year, leaving his seat to Ricciardo.

The 24-year-old scored his first race win at his 57th attempt, seven races into his first season with Red Bull. He is the first new race winner since Pastor Maldonado in the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver’s last victory in any category came at Monaco in Formula Renault 3.5 three years ago. The following month it was confirmed he would make his F1 debut driving for HRT in the British Grand Prix.

MGU-K failures on both brought several of Mercedes’ dominant streaks to an end. When Felipe Massa took the lead on lap 46 it was the first time since Sebastian Vettel won last year’s Brazilian Grand Prix that anything other than a Mercedes had led a race.

The two W05s had led for 413 laps in a row at the start of the season. That’s the longest consecutive spell led by a single team since 1993, when Williams led throughout the Canadian, French, British, German, Hungarian, Belgian and Italian Grands Prix, for a total of 419 laps.

The only longer leader spell achieved by a team was recorded by McLaren in 1988, who led all of the first seven races, totalling 477 laps.

Mercedes also failed in their attempt to score one-twos in six consecutive F1 championship races, something which has never been done before. However in 1952 Ferrari finished first and second in six consecutive rounds which counted towards the championship, leaving aside the Indy 500 which was not run to F1 rules (and which Ferrari did enter, Alberto Ascari retiring on lap 40).

Nico Rosberg kept Mercedes’ run of pole positions going with their seventh, which was also the seventh of his career. He now has as many pole positions as Jacques Laffite.

Ricciardo’s win also ended the monopoly on race wins by Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, who had won all of the preceding 20 races in a period spanning more than a year.

Felipe Massa, Williams, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014Fastest lap went to Felipe Massa for the first time since the 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix. The last Williams driver to set fastest lap was Bruno Senna in the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix. Controversially, Rosberg set his fastest lap of the race by cutting the chicane on lap 25.

The Williams pair took fourth and fifth on the grid, which was the team’s best combined qualifying performance since the 2010 Brazilian Grand Prix, when Nico Hulkenberg qualified on pole position and Rubens Barrichello lined up sixth.

While Ferrari marked Kimi Raikkonen’s 200th ‘race start’, it was in fact his 199th. Raikkonen has participated in 201 grands prix, but withdrew before the start of the 2005 United States Grand Prix as did all the other drivers on Michelin tyres. And although he took part in the original start of the 2001 Belgian Grand Prix, that race was later abandoned due to a red flag, and Raikkonen did not take part in the new race.

Finally, Max Chilton’s record of being classified in every race he had started finally came to an end following his first-lap collision with team mate Jules Bianchi. Chilton was classified in his first 25 starts, beating the previous record of 16 set by Tiago Monteiro in 2005.

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  1. Daniel Ricciardo equaled Peter Gethin, winner driver with fewer laps in the lead of the story (only 3 laps)

  2. Michael Brown
    9th June 2014, 17:25

    Although he didn’t cross the finish line, Pérez is classified 11th

    1. And Massa is classified 12th

    2. And had Vettel been collected in the chaos, he would have been a classified DNF with a point!

  3. How I define Grand Prix starts, this was Räikkönen’s 200th. Actually, by the rules of that day it would have been possible to race over 70% of the race and not to get credit for it, if the race had been stopped there and re-started later.

    Ask Niki Lauda whether he started 1976 German Grand Prix or not? If he didn’t start, how did he get injured in that race. Although I have to admit there are oddities such as 2011 Malaysian motorcycling Grand Prix, which was cancelled following Simoncelli’s fatal accident.

    Different F1 stats pages count starts differently, you seem to have a line that driver needs to be in a restart.

    I would like to see a poll on this:
    * being on the grid waiting for the warm-up lap to start
    * starting warm-up lap
    * starting the actual race
    * starting the re-started race

    1. The 1976 German GP was resumed not restarted I think :)

      But ”restarting” is like pushing a ”reset” button, but it is more typical (rules) rather than actual history writing :)

      1. Resumed I mean like the 2013 Monaco GP :)

    2. You can add two more possibilities

      * being on the grid after the warm-up lap but before the race start

      * being on the grid before the race re-start

  4. I wouldn’t get too excited about any type of “challenge” to Mercedes. While I am happy for Ricciardo, he was gifted a win- plain and simple. The scary thing for everyone including Red bull is that both Mercedes’ were down 160 BHP with a third the race to go. Yet the chasing pack still couldn’t catch up (even with two DRS zones) until the very late stages. If anything, rivals should be very wary of the chasm in performance between Brackley and everyone else. Both championships are theirs and if anyone thinks otherwise then they are disillusioned.

    1. Red Bull would have caught Rosberg easily, but they were stuck behind Perez.

      Perez could not overtake Rosberg because he always fell behind in the first two sectors as he was worse on downforce than Rosberg. On the straights he got close to Rosberg, but not close enough.

      Ricciardo could not overtake Perez. He was able to run very close in sectors 1 and 2 (where you can’t overtake), but then lacked the straight-line speed to overtake him on the straights.

      As we could see, Ricciardo managed to overtake Rosberg very quickly, and Vettel would have likely done the same had the race lasted 2 or 3 laps longer.

      Nevertheless, it shows how shockingly fast the Mercedes was even without MGU-K.

      It also shows how important track position is for a car that is slow on the straights. Red Bull should really try to be amongst the ones with the lowest number of stops on any given day.

  5. This might be a silly question, so don’t shout at me if it is.
    With so much information being fed from the cars back to the pits, would it be possible for a rival team to intercept the data and (deep breath) alter the settings on their competitor’s car?

    1. I’m sure I saw Horner pushing a red button labeled “brake failure”.

    2. @timothykatz The data will be encrypted so can only be understood by the team. Also, telemetry is currently only one way from car to pits, so remote changing of settings shouldn’t be possible anyway, that’s why the teams tell the drivers what setting changes to make because they must be physically changed by the driver in the car.

  6. Alonso, Hulkenberg and Rosberg have scored in every race and the latter has scored a podium in every race this season.

    First double retirement for Marussia since they became Marussia. The last double retirement for Virgin came in the 2010 Korean Grand Prix.

    Sebastian Vettel has never scored more than three third places in a single season, he has two so far this year.

    McLaren continue their trend of either scoring with neither or with both cars this season. Williams cars have finished in seventh place five times this season out of seven race. Massa three times and Bottas twice. Kimi Raikkonen (car number 7) is the only other driver to finish seventh this season.

    Every driver who has taken their maiden win in a Red Bull has been Australian.

    The World Constructors’ Championship looked very different at this stage twelve months ago:

    Red Bull 201
    Ferrari 145
    Mercedes 134
    Lotus 114
    Force India 51

    Compared to:

    Mercedes 258
    Red Bull 139
    Ferrari 87
    Force India 77
    McLaren 66

    In terms of reliability, Ferrari have had 0 race-ending technical failures, the same as Force India (although they had one DNS). Mercedes have had two, Red Bull three, McLaren two and Williams one.

  7. No wins at Tilkedromes for Australian drivers.

    Only 3 drivers have crossed the finish line in 1st or 2nd this year.

    Hamilton has led 1 lap more than Rosberg this year (207 vs 206).

    All 3 podium finishers passed ‘landmark’ career totals in this race – 100, 700, 1500.

    3rd time this year Hulkenberg has started 11th and finished 5th.

    Massa’s 200th entry (including 2 no-starts).

    None of the drivers who went out in Q1 finished the race (although Gutierrez was classified).

    First Canadian GP in which 1 Force India has scored and the other hasn’t.

    Ricciardo and Button were the only points-scorers to finish in a position that they hadn’t previously finished in this year.

    Red Bull keep alive their record of leading at least 1 lap every year since 2007.

    And some from magnetimarelli.com:

    First time since Japan-Korea-India 2012 that a team locked out the front row 3 races in a row.

    First time Hamilton has been outqualified by a team-mate in Canada. Massa is still yet to outqualify a team-mate in Canada.

    7 consecutive races without pole and 5 consecutive races without a front-row start for Vettel – both occurring for the first time since he joined Red Bull.

    First time since Malaysia 2006 that both Williams cars started in the top 5. Thankfully this race went better for them than that one did…

    Only previous occasion that Massa has outqualified both Ferraris – Turkey 2005.

    3rd race in a row that Hulkenberg was 11th in Q2 (he was promoted to 10th in Spain).

    26 races without a McLaren pole – equals their 2010-11 drought.

    First points for Ricciardo and Hulkenberg in Canada. Hulkenberg has now only failed to score in Istanbul (only raced in 2010) and Yas Marina.

    Longest streak of Mercedes-powered wins stays at 6 (also happened in 2005).

    First time since 1996 that neither Ferrari finished in the top 5 in Canada.

    Hamilton has as many DNFs as wins in Canada.

    Williams’ best result has always been 5th or 7th this year – and Massa was running 5th when he crashed!
    First double DNF for Marussia since Korea 2010 (when they were Virgin).

    89th race with a British driver in the points – record for Britain, but trails Germany’s 111.

    Other instances of both cars in a team suffering similar mechanical issues almost simultaneously:
    McLaren in Luxembourg 1997 (both blew up whilst running 1-2)
    BAR in Malaysia 2005 (both blew up early on after deliberately retiring from the previous race so as to start with fresh engines)

    1. Awesome stats mate………… but try some sleep :) LOL

  8. Greta photo of (the new) “CAPTAIN AUST R A L I A “

    1. * Great, not Greta, of course.

  9. Here’s one I just spotted on Twitter:

    In both 2009 and 2014 the Brackley-based team (Brawn/Mercedes) won six of the first seven races with Red Bull taking the other win.

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