Podium, Monza, 2013

Ecclestone threatens to drop Monza from calendar

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Podium Monza, 2013In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone threatens not to renew Monza’s grand prix contract when it comes up for renewal in 2016.


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Ecclestone saluta Monza “Bye bye dopo il 2016…” (La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italian)

Asked about the future of the race beyond the expiration of its current contract in 2016 Ecclestone said: “Not good. I don’t believe we’ll do another contract, as the old one was a disaster for us from a commercial point of view. So it’s bye-bye after 2016.” He also repeated his desire to see some of the smaller teams drop out of the sport and instead have eight teams of three cars.

Red Bull’s Christian Horner admits to two years’ worry about Renault engine (The Guardian)

“We sat down to express our concerns with Renault in Autumn 2012. They have got to get it together. They’re not in Formula One to make up the numbers.”

I’ve outperformed Vettel – Ricciardo (BBC)

“Did I think it would be 6-2 in qualifying and I would be leading him in the championship? Probably not.”

Formula E can challenge F1 – Heidfeld (ESPN)

“I cannot look into the future but of course with the technology behind it, if you tried to look into the future, Formula E looks like the place to be and the place to go.”

Lotus to switch to Merc engines (Joe Saward)

“The word on the street is that Lotus F1 Team, the old Renault F1 factory team, will shortly announce that it will become the fourth Mercedes team.”

FIA explains how restarts will work (Autosport)

“Team personnel who normally sit on the pit wall will have to move to the safety of the garages, with the exception of two people from each outfit.”

Renault nicht schuld an Vettel-Problem (Auto Motor und Sport, German)

Vettel’s power unit problem in Austria was caused by a software problem with the engine control unit which is standard to all teams.

Derek Warwick – Raw Racing (Mario Muth via YouTube)


Comment of the day

A little story about the celebrated battle between Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux which featured in yesterday’s round-up:

What I also loved about that duel was that afterwards Villeneuve and Arnoux went into a broadcaster’s tent and watched their battle replayed on tape, arm in arm, having a great laugh and a great time re-living what they too knew was special and was what racing can truly be.

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On this day in F1

Juan Pablo Montoya started what turned out to be his last F1 race eight years ago today at Indianapolis. Having spent much of the intervening period in NASCAR he has returned to single-seater racing in IndyCar this year and claimed his best result of the year so far – second – in Houston on Saturday.

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