FIA confirms 2015 rules including standing restarts

2015 F1 season

Start, Red Bull Ring, 2014The FIA has announced new rules for the 2015 F1 season including the use of standing starts following Safety Car periods.

A standing start will used following a Safety Car period except within the first two laps of a race or during the final five laps.

The proposed change proved unpopular with F1 fans when it was announced. In an F1 Fanatic poll 67% opposed the rules change with 20% in favour.

Changes will also be made to the technical rules governing car noses “to ensure improved safety and to provide more aesthetically pleasing structures”.

Among the other changes to the design of the cars is the requirement of two-stage wheel fasteners to reduce the chance of a wheel becoming detached from a car.

Further new regulations will ensure brake discs rotate at the same speed as wheels and enforce the use of lighter materials for skid blocks.

Cost cutting

A series of new rules have been introduced with the aim of reducing costs.

The current parc ferme restrictions, under which teams are restricted in how they can modify their cars, will now begin after final practice instead of qualifying. The Friday night curfew will increase from six hours to seven next year, and will be extended by a further hour the year after.

Teams will be allowed to use only four complete power units during the season instead of the five permitted this year. However the FIA noted this change will not be applied “if there are more than 20 races in a season”.

Wind tunnel and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) testing will be subjected to tighter restrictions, as will real-world track testing.

In-season track testing will be banned again, and the three four-day pre-season tests must all take place inside Europe. Two of this year’s tests were conducted in Bahrain.

However some teams have criticised the scope of the cost cutting rules changes, saying they do not go far enough.

2015 F1 season

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204 comments on FIA confirms 2015 rules including standing restarts

  1. skylab (@skylab) said on 26th June 2014, 22:04

    Just who are they trying to please with these continual and insane rule changes? Most fans are fairly happy with the sport I would imagine & since F1 is rapidly disappearing behind a paywall there won’t be any casual fans soon. Nuts.

  2. Cryptowillem (@cryptowillem) said on 26th June 2014, 22:07

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to call myself an F1 fan any more after this.

    Now I’m really hoping Button retires at the end of this year. Then I won’t feel bad for not watching him.

  3. BenH (@benh) said on 26th June 2014, 22:18

    Again the FIA are screwing up F1. Bring back Max Mosley. He did get into weird orgies but at least he didnt shaft F1

    • HoHum (@hohum) said on 27th June 2014, 2:28

      “At least he didn’t shaft F1″ You could not be more wrong, all of this stupidity goes back to the deal Max did with pal and onetime business partner BE, selling him the control of F1 revenue for less than 10% of it’s value.

  4. I’m unsure if anybody has brought this up already or not, but what happens if somebody stalls on the restart grid?

    • DaveW (@dmw) said on 27th June 2014, 15:21

      Start is aborted. They go around again. I’m not sure if it means another roll-off, but it will kill a lot of time either way. Another good reason to scrap this stupid idea.

      • Robbie (@robbie) said on 28th June 2014, 13:59

        Or…perhaps since the field will all be together due to the restart, the marshals will have time to push the car off the track, possibly into the end of the pit lane, and possibly not even need to throw a local yellow as they will have over a minute before the cars come around to that spot again.

  5. John H (@john-h) said on 26th June 2014, 22:55

    More crap.

    • John H (@john-h) said on 26th June 2014, 23:03

      Just to add, I actually hope that Nico or Lewis win the championship on the double points rule now just to show what a joke all of this is becoming.

      Why are the teams voting all this garbage through? We know the FiA is disfunctional but what are the teams playing at? That’s the big question here that probably opens up a can of dollar shaped worms.

  6. Oh no!!! Why do they bother to actually organise a race at all then? Just write all the drivers’ names into pieces of paper and have a draw in 20 different locations around the world. That way it will safe, cheap, exciting, the whole field will be bunched up together, and it will be a proper lottery, which the sport is turning to anyway.

  7. kbcusa (@kbcusa) said on 26th June 2014, 23:07

    That’s it. I’m done. Bye bye F1.

  8. Brian (@bforth) said on 26th June 2014, 23:38

    At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, part of me wonders if the FIA isn’t deliberately trying to sabotage and slow down F1 so that Formula E will seem that much more appealing as a successor for the “pinnacle of motorsport”.

    Oh, and those cost cutting measures won’t work. With only four engines, the manufacturers will be pumping huge sums of money into R&D to improve reliability. They will pass the cost on to the teams, and it will certainly end up costing more per unit, possibly more over the whole season.

    Same with the new nose cones, as a lot of teams are going to have to go back to the drawing board with their cars. Huge cost spikes happen every time the FIA changes the engine reliability and aero regulations.

    • Robbie (@robbie) said on 29th June 2014, 12:41

      I think most of the money in R&D has been spent already in making these engines as reliable as they are and 5 down to 4 is going be be barely a blip on their radar. They won’t have to make as many engines. And I don’t see anything in the rules that is slowing F1 down, let alone to somehow make FE more appealing.

      As to the new noses. There was outrage at the appearance of the cars initially, and now this news has barely gotten a mention ie. folks get over some things pretty quickly. Many should be doing a jig at the prospect of no more ugly front ends.

  9. Nick (@npf1) said on 26th June 2014, 23:46

    I know I’ve commented before, but I keep clicking on this article because I keep reading ‘FIA confirms you might need to stop watching F1 in 2015 altogether.’

    I’ve only just found out the confirmation of double points wasn’t a confirmation of me taking a day off as F1 fan that day (but I am still going to), I really hope the FIA manage to confirm some things that do put a hold on my sense of urgency to send the FIA a message by simply not watching F1.

    It seems that at this point, even with social media or even the internet in general or even media in general, the FIA just does not give a damn about the fans. I guess they will only learn if suddenly the FOM comes barging in that viewing numbers have dropped immensely overnight.

    As Alex Wurz tweeted; I love F1. From Sundays from 14h to 16h. The FIA, FOM and the teams are really doing their best to keep it that way.

  10. RACERNORRISKI (@racernorriski) said on 27th June 2014, 0:53

    Well after having read many of the comments, I agree with about 90% of the ones that just plain call this STUPID in one way or another. Fer no.65 sort of expresses it all …. pasted in an excerpt here … It’s baffling. It’s shocking. It’s outrageous. It’s just embarrassing… I’m a fan of racing… not standing starts. I’m a fan of proper wheel to wheel racing, not motorway DRS-powered overtakes. I’m a fan of exciting championship battles, not someone lucking into it because one race is worth more than another. I’m a fan of F1. Thanks FER no.65, About the only thing I can figure is that too many cars are finishing the race so a few ACCIDENTS caused by standing restarts will attract all of those knuckle draggers from other alleged sports. Best I can come up with…. Thanks, RnR PS Why not go back a ways and have the drivers run up to their cars, jump in, start them and the race is ooooooN.

    • Robbie (@robbie) said on 28th June 2014, 14:07

      The drivers will want to avoid accidents just as much in a standing restart as the very first start. They already know they shouldn’t do something foolish like trying to win the race in the first corner…the same will apply for them in a restart. Don’t get me wrong, I’m with you on DRS and double points etc but if you are still watching in spite of those things, as am I, then I don’t see why standing restarts is such a deal breaker. It’s not for me…but…to each their own.

  11. matt90 (@matt90) said on 27th June 2014, 1:30

    FIA, gimmickry actually makes people MORE bored. I am invested in this season despite the spectre of super-double-bonus-fun round and the presence of DRS, but I find it really hard to look on F1’s future with anything other than disappointment. My reaction to this news was really just sinking, bitter acceptance rather than disbelief- because I’ve come to expect you to screw up F1. It’s what you do. You fiddle where it isn’t needed while giving the fans next to no access. My interest is really waning. I don’t realistically see myself being able to stop watching cold turkey, but if in 5 years time I don’t follow the sport I have loved passionately for 10 years, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

    I just wish there was an alternative, but although I like WEC I want my main dose of motorsport to be more accessible. I want engineering interest, so not Indycar. And I want the best drivers in the world. These are spread across lots of series, but it’s fair to say that F1 has a stronger collection than any other series. So what am I left with? I really, genuinely wish the 2009 break-away threat had taken place.

  12. Daniel Brennan (@dannyisf1) said on 27th June 2014, 2:01

    I don’t know if the FIA realize this, but if they want to attract more casual fans then they don’t need gimmicks like DRS or double points at the last race or standing starts after safety cars. The problem lies with Formula 1 moving from the BBC to Sky. How are you going to attract new fans if you have to pay for a subscription you may not even want?

  13. Scottie (@scottie) said on 27th June 2014, 2:07

    they’re making the WEC awfully tempting!!

  14. The desperation to “gain fans” is leading to this madness. The fact is, there is a finite percentage of the populous that is interested in motorsport. Just like some people are interested in skydiving and others not. Some people are wired for art and others mathematics. I think we have reached the threshold of this audience limit for F1. The risk now is F1 losing fans because of stupid rule changes and dumb gimmicks.

  15. DaveW (@dmw) said on 27th June 2014, 2:31

    As dumb as the standing restarts are, the spark plates are actually more offensive. Why not now have cars inject raw fuel in the headers for flames? Points for drifting in corners? And now the idea of a “competition yellow” a la Nascar looks irresistible, what with a standing start on order. Dangerous debris will begin sprouting from the track like weeds.

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