Jenson Button, McLaren, Silverstone, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 British Grand Prix

2014 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, McLaren, Silverstone, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the British Grand Prix.

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  1. I liked it. Very enjoyable, with some great drives by many drivers (especially Bottas and Alonso), quite a lot of overtaking action and the battle of the year and one of the greatest of the last years in F1.
    My only setback was the somewhat disappointing retirement of the leader as it cost us a-possibly- great battle.

  2. 6/10

    If we count out the epic battle between Alonso and Vettel, that was rather boring one.

    1. Agree completely. Even Bottas’ climb somehow seemed effortless and unexciting.

  3. Well, with wet qualy yesterday, I though we were in for a soggy and miserable weekend. But that was quite special. It would have been perfect if Rosberg hadn’t broken down, but it was still damn good.

  4. 8/10. I still can’t believe Vettel found his way to be behind Daniel at the end……

    1. Very bad strategy calls from Redbull 3x already.

    2. Really bad strategy. I guess they didn’t think that most people will do a one-stop.

  5. Scary crash with Raikkonen, seeing him limp out of the car was pretty terrifying. In the early of the race, seeing Alonso and Bottas storm through the field, as well as Hamilton passing the Mclarens and chasing Rosberg. In the mid of the race things became a bit calm, only to drama unfold as Rosberg’s car breaks down and Gutierrez rams Maldonado. By the end we had everything: Vettel and Alonso in an enourmous fight over 5th place, something we rarely see nowadays, as if it was taken from the 90s (I’m thinking Schumacher defending from Hill in wet spa, as in a slower car hardly keeping the faster one behind); a last minute push from Button to challenge for the podium. Brilliant race, all in all.


    1. Scary crash with Raikkonen, seeing him limp out of the car was pretty terrifying.

      Hmmmm, seeing him limp out of the car was rather relieving to me. I expected him to be carried after those hits.

  6. 8/10, would’ve been a 9 or 10 if we’d got a battle between Nico and Lewis. Still absolutely fantastic battles throughout the field. Bottas, Alonso and Vettel were all great to watch. Certainly spices up the championship.

  7. Rick Lopez (@viscountviktor)
    6th July 2014, 15:50


    Excitement at the start, good fighting throughout, enjoyed the Vettel-Alonso battle

  8. 8/10. Enjoyed the battles and great overtaking, but do feel we were robbed from a scarp for the win. If we had that, it’d had been an easy 9. Still, I’ll think about that Alonso-Vettel battle for many years. :)

  9. Funny how many people are rating this 9s, 10s. Sure we had some really good passing as well as really good defending. But the race was decided by a gearbox issue, apart from that the fights were for lower spots.

    I enjoyed the radio showoff between Vettel and Alonso, and it was a very decent race overall, but not epic at all. Or is it just me being tired?

    1. @bascb I agree with you. Voted 9/10 because I really enjoyed it after two boring football matches. It was a very good race. But as I try to say in my other posts, nothing of that had to do with Hamilton his just normal, ‘expected from him’, performance

    2. @bascb agree about disagreeing with those who complained about the radio showoff.

    3. @bascb, I gave it 8 (my highest score) mostly because we saw some good passing, a great battle between Seb and Fred of the kind we haven’t been getting for years, and thanks to the restart and the harder tyre choices not a lot of tactical pit-stops breaking up the action. Pirelli should stick to the hard/medium combo for the rest of the season to give us more of this.

      1. agree on the tyre choice @Hohum, its clear that the tyre needs a bit work from the drivers to get up to temp but it can then be taken really far without having to worry about a cliff overly much.

  10. Great race.
    Some amazing drives: Hamilton, Bottas, Ricciardo, Button, Vettel, Alonso and Bianchi.
    Shame for the race that Rosberg retired, but great for the championship.
    Just one thing, Vettel did to Hamilton what Alonso did to him, and he complaint? Ludicrous.
    A 9/10.

    1. A one of is not the same as constantly. Alonso constantly doing it.

  11. 8/10
    The battle between Vettel and Alonso probably added one point or two to the score. Shame that there was no battle for the lead, and I would have loved the race to be one lap longer, just to see Button and Ricciardo fighting for the podium.

  12. Gave it an 8! I say, what a magnificent battle between two great drivers, Alonso and Vettel! In the end, we saw that a “for-several-commentators-not-a-legendary-driver-like-Alonso” DID beat Alonso, a “legendary” driver, fair and square. Beautiful :) Unfortunately, the effort, time and tires, spent, were too much for Vettel to fight for 4th or 3rd position.
    As for the rest, well done for Bottas. Luck for Ham.

    1. The only reason he beat Fernando was because the Alonso’s tyres were 10 laps older and had already fallen “off the cliff” just like Daniel Ricciardo’s tyres at the end. Oh, and might I mention that Vettel had ARGUABLY a faster car.

        1. Faster in corners, slower in a straight line, arguably.

      1. @mashiat, no, no… Leave the tires out. Vettel beat Alonso, as an amazing driver he is. Period.

        1. I seriously can’t tell if you’re joking or not, but tyres are almost everything in this Pirelli era. Tyres that are 10 laps younger, especially in a circuit like Silverstone where there are plenty of fast corners and traction zones. And Alonso was suffering with a stalled rear wing, battery problems and fuel consumption. So, I’ll let everybody viewing this comment decided, who the amazing driver is.

          Big Hint: Alonso. Period.

  13. solid 8. good fighting throughout the race, yet it was missing something.

    1. @rigi Do you still think Bottas doesn’t deserve DotW? Solid race, 8/10

      1. @huhhii very hard to decide as he had a horrid qualifying. bottas was definately driver of the race, but weekend? i’ll sleep over it but i think i’m going to give it to button.

        1. @rigi But the weekend was screwed by the team, it wasn’t Bottas’ fault. Massa had the same faith in qualifying.

          1. @huhhii i can see your point. but i’ve said this before regarding the penalties for unsafe releases, the driver is a part of the team. they screwed up together. i stand by my point, i don’t think bottas deserves the vote. (and i’m no bottas hater btw, i think he’s brilliant and i’m a fan of him)

    2. not missing without it , the race was concluded with a certain aspect of the race excluded.

  14. As the Battle of Lead is gone off Racing gods gave us another battle by making RBR to destroy SV strategy and putting him to fight with FA , What a battle reminded me of good old times no one want to give up and no one is desperate to break , Bernie and FIA are you watching this , this is kind of battle we want to see for majority of season, Hope you understand this and stop messing the F1 more

      1. Indeed, better tyres make better racing, just like they used to in the good old days.

  15. 8 out of 10. Smashing race. Great result for the country and the championship.

  16. We were just denied a battle at the front (sort it out, Mercedes) and the perfect result of Button nabbing 3rd at the end. But to rate the race, not the result: there was always something going on, and some classic moves through several corners that Silverstone does so well. And a memorably scary crash. It flew by once it got going, shame about all the faffing around getting it restarted once the barrier was fixed. 8

  17. If I could just unhear those radio-messages from Alonso and Vettel… that would be exactly how a battle should look like. Every move from both seemed deliberate, allways placing the cars well, no one outbraking themselfes on desperate unplanned tries, this is how real top-class driving looks like.
    And we had some pretty good other overtaking moves from Bottas and Alonso, too.

    1. It’s easy for us to judge that when we sit in an arm-chair. I think their complaints were totally okay, it was in the heat of the moment. Perhaps, for Alonso it was even more difficult as he had a heap of problems with his car.

  18. 9. Would have given it a 10 but for the lack of battle between HAM and ROS and the amount of whining over the team radio during the battle between VET and ALO, however that was an absolute cracker.

  19. is this Formula 1 ?
    Mercedes cars every race above 30 seconds gap
    this is ridiculous
    in an other Formula 1 , Bottas should be win the race , as he was competitive
    but not in this Formula 1
    Red Bull era came over now begin
    Mercedes era
    i’ll enjoy competition most later with Indycars

    1. You forgot the Ferrari era.

  20. The problem, in my mind, with the MSC and VET years was that generally they ran away with the races/seasons and even though I was/am an MSC fan, the bulk of the races were boring up front. The plus of this season is that even though MERC is guaranteed to win every race, barring Montreal-like failures, and the championships, there is an actual intrateam battle to determine the WDC.

    BOT cut through the field well, and ALO vs VET was a good scrap (though a bit whiny for 6 WDCs between them), but the race fell flat as soon as ROS dropped because the finish was decided.

    I gave the race a 5, and while others will deviate from my opinion, I honestly don’t see how the bulk of people are rating this up there with the best races of the season. It wasn’t even close. I’m hoping that this was just a rush of HAM/UK fans and that the average will settle down.

    1. People just get too emotional about certain things such as the fight or Hamilton winning and they forget to look at the big picture. I gave it a 6 because of the fight, the rest of the race I was struggling to stay awake.

      1. I agree . I only gave it 6. Lewis passing both Mclarens , Jenson said in interview that he just let Lewis go past

    2. It’s the whole race that counts, not just the winner.

      1. @hohum – Agreed. For me, a mid-points battle (VET-ALO) was not enough to justify a top rating. Everyone else should vote as they see fit. I simply noted that I don’t understand giving it an 8, 9, 10.

        1. @hobo, I thought I was tough on scoring.

          1. @hohum – I see 8+ races as ones I would watch again. While I’m no old-timer with 4 decades of F1 under my belt, I just wasn’t impressed by this weekend’s offering. That’s all.

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