Hamilton’s home win ties him with Stewart

2014 British Grand Prix stats and facts

Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Silverstone, 2014Lewis Hamilton claimed the 27th win of his career in the British Grand Prix, which was also the second time he has won his home race.

His latest victory moves him level with Jackie Stewart’s tally of 27 world championship wins. Only six drivers – including Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso – have won more.

Stewart’s 27 F1 wins stood as the record for 14 years until it was beaten by Alain Prost in 1987.

Hamilton lined up sixth on the grid, the lowest position he has ever started a race he went on to win. His previous best was also at achieved at Silverstone, from fourth in 2008, which he repeated in Hungary the following year.

Nico Rosberg gave Mercedes their 25th pole position. It was also the eighth of his career, giving him as many as Jenson Button, John Surtees and Ricciardo Patrese.

However in the race he posted his first retirement of the season, bringing his run of eighth consecutive podium finishes to an end. He had also scored points in the last 17 races – a streak bettered only Kimi Raikkonen (the record holder with 27), Michael Schumacher, Alonso and Vettel have bettered.

Alonso is now the only driver to have completed all 561 racing laps so far this year. He also kept up his record of scoring in every race this year, as did Nico Hulkenberg.

Several drivers were caught out by the rain in Q1 including the Ferrari pair. Their starting positions of 16th and 18th were the team’s worst since Malaysia 2010, where in similar circumstances Alonso and team mate Felipe Massa lined up 19th and 21st respectively.

Jules Bianchi took advantage of the rain to claim his and Marussia’s best-ever starting position with 12th.

Susie Wolff, Williams, Silverstone, 2014Massa marked his 200th race start at Silverstone, though his race was spoiled by Raikkonen’s crash on the first lap. In case anyone’s wondering why this milestone was celebrated 51 races after Ferrari acknowledged his ‘150th start’ in South Korea three years ago, it’s because Ferrari miscounted on the previous occasion.

Button’s hopes of scoring a first podium finish in his home race were dashed once more on his 15th appearance at Silverstone. As in 2004 and 2010 he could only manage fourth, albeit less than a second behind Daniel Ricciardo.

Two drivers made their first ever appearances in F1 practice sessions on Friday – Daniel Juncadella for Force India and Susie Wolff for Williams. The latter became the first woman to participate in an official F1 session since qualifying for the 1992 Brazilian Grand Prix – 8,126 days ago – when Giovanna Amati failed to make the cut in her Brabham.

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2014 British Grand Prix

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54 comments on Hamilton’s home win ties him with Stewart

  1. DeVante said on 7th July 2014, 19:39

    Lot of statistics but none about pitstops of Lewis and Nico this year? Humn

  2. sato113 (@sato113) said on 7th July 2014, 21:30

    Is this really hamiltons lowest grid position for a race win?

    Also what is the lowest grid position lewis has had and made the podium?

  3. Tomsk (@tomsk) said on 7th July 2014, 21:59

    The top 3 cars travelled a total of 73 miles, or 20 laps, to get to Silverstone: a Mercedes (from 8 miles away), a Williams (40 miles) and a Red Bull (25 miles).
    I’m sure there’ve been more local results than this (2 Mercs and a Force India would be, for sure) but not by much…

  4. paulgilb (@paulgilb) said on 7th July 2014, 22:27

    Both of Hamilton’s Silverstone wins (of which this one was the closer) have come on 6 July (the same day that Roger Federer lost a 5-set thriller in the Wimbledon final). Both have come a year after he scored pole in Britain (2007 and 2013 are his only 2 poles).

    Pole-sitter and winner were the reverse of last year’s race (last year Hamilton was on pole but Rosberg won). The same happened at Silverstone in 2011-12 (Alonso and Webber), as well as Monaco 2000-01 (Coulthard and M Schumacher), and probably others as well.

    Hamilton’s 5th win of the season – equalling 2008 as his personal record.

    First time this year that anyone other than Rosberg, Hamilton, or Ricciardo has crossed the finish line in the top 2.

    And some from magnetimarelli.com:

    Biggest gap between 1st and 2nd on the grid since Australia 1997 – another race where the pole-sitter failed to finish and one team had both its cars outside 107%.

    9th consecutive Mercedes-powered pole – equals the start of 1998.

    4th race in a row that Hamilton has been outqualified by his team-mate – first time this has happened.

    First time since Bahrain 2013 that both Force Indias reached Q3.

    First time Alonso missed Q3 since Europe 2012 (a race he went on to win).

    First time Alonso missed Q2 since Malaysia 2010 (on that occasion as well, both Ferraris missed Q2).

    No Ferrari-powered car qualified in the top 10 – first time since Singapore 2009.

    Alonso’s longest win drought since he started winning.

    First Mercedes DNF at Silverstone.

    First Ferrari DNF at Silverstone since Barrichello in 2000.

    McLaren’s longest winless streak since their 1993-1997 one.

    • Nick (@npf1) said on 7th July 2014, 23:16

      Alonso’s longest win drought since he started winning.

      Actually.. There were 576 days between Hungary 2003 and Malaysia 2005 and 420 days Spain 2013 and 2014 British GP. There were 22 races in between his first and second, though, while we’re at 23 now. It’s been the most races since his last win, but not the longest time period.

      (All hails to the google and wikipedia overlords.)

    • F1Rollout (@f1rollout) said on 8th July 2014, 5:20

      First time this year that anyone other than Rosberg, Hamilton, or Ricciardo has crossed the finish line in the top 2.

      Did’nt Kevin Magnussen finished second in Australia?

    • Keith Campbell (@keithedin) said on 8th July 2014, 12:27


      Both of Hamilton’s Silverstone wins (of which this one was the closer) have come on 6 July (the same day that Roger Federer lost a 5-set thriller in the Wimbledon final).

      – well spotted! As someone supporting both Rosberg and Federer, Sunday was not a good day for me… but the epicness of the tennis match made up for it ;)

      First time since Bahrain 2013 that both Force Indias reached Q3.

      – this one surprises me a bit. The FIs have seemed quite competitive this year but i guess their race pace is a lot better than qualy. Maybe a lot owed to the efficiency of the Mercedes engine and a relatively low downforce + low drag car.

  5. hHas there been a race where Hulk got points AND was lapped as well?

  6. Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 8th July 2014, 12:54

    Had it not been for Hamilton’s reliability issues in Canada forcing a retirement, Vettel would have suffered his longest consecutive race streak without a podium since his first win.

  7. Fun (@functor) said on 9th July 2014, 19:36

    Here’s my interesting little observation of a pattern…
    Hamilton is yet to win a race with laps >= 70, and Nico only won <= 70 lap race when Hamilton retired [Australia]. Othewise, if this pattern is relavent to their driving styles, then Hamilton will have good times and will be way ahead of Nico in races to come [as most are = 70 laps. So Nico may win those. [Note: Unless one of them retires]
    Fortunately, Abu Dhabi is < 70 laps [i.e. 55], so double point win for Hamilton [as long as his car finishes].

    Some fun thoughts… LOL :D

  8. matt90 (@matt90) said on 10th July 2014, 11:40

    Hamilton has already tied his personal record for most wins in a season- 5, shared with 2008.

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