Nico Rosberg, Keke Rosberg, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya, 2002

Rosberg always knew he’d get to F1 – Hamilton

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Nico Rosberg, Keke Rosberg, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya, 2002In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says his team mate Nico Rosberg never had cause to doubt he’d reach F1 when they were growing up together in the junior categories.


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Lewis Hamilton prepares for British GP with drive down memory lane (The Guardian)

“Nico would say ‘when I’m in Formula One’, and for me it was ‘if I ever get to Formula One’. Because obviously Nico’s dad was a Formula One driver – he knew he was going to make it. For us, we never really knew what was going to happen, we just kept at it.”

Hamilton and Rosberg on collision course (The Telegraph)

Damon Hill: “In the old days we didn’t have all this data. A driver would have to go out on the circuit and watch and figure it out. There was no way of knowing other than working on your own knowledge. Now, every detail, every nuance is shared among the engineers. It’s getting to the point now where the engineers are telling the drivers what to do to drive. I think it’s going too far.”


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Is change needed at the top of the chain of command at Ferrari? @Tifoso1989 says no:

When Luca di Montezemolo was named Ferrari president after the death of Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari was losing compared to their rivals in the car industry, with the exception of the F40 and its predecessor the 288 GTO the other models were crap. The F1 team was trashed by the competition, apart from being slow the Ferrari F1 cars were unreliable.

Now it is true that the F1 team is losing again but the brand is as strong as ever (the world most powerful brand) and the resources are there to challenge for world championship, let’s not forget how many championships the team has won under his leadership, his CV inside Ferrari at least is astonishing.


Marc Gene, Ferrari, Mont Tremblant, 2014

Marc Gene claimed the unofficial lap record for Canada’s undulating and scenic Mont Tremblant circuit yesterday. He lapped the 4.2km track, which held the 1968 and 1970 Canadian Grands Prix, in 1’12.720, four seconds quicker than Tristan Gommendy’s pole position time at the venue’s 2007 Champ Car race.

Here are pictures of Ferrari’s Corse Clienti former F1 cars lapping the circuit:

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Renault locked out the front row of the grid for the French Grand Prix at Dijon, which turned out to be a famous race in their history, on this day 35 years ago.

Jean-Pierre Jabouille and Rene Arnoux shared the front row in their turbocharged RS10s, with Gilles Villeneuve third for Ferrari.

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