FIA has no plans to drop double points rule

2014 F1 season

Start, Yas Marina, 2013The FIA does not plan to abandon the widely criticised double points season finale, according to race director Charlie Whiting.

A surprise rules change during the off-season doubled the value of points for the final race of the season. An attempt to extend the plan to all three of the final rounds was scrapped following an overwhelmingly negative reaction from fans.

However Whiting said there had been no move to abandon the unpopular rule.

“There’s nothing new, no,” he said in an FIA media briefing. “As far as we’re all concerned it’s what’s written in the rules and that’s what will happen this year and will happen until it gets changed.”

“Like every rule it stays until people decide they want to change it.”

Whiting denied the sport’s governing body was ignorant of fans’ opinions about the direction the sport is taking.

“Of course we listen to what fans say. We wouldn’t be doing all this work on engine noise if we didn’t – but this has to be tempered by the wishes of those involved in the sport and who should probably know a little more about the reasoning behind rules.

“There was a bit of a fuss about the double points but it was done, I believe, for perfectly good reasons.”

Bernie Ecclestone, the major proponent of the double points rule, recently admitted it was “not fair”. “What Bernie says is his business,” said Whiting when asked about Ecclestone’s remarks. “I’m not going to comment on what Bernie says.”

2014 F1 season

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41 comments on FIA has no plans to drop double points rule

  1. Ron (@rcorporon) said on 4th July 2014, 13:51

    I really don’t get the stuff about engine noise I keep reading about. In Montreal I loved the sound of the new engines… I also loved the old sounds of the V8’s. I just love the cars.

  2. Sri Harsha (@harsha) said on 4th July 2014, 13:52

    Says – Listening to fans
    Watches – Sponsors Money bags
    Does – Opposite to Needs
    Proves – We are Fools
    Charlie Whiting history in F1

  3. When one day Bernie leaves / passes away, FIA or FOM or whoever takes the decision should hire Jerry Bruckheimer… he can create for them “The Amazing Races”.
    This is so reality-TV stuff.

  4. Girts (@girts) said on 4th July 2014, 15:21

    I wonder if the Strategy Group have thought about if and how the double points rule affects the TV ratings and ticket sales. For sure, it draws more attention to the final race(s) but what about the rest of the season? It is unlikely that many hardcore fans have stopped watching F1 because of that but it is possible that casual fans do not care as much about the biggest part of the season because they have got the message that everything will be decided in the end anyway.

  5. Matt (@hamiltonfan1705) said on 4th July 2014, 15:40

    I personally like all these rules such as double points and standing restarts. The thing that annoys me is people have been complaining that “F1 isn’t exciting” don’t know why cos it’s been a great season so far, and the FIA makes these rules to make it more exciting,people complain it isn’t “F1″ If someone doesn’t like the way f1 is run cos they think it’d “boring” then they shouldn’t be watching f1

    • Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall) said on 4th July 2014, 21:15

      The point is that it isn’t fair. It’s turning what was a sport into a game show. It’s like football having a smaller pitch and bigger goal nets to increase the number of goals. How would you feel if Hamilton lead the championship in Brazil by 26 points. Under normal circumstances this would have given the championship but then he has an engine failure in Abu Dhabi giving Rosberg the title. Would you still be a fan of the rule then?
      You make a good point though. We should switch off and then hopefully they will get the message.

  6. David Not Coulthard (@davidnotcoulthard) said on 4th July 2014, 16:26

    You know, if we bribe someone to wave the flag in Abu Dhabi before 3/4 of the race……….

  7. Bobby (@f1bobby) said on 5th July 2014, 10:21

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease get rid of double points!! It’s the worst idea in the history of a sport that is littered with terrible ideas.

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