Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Silverstone, 2014

Raikkonen may miss test following heavy crash

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Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Silverstone, 2014In the round-up: Kimi Raikkonen may be unable to take part in this week’s Silverstone test following his violent accident at the start of yesterday’s race.


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Ferrari unsure if Kimi Raikkonen will be fit to test (Autosport)

Marco Mattiacci: “Kimi is OK. We checked several times and we will take a decision about the test, and what to do with the test, so we see after today. I want to be 100 per cent sure that he will be fine before [he does it]. But there is no major issue at the moment.”

Lewis Hamilton ‘gutted’ to be denied duel for British GP victory with Nico Rosberg (Sky)

Hamilton: “I was gutted not to have a wheel-to-wheel race. I don’t want anything bad for my team-mate. I want him to be at his best and me to be at my best so we can really see the difference.”

Ricciardo says Button needed one more lap (Racer)

Ricciardo: “I think one more lap would have been tough because Jenson was coming. I’m really happy with the podium. I knew we were a better car than eighth on the grid. I was a bit surprised during the first bit to not be as quick so I said let’s try something different to make it work. Today I was pretty jacked up, so it’s nice to be up here.”

Niki Lauda criticises red flag decision (BBC)

Lauda: “Formula 1 is over-regulated. They are never going to hit [the barrier] again. They take care of every little detail and a lot of people will switch the television off.”

Massa wants crackdown on Mercedes’ slow formation laps (ESPN)

Massa: “All of these cars go very slow on the formation lap. We stopped on the track and my clutch went up to a very high temperature so it didn’t work. I started to move the clutch, but the car went into anti-stall so I dropped to last [at the start].”


Comment of the day

Like so many of us yesterday, reader Piffles was enthralled by the titanic scrap between Alonso and Vettel for fifth, but was also disappointed by one aspect of the battle…

Very good battle, and top class driving from both drivers: absolutely no complaints. As Alain Prost said on Canal+, this kind of thing is exactly what we watch F1 for. It’s a shame we had these unnecessary, childish, backhanded, dishonest, hypocritical, disgraceful arguments over the radio. Alonso & Vettel need to get put back in their place with a pair of good slaps in the face. Grown men don’t go complaining to their mammas when things don’t go their way.

Of course, if the tracks were designed properly, going “off-track” would risk resulting in accidents like Raikkonen’s a little more often and drivers would therefore be inclined to respect the track limits a bit more.

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On this day in F1

Ronnie Peterson scored a superb win for Lotus in the French Grand Prix at Dijon 40 years ago today. Driving a Lotus 72, the original design of which had been introduced four years earlier, he resisted the everything the more powerful V12 Ferraris of Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni could throw at him around the short Dijon circuit.

Here’s some brief footage from the race: