Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

Rosberg lucky not to retire as Hamilton did – Wolff

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014In the round-up: Mercedes executive director Toto Wolff says Nico Rosberg was lucky he was able to finish the Canadian Grand Prix after his team mate Lewis Hamilton retired.


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Wolff: Luck was the difference (Sky)

“They had exactly the same problem and I think, at the end of the day, that Nico was just a bit luckier.”

Lewis Hamilton vows to hunt down Nico Rosberg but admits he’ll need better fortune to recover from second DNF this season (The Independent)

“There was nothing I could do about our issues. We were managing the loss of power, but as soon as I finally made the jump on Nico in the second pit stop, my brakes failed.”

The secrets to Mercedes’ 2014 F1 success (The Way it Is)

“Cowell confirmed Niki Lauda’s recent declarations that the Mercedes W05 F1 car is more efficient than a Toyota Prius hybrid road car. ‘Absolutely, by a long way,’ Cowell said.”

Montreal gets sweet deal to keep GP until 2024 (The Gazette)

“The $17 million annual staging fee that will keep the Canadian Grand Prix here till 2024 is cheaper – by far – to what is being paid by most other host countries on the 19-race calendar.”

Rosberg wants corner-cutting rethink (Autosport)

“I went straight, and didn’t get an advantage. I did initially, but I slowed down in turn one and two as is the norm to do.”

Williams driver Felipe Massa Perez penalty not enough – Massa (BBC)

“It was dangerous and we could have had a very serious accident, so for me the penalty is not enough.”

Ferrari F14 T – Montreal engine cover (Formula One)

“In an effort to improve the efficiency of their overall package, Ferrari tested a much tighter-fitting engine cover in Montreal.”

Adrian Newey’s Red Bull move will be celebrated by F1 rivals

“I just feel, to be perfectly honest, the current regulations are very restrictive, which is a shame. It’s difficult to find new areas to explore as they are so tight, more engine orientated. They need more of a fundamental rethink in my opinion.”

2014 Canadian GP report (MotorSport)

“Typically the diameter has been reduced by around a centimetre and the thickness is usually around 3mm less than the maximum allowable 28mm. Six-pot calipers have been replaced by four-pots at Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and Sauber.”

Mattiacci: “React and continue with developments” (Ferrari)

“Another major target is to speed up our reaction time, which is something our competitors seem to manage to do.”


Comment of the day

In my view Perez was responsible for the crash with Massa but Brian disagrees:

Whilst Perez does make an adjustment to the left at a crucial point, it was not an unreasonable adjustment to make in and of itself, and it only became a problem when combined with Massa deciding to attempt his overtake so ridiculously close to Perez’s car. Massa undoubtedly did this so as to keep as close to the racing line going around turn 1, but ultimately he was too close resulting in the collision.

The leniency of the punishment also tells me that the stewards acknowledge that any blame in this fairly major accident (27G) was very evenly spread out and they’ve decided to shade it on the side of Perez. A 5-grid punishment is hardly a punishment at all. I could be wrong but they haven’t even dished out any penalty points either. And they were giving those out like smarties earlier in the season.
Brian (@Bealzbob)

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Happy birthday to Dave Walker who turns 73 today. The Australian driver’s racing career was badly affected by two road accidents which left him with broken limbs.

Prior to that he’d made his F1 debut in Lotus’s difficult turbine-engined car in 1971. The following year he endured a point-less season in the team’s conventional V8-engined 72, which suffered a string of technical failures, leaving him with an unenviable score of zero while team mate Emerson Fittipaldi scooped the championship.

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