Pastor Maldonado, Lotus, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

Caption Competition 53: Pastor Maldonado

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pastor Maldonado, Lotus, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

Pastor Maldonado is the latest subject of our Caption Competition.

His difficult season continued in Canada, where his Lotus broke during during qualifying and again in the race.

Can you think of a caption to go with the picture? Add your suggestion in the comments below and a selection of the best will feature in the F1 Fanatic round-up later next week.

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Image © Pirelli/Hone

161 comments on “Caption Competition 53: Pastor Maldonado”

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  1. Bernie Ecclestone is still looking for pay drivers for successfully funding his retirement, after his legal troubles. We have here a likely candidate…

  2. Oscar Jonas
    14th June 2014, 11:36

    Everyone left when Pastor crashed the party.

    1. There’s your winner

    2. best in my opinion

    3. That’s it

    4. very good ! winner

    5. That is a winner. Bingo.

  3. And who said I wouldn’t find a seat for next year………

  4. ”I better leave the old skid lid on in case I hit something”

  5. Jamie Brothwell
    14th June 2014, 11:40

    Once again Maldonado picks the wrong seat

  6. I knew #*blub*# it wasn’t #*glog*# possible #*cough*# to drink #*gag*# this with #*blub*# my helmet on! #*cough*#

  7. When Maldonado said he was going to crash the party the rest of the team got the wrong message.

    1. hahaha, this is the best one so far!

  8. Maldonado overcooked the Pastor at camp

  9. Pastor was unimpressed when he saw the only seat that PDVSA would buy for him next season.

  10. Pastor realises F1 is just not the picnic he thought it would be.

  11. Maldonado, “I wish I was the Stig! Took away my job!”

  12. But why the helmet? is he crying?!

  13. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    14th June 2014, 12:15

    “Sitting on this park bench has been the best decision in my career so far.” – Pastor Maldonado

  14. Pastor demonstrates the safest ‘Lotus Position’ for everyone.

  15. Maldonaldo finally begins to suspect a prank when he is the only one to show up for the company picnic.

  16. Pastor’s metaphor requesting the team build a comparatively tough car for 2015 went over everyones heads.

  17. Zzzzzzzz……………

  18. Enzzzzzzzzzztone

  19. “I hope the Stig is not toying with my car…well, not as much as me… :|”

  20. Maldonado waits at Turn 4 to cast his curse on the Caterhams and Marussias…

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