Podium, Monza, 2013

Ecclestone threatens to drop Monza from calendar

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Podium Monza, 2013In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone threatens not to renew Monza’s grand prix contract when it comes up for renewal in 2016.


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Ecclestone saluta Monza “Bye bye dopo il 2016…” (La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italian)

Asked about the future of the race beyond the expiration of its current contract in 2016 Ecclestone said: “Not good. I don’t believe we’ll do another contract, as the old one was a disaster for us from a commercial point of view. So it’s bye-bye after 2016.” He also repeated his desire to see some of the smaller teams drop out of the sport and instead have eight teams of three cars.

Red Bull’s Christian Horner admits to two years’ worry about Renault engine (The Guardian)

“We sat down to express our concerns with Renault in Autumn 2012. They have got to get it together. They’re not in Formula One to make up the numbers.”

I’ve outperformed Vettel – Ricciardo (BBC)

“Did I think it would be 6-2 in qualifying and I would be leading him in the championship? Probably not.”

Formula E can challenge F1 – Heidfeld (ESPN)

“I cannot look into the future but of course with the technology behind it, if you tried to look into the future, Formula E looks like the place to be and the place to go.”

Lotus to switch to Merc engines (Joe Saward)

“The word on the street is that Lotus F1 Team, the old Renault F1 factory team, will shortly announce that it will become the fourth Mercedes team.”

FIA explains how restarts will work (Autosport)

“Team personnel who normally sit on the pit wall will have to move to the safety of the garages, with the exception of two people from each outfit.”

Renault nicht schuld an Vettel-Problem (Auto Motor und Sport, German)

Vettel’s power unit problem in Austria was caused by a software problem with the engine control unit which is standard to all teams.

Derek Warwick – Raw Racing (Mario Muth via YouTube)



Comment of the day

A little story about the celebrated battle between Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux which featured in yesterday’s round-up:

What I also loved about that duel was that afterwards Villeneuve and Arnoux went into a broadcaster’s tent and watched their battle replayed on tape, arm in arm, having a great laugh and a great time re-living what they too knew was special and was what racing can truly be.

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On this day in F1

Juan Pablo Montoya started what turned out to be his last F1 race eight years ago today at Indianapolis. Having spent much of the intervening period in NASCAR he has returned to single-seater racing in IndyCar this year and claimed his best result of the year so far – second – in Houston on Saturday.

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  1. The Commercial rights holder is looking commissions again

  2. Regarding the standing restart, what happens when half the field starts on a sea of rubber marbles half way through the race on certain tracks?

    1. Carnage @t3x?
      And it almost seems that that is the reason why this was cooked up, because otherwise I cannot see any reason to do both a SC and a standing start.

    2. That will probably depend on whether Pirelli make super-degrading tyres or whether they go with harder tyres… Marbles haven’t been too much of an issue this year. @t3x

      1. All tyres produce marbles, even the super-durable Bridgestones :-P

      2. You are right, the marbles haven’t been that bad this year @craig-o however there is always a very dirty line after half a race. I can’t wait for every single driver on the dirty line to complain after they all lose at least 2 spots.

        1. The best drivers will make sure they’re always running in an odd-numbered position in case there’s a restart…

  3. Formula E is looking good. Have to admit I had my doubts, but the current field of drivers looks respectable and exciting. Was looking forward to some new talent to “graduate” to it and try to shine directly from the lower formulas, but I guess that would damage their road to Formula 1. The cars are not that good looking, but seeing names like Heidfeld, Senna, Prost ( I have to see that!), Buemi- Alguersari in different teams, Abt (young talent), Trulli (old timer still around!), GP2 race Winner Di Grassi amongst others makes me think this will be a championship to look for. There are still some vacant seats, would be great to see even more respectable names there… Barrichello? Marciello? Da Costa? Also, great calendar. It will definitely fill the whole left during the F1 winter break!

    1. Have they actually finalised the Formula E calendar? Only last month it was reported that although an event has been proposed for London, they haven’t even worked out where to hold it, let alone sorting out the layout. Quite a few other venues are also in a similar situation – I think that only two venues have actually produced a circuit layout and had it signed off by the FIA.

  4. I’ve never been to a F1 race (because it’s expensive to travel, to stay and to buy the F1 ticket), but the best crowds, booing or not, are the ones in Monza, Sao Paulo, Silverstone and let me add Suzuka (in a more disciplined way, but good crowd anyway).
    Monza should stay because it’s one of the few places on the planet where F1 still is what it must be.

    1. @omarr-pepper You’re forgetting one, Spa….

      1. Doesn’t Spa get one of the least visitors?

  5. Bernie will change his mind when he wakes up next to a horses head!

  6. All I can say is, nooooooooooooooo!

  7. OK, so what trial is Bernie facing at the moment.

    Oh, and thanks for the return of (the albeit incomplete) formatting buttons, @keithcollantine !

  8. Bernie will never drop Monza. This is his usual saber rattling tactic

  9. Can I propose that Bernie is dropped instead?!

  10. Re: standing re-starts being introduced in 2015.
    Has the FIA considered that this could possibly cause races to run way past two hour’s duration? If they are trying to get new, young fans making races longer is not going to help. What about us down here in Australia: it’s either serious sleep deprivation or adding a lot of extra time onto one’s recording. It takes long enough to get the races going again with the Safety Car arrangements and even more of a delay is very off putting.

    1. I don’t see how this is going to add very much time at all. Perhaps an extra minute per re-start. As I had suspected and has now been confirmed, it’s not like the crews come out on the track like for the original start. Nor do they need a warmup lap. They simply stop in their running order on the grid once the safety car gets off the track, and then do a standing start. Where’s the time consumption?

      1. Wait and see.

  11. Es war Pech oder Zufall, dass Vettel dem Problem zum Opfer fiel. Theoretisch hätte es jeden der acht Renault-Piloten treffen können. Mercedes und Ferrari haben ihre Motoren möglicherweise so kalibriert, dass der Fehler in der Standardsoftware ignoriert wurde.

    translates to:

    It was bad luck or coincidence that Vettel fell victim to the problem. Theoretically, it could have happened to any of the eight Renault drivers. Perhaps, Mercedes and Ferrari have their engines calibrated such that the error was ignored in the standard software.

    So, this wasn’t RBR’s fault at all… If this is the case, then let me retract my previous grumbles against RBR post Austria.

  12. I really wouldn’t mind if Italian GP would be driven alternately in Mugello and Monza, just like Hockenheim and Nürburgring in German GP.

  13. If Lotus switch to Mercedes engines, will that affect Grosjean’s future with the team? He brings Total sponsorship and they are heavily linked with Renault. They might decide to cut their supply of the team, as I’d find it hard to imagine Total fuelling a Mercedes engine. Hopefully their financial situation will improve by that stage which would allow for such a loss.

  14. Uzair Syed (@ultimateuzair)
    2nd July 2014, 17:47

    I hope Bernie gets sent to prison and eats sardines for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Stupid old goat.

  15. On the restart issue, if I read the release correctly, there will be no roll-off for the restart. I think this is very dangerous. The point of a roll-off is to know that every car can get going from a stop, which is not a given with the highly sensitive electronics and clutches on the cars. The concern is heightened by the fact that the cars will hotter, mechanical parts may be worn or damaged, and electronic gremlins that appeared during the race will be waiting to bite. The start line crash where a stationary car gets hammered from behind by an unsighted car is one of the scariest type of accidents in F1.

    1. @dmw, Yer, great entertainment !

  16. goodbye formula one my old freind

  17. I sincerely hope, though this time it’s so stupid that I ingenuously think, that Bernie is just trying to scare organisers to get a better contract. But the fact he even pretends from a race like Monza that the pecuniary income is more important than the legacy, racing, importance of the race itself leaves me puzzled.

  18. I’ve said elsewhere that F1 should have the best circuits, cars and drivers – and diversity of tracks – There should be a Monza, a Hungaroring, a Suzuka, a Spa, a Monaco. Heck, there can even be one in the desert and one at night! Bernie is an old goat, bloated on cash and greedy for power. I try not to wish the man ill but his contempt for the sport I love makes it hard…. I know that linking to other sites is frowned on but … Motorsport Magazine currently has a list of proposals of how F1 should be and it is glorious (it is entitled ‘Petition an F1 Revolution’).

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