Bernie Ecclestone, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2014

CVC ‘to replace Ecclestone even if he wins case’

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Bernie Ecclestone, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2014In the round-up: Formula One owners CVC Capital Partners are reported to be planning to replace Bernie Ecclestone even if he wins his bribery court case in Germany.


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Formula One’s owners sell stake and call time on Bernie Ecclestone (The Guardian)

“Decision makers at the City-based private equity firm have decided that Ecclestone, the sport’s chief executive and commercial rights holder, must go even if he wins his court case in Munich, where he is fighting bribery charges.”

Lotus Mercedes deal is done, announcement due soon (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“The deal for Lotus to use Mercedes power units from 2015 will be confirmed in the next few days.”

Pastor Maldonado Q&A: Podiums will be possible again (F1)

“The lack of connectivity within the whole power unit [is a problem]. The engine is still fragile. There are stupid things that are costing you time and resources. So first they need to improve the quality and reliability, and secondly the power. There is a lack of power compared to other engines.”

Hamilton unable to learn from Rosberg (Autosport)

“The long run data doesn’t really help in the sense that we drive differently.”

Surtees: Lewis could win on two wheels (The Telegraph)

“In a way, this part of the season has been a learning curve for Lewis. Perhaps he has had to mature a little bit. One or two things which happened I don’t think were in his interest or frankly in the interest of beating Nico Rosberg.”

Wolff keeps her F1 dream alive amid disappointment (Reuters)

“I’ve still got Hockenheim. I’ve got to go out in Hockenheim and show what I can do because I didn’t get the chance to do that today. I’ve still got one more shot at it, so head up high.”

A presenter’s perspective on patriotism in F1 broadcasting (The F1 Broadcasting Blog)

“Reading comments on various sites leads me to believe that Sky Sports F1 is actually quite mild in comparison to RTL’s over the top reporting for Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel and Rosberg.”

British Grand Prix Betting: Home Hero Hamilton Ready To Rule At Silverstone (Unibet)

My British Grand Prix preview for Unibet.


Comment of the day

The question of engine noise continues to provoke differing responses from fans:

I just got home from the practice day at Silverstone, having gone there wondering whether all the fuss about noise was real. To me, the sound on television is pretty good, when the volume is turned up.

When the cars rolled out for first practice, they sounded pretty good. There’s complexity in the noise, and the different engines sound unique which is great. Yes, they are quieter than before, but I can listen comfortably without earplugs. Plus the cars sneak up on you because all the noise is ejected rearwards, meaning you only get the whoosh of the turbo giving you any hint there’s a car coming.

However, there were a couple of parade laps of some beautiful older cars celebrating the 50th Silverstone race. Bringing up the rear was a recent Red Bull. The sheer ear splitting thunder that car brought was stunning, and I miss it. So did everyone else in the stand.

Bring back the noise!

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On this day in F1

Tony Brooks led a Ferrari one-two ahead of team mate Phil Hill in the French Grand Prix at Reims 55 years ago today.

That moved him up to second in the championship behind Jack Brabham, who finished third for Cooper.