Helmut Marko, Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, 2015

Vettel told to ‘raise his game’ by Marko

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F1 Grand Prix of Monaco - PracticeIn the round-up: Helmut Marko has revealed he told Sebastian Vettel to stop complaining about the new regulations and to ‘raise his game’ after the Chinese Grand Prix.


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Sebastian Vettel: Red Bull’s world champion told to ‘raise his game’ (BBC)

Helmut Marko: “I told him: ‘There are 50 engineers working on this engine and they can’t sort it out. You’re a top driver, it’s up to you. You have to do it.’ If he can’t sort out the car, the easiest thing is the driver. He has to raise his game.”

Ferrari Could Leave Formula One (Wall Street Journal)

Luca di Montezemolo: “Formula One isn’t working. It’s declining because [the Federation International d’Automobile, the sport’s governing body] have forgotten that people watch the racing for the excitement. Nobody watches racing for the efficiency, come on.”

Mattiacci: Ferrari angry with 2014 performances (NBC)

Mattiacci: “We are very angry with ourselves, but we have no intention of giving up. We have improved since the start of the year, but every step forward we make must be looked at in the context of what our rivals have done.”

Formula 1 set to introduce new fuel safety system (Autosport)

“Formula 1 is set to introduce a new fire-safety system that will prevent a repeat of the kind of fuel blaze that hit Williams in 2012, AUTOSPORT can reveal.”

Lotus are optimistic they can overcome their recent hiccups in Austria (Sky)

Romain Grosjean: “Our target is to be part of the battle of fighting for points positions so we need to ensure we don’t have any more problems with the car. We’re making definite progress with pace, how the car feels and generally with reliability too, so it was frustrating that there was an issue with the rear wing. It’s another lesson learnt and we will come back stronger for Austria and beyond.”

Hamilton confident of catching Rosberg (ESPN)

Hamilton: “I caught up before and I can catch up again. It’s going to take another four wins to make the difference so I’m going to do my best to get those results. Right now, I’m just looking ahead to the next race in Austria and another chance to catch up to the lead.”


Comment of the day

With the current trend of major manufacturers flocking to the WEC rather than F1, @osvaldas31 questions whether Formula 1 needs any manufacturer involvement at all.

The main reason is that F1 is too expensive and does not give proper return to manufacturers for loads of money, that has to be invested. Of course, you can spend 50 million pounds a year, but the car with such investment will be at the back of the grid and will damage brand’s name.

On the other hand, does F1 really need manufacturers? The biggest teams in F1 are manufacturers (even Red Bull could be considered that way, because they are the main Renault team). Without those, we would have such iconic and pure racing teams as Williams or Lotus fighting for world championships, and without spending enormous amounts of money. Now such teams like Mercedes and Red Bull pour buckets of money and success for them is almost granted, while others have no chance, unless they spend equal or even bigger amounts of money.

So, in my opinion, F1 would be better off without major manufacturers.

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On this day in F1

The Belgian Grand Prix ended in drama 50 years ago today. Dan Gurney led until the final four laps, when he pitted to refuel only to find there was none waiting for him.

Graham Hill took over the lead but ran out of fuel, and Bruce McLaren took over for him only for an electrical problem to halt his Cooper within sight of the flag. A surprised Jim Clark took the chequered flag first – and then also ran out of fuel!

Here’s some mute footage from the race:


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  1. Di Montezemolo is right about fans watching the sport for the action, and not for the efficiency. But, of course, if Ferrari were winning he wouldn’t even have to worry about the sport’s conditions…

  2. Isn’t it ironic that in 2011, di Montezemolo was pushing for these exact changes (less reliance on aero and a V6 engine with enhanced KERS/ERS systems) and if they weren’t enacted he threatened to pull Ferrari from F1. Now that they are in place and his beloved Ferrari haven’t been able to capitalize on them as well as Mercedes, he is once again threatening to pull out of F1.

    The problem with di Montezemolo’s arguments is that, if F1 does change the rules to keep Ferrari in the sport, Ferrari’s technical department is so woeful that they will be in the same spot they are in now: struggling to be the best of the mid-pack teams, which is utterly shameful given their respective operating budgets and available resources.

  3. been watching the le mans race and anyone who says that f1 is dull should watch that.

    the tv coverage is terrible, the commentary is terrible, far too many ad-breaks, the camera work is terrible, there lifting & coasting far more than what we see in f1 (Despite commentators claiming its a flat out sprint as on-screen telemetry graphic shows its not), the hybrid systems sound terrible & the racing hasn’t been that good either (apart from the 1st few laps).

    not a lot going on in the race right now as there having to save some fuel….. and people on here have been going on aout le mans as if there is no tyre/fuel saving & its a flat out sprint. just goes to show that it isn’t.

    1. The TV coverage doesn’t really do justice to the sounds of the cars. I was at the Silverstone WEC race, and the noise the Porsche 919 in particular was making was pretty damn good :) The Audi R18s sound naff, but they’re diesels, and all diesels sound naff.

    2. Should also add that Eurosport is at fault for the poor commentary and badly-timed ad breaks. You’re probably better off finding a non-commentary stream and listening to Radio Le Mans.

  4. Hamilton has very big motivation. This is a good thing.

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