Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

Haas eyes Ferrari for technical partnership

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014In the round-up: Gene Haas says he has had extensive talks with Ferrari in regards to a possible technical partnership deal ahead of entering Formula 1 in 2016.


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Gene Haas seeks technical alliance with existing Formula 1 team (Autosport)

Haas: “We are trying to nail down a technology partner. We’ve spent a lot of time with Ferrari, and talked a little bit with Mercedes. Engine supplier is only half the equation here, and we’re still working on that. We have 50 per cent of what we need to start building our own cars, and the ultimate goal is to do that, and that’s the way we are going to go.”

Living the American dream – Exclusive Q&A with Gene Haas (Formula1.com)

Haas: “Our experience in NASCAR has taught us to efficiently deploy assets and we will do the same thing in Formula One. Our plan is not to spend hundreds of millions to be successful. I think we can show people that you don’t have to go on such a spending spree to be successful.”

Lewis Hamilton confident of catching Nico Rosberg in title race (BBC)

Hamilton: “There is a long way to go. I caught up before and I’ll catch up again.”

Massa and Perez bring blame game to Twitter (ESPN)

“On Twitter, both Massa and Perez have retweeted freeze frame shots of the accident to try to prove their innocence after giving different versions of events after the race. The accident happened on the final lap as they fought over fourth place, with contact occurring as Massa attempted to pass Perez on the inside.”

Button Expecting More Progress After Surprise Fourth In Montreal (SPEED)

Button: “Very happy to get fourth, some good points. But I think more than the position the progress that the team has made is good, and there’s more to come at the next race, hopefully a bigger step. The next couple of races are where we should see more progress, which should take us close to the front. A fourth place without people crashing is probably our aim for the next race, I should say.

Formula One suffering global TV ratings decline (Autoweek)

“The analysis indicated that the ratings decline began with Sebastian Vettel’s utter dominance a few years ago, when the global audience fell from 515 million in 2011 to 500 million in 2012. And Bernie Ecclestone’s FOM company revealed a further drop of 50 million viewers last year, ending with a nine-race winning streak by the Red Bull driver.”

VIDEO: Vettel and Ricciardo preview the Red Bull Ring (Rec Bull via YouTube)


Comment of the day

With Kimi Raikkonen admitting that he has no explanation for why he has struggled for consistency this season, @insilico is hoping the Finn finds a solution soon.

The sooner Raikkonen gets to grips with the Ferrari then the better for all of us. Of all the teammate battles on the grid, potentially seeing Kimi on par with Alonso in most of the races would be utterly phenomenal to watch. We already got a taste of it in Spain and I’d love to see it happen more. Regardless if you think that Alonso is the better driver of the two, moving to a new team does take a long time to fully adjust and get to grips with a new car. So give him time, as I’m sure he’ll keep steadily improving as the season progresses.

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On this day in F1

Following his setback in Spain two weeks earlier, Michael Schumacher got his championship campaign back on track with victory in the Canadian Grand Prix 20 years ago today.

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