Timing screen, Abu Dhabi, 2011

F1 offers $50,000 prize to enhance live race data

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Timing screen, Abu Dhabi, 2011A $50,000 (£29,000) prize is being offered for the best new solution to presenting live data from F1 races.

The F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize is seeking new ways to present the information during F1 races on the Official F1 app, F1 website and to F1 teams, media and Paddock Club guests.

The prize is the first of three challenges being offered by Tata Communications and Formula One Management.

Entries will be judged by a panel including Lewis Hamilton, Martin Brundle and Mercedes executive director for technical Paddy Lowe.

Formula One Management’s chief technology officer John Morrison, who will also judge the competition, explained what they hope to gain from the competition. “We are looking for a mechanism to choose specific parameters, produce the calculations and display this information in an exciting and innovative way.”

“Obviously a mechanism to continuously update this information as the race weekend unfolds is a major part of the challenge.”

“It is undoubtedly the case that a wealth of predictive information about proposed race strategy and current car performance can be derived from the session timing information,” he added.

Entries to the competition can be found on the Tata Communications website.

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