Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2014

Rosberg is “not really German” – Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2014In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says the upcoming German Grand Prix is not a true home race for team mate Nico Rosberg.


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Hamilton: Rosberg is not German (The Guardian)

“He never stood by a German flag. He is German-Finnish-Monaco-esque, or whatever.”

FIA made right calls on Vettel/Alonso fight, says Horner (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“Charlie [Whiting] pointed out a couple of times track limits to Seb, and Alonso got a warning flag, which was for track limits. The problem is when you’ve got run-off like that, and it’s quicker, drivers are going to want to abuse it.”

Williams surprised by pace (Sky)

Rob Smedley: “My opinion of him is growing week by week. I think he’s a very, very good driver and he can become an exceptional driver. We’re lucky to have him.”

Massa wants crackdown on Merc’s formation laps (ESPN)

“The FIA say we can’t go so slow but they didn’t do anything or penalise anyone. I think if they penalise one car for that by giving them a five grid penalty for the next race, everything will change.”

Lauda critical of Raikkonen’s driving (Autosport)

“He went wide, so why does he come in balls out and then crash? Hopefully nothing happened [to hurt him], but it was unnecessary.”

France pursues Swiss firm over alleged theft of Schumacher’s medical records (The Telegraph)

“The email offers were signed off with the name Kagemusha – a Japanese term translated literally as ‘Shadow Warrior’ and the title of a 1980 film about a petty thief who stands in for a wounded samurai warlord. More recently the emails were signed off ‘Jeremy Martin’.”

Change underway at Ferrari, says Mattiacci (Reuters)

“Starting from here we need to prepare a different team for 2015. Do we need to do an announcement? No. Do we need to improve? Continuous improvement, yes. That is our position.”

Why Formula One Doesn’t Need To Change Its Social Media Strategy (Forbes)

“Very few if any other sports give as much access to the media and literally let them sit next to the superstar athletes as they relax and discuss the day’s events with their bosses in their locker rooms. F1 fans don’t have this luxury but social media does.”


Comment of the day

Adam takes issue with Niki Lauda’s view that the barrier Raikkonen hit didn’t need replacing but it was unlikely to be hit a second time.

As unlikely as it is for someone else to crash there, the chance cannot be taken. One hour of waiting (and Silverstone making tons of money off of extra beers being sold) is well worth helping to ensure the safety of both the drivers and the marshals. Just look at the BTCC at Thruxton this year, that could have been really ugly, especially the driver (I forget who it was) that used the damaged barrier to launch into the air.

An argument could be made for speeding up the marshals by having them practice replacing elements off the barriers, but who knows how hard it was to disassemble the damaged guardrail.

There is a reason F1 hasn’t had a fatality during a grand prix weekend since 1994, and that is because the FIA do a good job monitoring all of the minor details when it comes to safety. There isn’t much the FIA do right, but safety is certainly one of the few things they have right.

Except for the excessive asphalt run-off areas. If there was a gravel trap there, the accident wouldn’t have happened the way it did. And drivers would not complain about track limits as much either.
Adam Blocker (@Blockwall2)

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On this day in F1

F1’s only race around the streets of Dallas was held 30 years ago today. In brutal heat the track fell to pieces, and Keke Rosberg emerged on top of a three-way scrap with Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost to give Williams their only win of the season, and their first with Honda power.

Mansell’s gearbox failed him just metres from the finishing line. He tried to push his Lotus across the line, but collapsed in the heat. He was classified sixth, three laps down, scoring one point.


Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

205 comments on “Rosberg is “not really German” – Hamilton”

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  1. When answering questions from a pen journalist/reporter one never knows how one’s word are going to be rendered on paper. In the best of cases, it is very difficult to convey tones, inflections, emphasis, accents and nonverbal gestures in a written piece.

    On top of this, many readers are not rigorous while reading and misinterpret what is written or miss the point entirely.

    It is written in the article that in an interview previous to the race, Nico Rosberg felt that Silverstone was more Mercedes’ home race -being 8 kilometers away from the track- than Lewis’.

    Therefore the stimulus for depriving Nico of a claim to the German Grand Prix.

    Such a storm in a cup of tea!

  2. Ha Ha Ha! i love it, Lewis has to be the wind-up merchant of all time, im amazed the ease at which he gets his detractors all bent out of shape, what we are witnessing here is a true masterclass, and there are people who still believe he doesn’t know how to play mind games, Chapeau to you sir.

  3. Homo-sapiens from the planet Earth say the strangest things…

  4. Uzair Syed (@ultimateuzair)
    8th July 2014, 17:19

    Even though Lewis does have a point, and I am a Lewis fan, he should have worded his sentences better as that sounds a little rude!

  5. Michael Brown (@)
    8th July 2014, 20:40

    Tarmac run offs are safer than gravel and grass but they bring the issue of drivers abusing the limits.

  6. @keithcollantine

    You link a lot of articles with interviews of Hamilton, more often than not discussing his team mate,

    Is Nico hiding from the press, or does he genuinely not say as much about Hamilton as Hamilton says about Rosberg?

  7. “I was actually there when he said it and I think it was actually the person interviewing who said those questions and Lewis didn’t really answer much really,” Rosberg said.


    Maybe now you should all apologize for being so vile to the guy for comments he never made. You have all been manipulated by the media. As always.

    1. That quote from Rosberg barely makes any sense, and stops well short of denying the Hamilton quotes are accurate.

      If Mercedes genuinely believed he had been misquoted I’m sure they’d set the record straight – as they did the last time.

      1. Do you actually expect Mercedes to respond every time there’s a Daily Mail type of headline?

  8. It’s obvious these guys spend far to much time out of the car.

    I mean they have 3 FP’s and 3 short Q’s then a 90 minute Race on a race weekend , Testing excluded,

    To much time in front of media , not enough time in cars,

  9. I have always thought Nico Rosberg is so interesting and cool person just because he is half-Finnish. Finns are quite popular here in Germany.

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