Start, Circuit of the Americas, 2012

Button and Rosberg criticise standing restarts plan

F1 Fanatic Round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Circuit of the Americas, 2012In the round-up: Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg criticise plans to introduce standing starts after Safety Car periods in 2015.

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Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg concerned by F1’s standing restarts plan (The Guardian)

Nico Rosberg: “That’s going too far with things. Why? I like the pure racing, the way it has been for the past 50 years. I don’t really want to see such a huge change, to do another start. It’s strange. My natural opinion at the moment is that it should stay the way it is now.”

Button’s future uncertain as McLaren eye Alonso (The Telegraph)

Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel are named as potential targets for McLaren.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2014Wolff: Hamilton victory was never on (Autosport)

“He lost the race in qualifying. He recovered tremendously with a great start and a great first lap, [but] in all our calculations the best possible result was second, and he achieved that.”

Prodromou arrival a big step – Dennis (ESPN)

“We’ve got Peter Prodromou joining us in September so that will be a big step. It will bolster our revitalised aero team, so I’m not concerned about aero performance next year, it will come right.”

Probe into theft of Schumacher medical records (Reuters)

“The offeror claims them to be the medical files of Michael Schumacher. We cannot judge if these documents are authentic.

Susie Wolff is determined to become the first female Formula 1 champion (The Express)

“I’m in no rush. I wouldn’t have babies while I’m still racing. I want to achieve great things first and I’m nowhere near ready to give all that up. I wouldn’t think of becoming a mum while I was still racing because you have to be fully dedicated at this level.”

Could Lotus switch to Mercedes power from 2015? (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“Lotus has been late with payments to the French manufacturer over the past couple of seasons, while the reliability and performance problems associated with the power unit have proved frustrating to the team.”

Wird Motorenabteilung verkauft? (Auto Motor und Sport, German)

Claims Renault are considering selling their F1 engine production facility at Viry-Chatillon in France because F1 is not giving them enough reward for their expenditure at the moment.

Shiny Spielberg lacks some nuts and bolts (The Times)

“[Red Bull owner Dietrich] Mateschitz spent north of £200 million on the circuit and its environs and now it is a glittering shrine to the Red Bull brand, as well as one of the best facilities in motor racing.”

F1: a tough ride (MotorSport)

Perry McCarthy: “After I failed to qualify for ten grands prix straight (which did indeed save us a significant amount of money) our clever and inevitable exit plan succeeded slightly ahead of schedule leading into the Belgian Grand Prix. I nearly said ‘night night’ to the world as my steering rack jammed entering Eau Rouge and this little result helped Max Mosley to consider the team’s long-term future, decided there wasn’t one and rightly cancelled further opportunities for Andrea to make F1 look bad and bury its terrified driver.”


Comment of the day

Yesterday’s surprise news was of a tie-up between the FIA and the makers of Gran Turismo.

I thought that with the way the FIA were going they’d be teaming up with the creators of Mario Kart.
Daniel (@Collettdumbletonhall)

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115 comments on “Button and Rosberg criticise standing restarts plan”

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  1. Wouldn’t surprise me if Renault left; the amount of money they need to invest to catch up with Mercedes wont balance out with the marketing benefits, and their road car line up doesn’t fit with their racing pedigree. Mercedes on the other hand is getting lots of exposure in Asian / Eastern markets which will help them sell their top end cars.

  2. As bad as Ferrari are right now, I’m not sure he’d jump ship to McLaren. They looking even more desperate at the moment.

  3. Have been wondering whether it would be possible for a team to exploit this rule to gain an advantage and may have come up with one.

    It’s current practice that a start is aborted if a driver stalls on the grid. The field is waved around on another formation lap while the stranded car is recovered.

    So imagine a scenario where a late Safety Car period results in a standing restart being given on the final lap. A team whose cars are in first and, for example, fifteenth place would have a strong incentive to instruct their second driver to stall on the grid, forcing the field to go around another lap, at which point the race would be over and the leading driver would win.

    Now I’m not saying anyone would be that blatantly underhand but rules changes like this do create new opportunities for exploitation and this is just one example of how it might happen.

    The temptation for someone to do what I’ve just described would be even great if they had been leading the race comfortably before the Safety Car period but had tyres that were considerably older than their pursuers’. A driver in that position would stand to lose far more on a standing restart than a rolling one.

    1. @keithcollantine Definitely a possibility but since the likes of yourself are already considering such a thing perhaps the rule could include an exception for the standing start if a safety car is needed with, say, 5 laps to go, after which they would do the standard rolling re-start.

      1. Doesn’t it include exactly this exception?

        1. As it turns out yes. I can’t claim to have ESP though, as I thought standing restarts was only a trial balloon they were floating.

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