Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso, Red Bull Ring, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Austrian Grand Prix

2014 Austrian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso, Red Bull Ring, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Austrian Grand Prix.

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2014 Austrian Grand Prix

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134 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Austrian Grand Prix”

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  1. 6/10

    This track has very nice environment, but the race was not too exciting.

  2. just plain boring race

    1. No where near as boring as your comment.

  3. Neil (@neilosjames)
    22nd June 2014, 16:28

    Not a great race, but I give it an extra mark or two for Bottas on the podium and Hamilton’s first lap.

    Too much running close together with no real challenging.

  4. I gave it 4/10.I was hoping for a close race after qualy,and Massa to be on the podium.Bad pitstops compromised his race.BTW congatulations to Bottas for his first podium.Maybe if the temperatures were lower the williams might be going for the win too.

    1. Yeah it’s frustrating after seeing the speed of Bottas’ pit stops, a similar situation to Mercedes I think.

  5. Far from the best race, but also far from the worst.

    Impressive drives by Perez, Bottas, and Massa, even though Williams really screwed their drivers up on pit strategy. Alonso did well to bring the car home in P5 while Raikkonen yet again showed that maybe Felipe Massa wasn’t all that bad the last few years. Shame Hamilton didn’t have the time or the pace to bring it to Rosberg at the end, those pitstops were costly. 7/10

  6. In the next GP Lewis should ask to make his pits in Marussia garage…they seems pretty much faster. It’s the only way tho get a fair treatment…

    1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how unfair would you say Jos Verstappen’s pit fire was at Hockenheim in 1994, while Schumacher’s pitstops went smoothly? Or Bruni’s pit fire, while Baumgartner’s stops were fine?

      What about that time those pesky Ferrari mechanics gave an advantage to Mika Salo by forgetting to bring all 4 wheels to Irvine’s stop at the 1999 European GP?

      Then again, Mercedes did of course have benefited Rosberg before, dating as far back as the 2012 Chinese GP when they ‘forgot’ to attach all wheels to Schumacher’s car. You can’t trust those pesky pit crews, working under such light pressure, with so little that can go wrong!


      1. I’m nothing talking about one race…it’s been consistent from the begining of the championship.
        Some say that is Lewis fault because he’s not parking correctly…but he used to park well when he was on McLaren…doing 2.3 on pits…

        1. Looks like I’m playing chess with a pigeon again..

          1. +1 lmao :D

          2. hahaha, @npf1 shame we don’t have a section called “cheeky/funny comments of the day”, you would feature tomorrow

  7. Good start then became very boring. I started playing FIFA 2014 and just listening to the race around lap 50. There is clearly a problem when several teams have brake issues at a circuit that shouldn’t be too difficult on brakes. On top of that, the teams all seem to be managing things until the last few laps when they know they have the brakes, fuel and tires to push, and that period of management is very boring.

  8. 2/10

    Great track, never expected the race to be that boring. Williams did everything strategy-wise not to get in Mercedes’ way. Great drive from Perez though.

  9. 6: The radio communications got me thinking it’s only a matter of time before Google arrive with a self driving car.
    Robotic racing and very dull. + the cars look and sound like ****.

  10. There was a Mercedes battle at the front, but this was no Barhain, despite Mercedes’ excited tweets suggesting otherwise. As soon as Hamilton’s engineer came on the radio urging him to cool his brakes, even before he was really attacking, it never looked like he could challenge Rosberg on track. Still, I thought it was an interesting race with Williams leading intially, and with Perez once again spicing up things at the front. 7/10.

  11. 7/10 Pretty entertaining race thanks to Williams and Perez managing to keep up with Mercedes for a bit. The back five of the top ten was close, and Hamilton pressuring Rosberg all race long created some good tension.

    Were it not for the brakes-saving, we might have had more wheel-to-wheel racing and a stronger contest from Hamilton for the lead instead of the usual slower middle stint of the race.

  12. I actually gave this a 9 because I was totally enthralled to see NR get to first place and keep it all the while expecting until the very end that either LH would catch him or would NR bobble a bit and suddenly have LH even closer. I knew LH had the car to work his way up the field but just not so quickly, so I got worried for NR right away, yet he didn’t crack under the pressure. He did go wide at one point, which added to my concern for him keeping it together, but he did. I think this is only going to strengthen NR’s resolve, especially knowing that he might have had an easier go of it today had he not had to abort his quali lap when LH went off. I am always glad when DRS isn’t as effective and we don’t see gift passing from it.

  13. Want to rate 6.5, but have gone for 7 rather than 6 simply because of the track. It just looked good to watch the cars driving around it.

    Otherwise… It was just a nice simple average solid race. Wasn’t fully engaged but was never bored either. There was enough going on on-track that was pretty good to watch, some decent overtakes, some decent racing, all that add up to make it a nice race to watch. I’m glad F1 is back at this track.

  14. Nothing special. Massa and Bottas could’ve had it but there was some screwy strategy on their part. And the overlaid ads were an absolute joke. FOM needs to stop with those. And the whole “Congratulations Mateschitz, thanks Bernie” thing was real dumb

  15. As someone in the crowd. I’d have to say its a nine for atmosphere etc. But sadly maybe a seven for the race. After yesterday qualifying I maybe expected a more exciting race.

  16. 5/10 race for me, there was so little action up at the front, and even though there was plenty of action behind again the FOM director decided to focus on everything except the battles going on on track. Even though I love the sport it’s quite clear why it’s not gaining new fans.

  17. 7/10

    Most has already been said, except: Did all of you miss that last lap pass from Ricciardo on Hülkenberg around the outside of turn 5, after running side-by-side through 3 and 4? I was close to give the race a 6/10 until that.

  18. Gave it a 9, but a very long way from the excellent Canadian race… Wished FMassa finished better but it is very refreshing to see some different drivers/teams in the points. Both force india in points, RedBull must be pulling their hair out with the DNFs for SVettle …. feeling just a tad more sorry for Seb … remember FAlonso’s statement last year about SVettle will run out of luck …. well it probably took longer than Alonzo thought but it has become painfully true for Seb and RedBull. I also think it very, very prosaic that Seb’s team mate DanielR is Australian and also seems like a heck of a nice guy (like Mark Weber) plus beating Seb fair and square in almost all situations. In deference to an earlier posting, anytime Nico beats Lewis it is a good race by my standards. Lewis is known for his lack of ethics and team work from several years ago … remember when Lewis and Alonzo were team mates. Thanks, RnR

  19. Like several others I was torn between 6 (a little better than average ) and 7, settled for 6 due to excessive tyre management and poor TV coverage.

  20. It has become a rather interesting season.

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