Felipe Massa, Williams, Red Bull Ring, 2014

Massa hopes Williams pole is first of many

2014 Austrian Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Williams, Red Bull Ring, 2014Felipe Massa says he hopes his pole position for the Austrian Grand Prix is a sign Williams can be more competitive from now on.

“The best place to be is here, the first place,” said Massa. “It is something I got the chance to be many times all my career and I am again now.”

“So after a long time that I couldn’t be on this place I hope that this is just the beginning of maybe some great possibilities to be here again, not just in the qualifying but in the race.”

“I’m so happy, very emotional. Not just for me but I think it’s similar feelings what I feel and for what Williams feel as well, you know. Williams Martini had an incredible career in the past and they are back to the top, they are back to the fight.

“Still a lot to do but I think the work is going on that line and I’m so pleased for me and Williams Martini as well.”

Massa last started a race from pole position in the final race of 2008, when he narrowly lost the world championship to Lewis Hamilton.

“I am so happy what’s happened today with us, with our team, was such a great moment,” he said, “It was already a long time when I had my last pole position, which was in Brazil 2008, so it’s such an incredible moment.”

“For sure we need to concentrate on the race tomorrow. It will be a difficult and important race for us. But I think it is a great moment.”

2014 Austrian Grand Prix

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