Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2014

Rosberg ‘not sharing all information with Hamilton’

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2014In the round-up: Nico Rosberg says he is withholding details about areas where he is gaining a performance advantage on his team mate Lewis Hamilton.


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Rosberg: I keep race secrets from Hamilton (The Telegraph)

“Sometimes you are not going to put it on the table, and say, ‘Look here at what I’ve done’. If I find a little bit of an advantage somewhere then I’ll keep it to myself.”

Silvestro just a ‘marketing move’ (ESPN)

Sergey Sirotkin: “At Sauber, we have a third pilot, Giedo van der Garde, a test-pilot – that’s me – and there is the sponsored racer [Silvestro], the person whom they are helping to reach the level of F1, which is, I think, rather more of a marketing move. I do not take this as something to be afraid of. Let’s see what will happen next.”

Raikkonen hurt by perfect storm (Autosport)

“It’s really about how the car handles, what I prefer, and the way the tyres work. It’s a combination of that.”

Saison 2014 (Canal +)

Simon’s snapshots #5 (MotorSport)

[Nigel] Mansell had spent the first part of the season notching top-six finishes in the British F3 Championship, at the wheel of a rented works March, but now he had the chance to give the new Honda-engined Ralt RH6 its race debut, in the sixth round of the European F2 series at Silverstone. And just two months hence, he’d be starting his first Grand Prix, at the wheel of a Lotus 81B in Austria.”

Porcine Maquillage (The Buxton Blog)

“With double points, the chance of a shock and perhaps undeserving result in the championship now awaits, too. Not content with throwing open the championship to a last chance lottery, now with the race result a gimmick in the form of standing safety car restarts can also replace something earned with something blagged.”


Comment of the day

There was almost a sense of disbelief when it was confirmed yesterday standing restarts will be introduced in 2015:

It’s so depressing. Who’s coming up with these ideas?

Not only do the people who run the sport not bother to listen to the fans – they almost seem to go out of their way to do the complete opposite of what the fans want. It seems that the sport is fixated on attracting casual fans and believes that these fans want to see constant overtaking (no matter how artificial) – hence DRS and standing restarts.

They don’t seem to grasp that not every single race needs to be a thriller; just like how not every football match can be as thrilling as, say, the famous United-Real Madrid ties of 2003. It makes you appreciate the great races all the more for having witnessed a few average or below-average races.

What’s more, trying to make a race exciting through manufactured means is never going to sustain long-term interest in the sport. Apologies to use a football analogy again (it is the World Cup after all) – but imagine if FIFA shortened the length of the pitch, made the goals bigger and mandated that each team could only play 2 defenders. There’d be goals galore but I for one would lose interest very quickly.

I feel like F1 is reaching that stage now.

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On this day in F1

Heinz-Harald Frentzen won an exciting, rain-hit French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours 15 years ago today.

Mika Hakkinen claimed second from 14th on the grid, while pole sitter Rubens Barrichello fell to third.

Late on the race Michael Schumacher fell from fourth to fifth when he was overtaken by his brother Ralf:

Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei