Ron Dennis, McLaren, 2014

McLaren, Red Bull come to terms over Fallows dispute

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Ron Dennis, McLaren, 2014In the round-up: Ron Dennis and Christian Horner have agreed terms over the Dan Fallows appointment dispute with McLaren ceasing legal action against the rival team.


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McLaren, Red Bull settle Dan Fallows legal dispute (NBC Sports)

“It is believed that as part of this new agreement between Red Bull and McLaren to end the Fallows squabble, [Peter] Prodromou could join the latter team earlier than expected; he is currently under contract to Red Bull until the end of 2014.”

Kimi Raikkonen admits he ‘cannot explain’ current F1 struggles (Autosport)

Raikkonen: “It’s very difficult to really understand what is going on. It seems to change. It can feel very difficult one lap, then suddenly for some reason a few laps later it’s like the tyres work better. I cannot explain the reason, otherwise we would know.”

America’s Cup: Sir Ben Ainslie announces British bid (BBC)

Ainslie: “He [Adrian Newey] is keen to help us but he has a lot of other commitments with Formula 1. We’ve just got to see how his timing works out in the coming months and years but he would be a huge asset.”

Gene Haas hopes to reveal his F1 engine supplier for 2016 (Sky F1)

Haas: “We haven’t signed a deal yet so I don’t want to overstep my boundaries and put the cart before the horse. But we are in negotiations and hopefully we will have something in the next few weeks.”

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix demand soars (Travel Daily)

“The number of tickets already sold, combined with number that have so far been reserved by companies, tour operators and agents, means that 75% of all tickets are spoken for. The percentage of sales figures is more impressive given an increase in total number of tickets this year from 55,000 to 60,000.”

F1 connectivity innovation prize announced (E&T Magazine)

“Engineers are being challenged to come up with the next-generation of connectivity technologies for Formula 1 racing, in a new $50,000 (£30,000) competition. The F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize will encourage entrants to test their creative and technical knowledge by finding ways to solve a series of real-world challenges faced by Formula 1.”


Comment of the day

After Nico Rosberg called for a rethink on the corner-cutting rules, @jackysteeg agrees, but not with the Mercedes driver…

I agree with Rosberg, corner cutting rules do need a rethink. But my feeling is that mistakes like that need to be punished. I think it’s barmy that a driver makes an error and the question everyone asks is “did he gain too much of an advantage?” The question should be “did he get enough of a disadvantage?” The fact is that if Rosberg locked up and went straight at any other corner, he would’ve probably lost the position to Hamilton. It’s not the slightest bit fair that a driver who makes a mistake can get away with it.

I think a lot of these chicanes with all the runoff would benefit from having styrofoam boards that a driver has to navigate around before rejoining the track, like at Monza’s first chicane.

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