Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Silverstone test, 2014

Red Bull no closer than in Australia – Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Silverstone test, 2014In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel admits Red Bull are no closer to Mercedes’ performance than they were at the beginning of the season.


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Seb: We haven’t closed the gap (Sky)

“Right now the gap is very big and we haven’t really closed the gap since race one.”

McLaren abandons ‘going radical’ (ESPN)

Eric Boullier: “There won’t be any radical change now. We’re going to push as hard and as long as possible the development of this car as long as we can carry the concepts over to next year’s car.”

FIA rejects Raikkonen penalty claims (Autosport)

“Although the FIA accepted that Raikkonen would not have crashed if he had slowed down dramatically, it is understood the governing body believed that any other driver would have rejoined the track in the same manner.”

Stat Centre: The British Grand Prix (Red Bull)

“Sebastian’s early stop got him out of traffic with the McLarens – but it meant a one-stop wasn’t possible for him.”

The First Time – with Marussia’s Max Chilton (F1)

“The first thing I did after getting signed by an F1 team was winning the GP2 race in Singapore! I won the feature race straight after being announced as Marussia reserve.”

Saison 2014 (Canal +)

Over half an hour of onboard footage from the British Grand Prix.


Comment of the day

Arki is pleased Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel were left to sort it out between themselves at Silverstone:

I am extremely glad that there was no intervention by Charlie Whiting or the stewards in the magnificent Vettel/Alonso tussle during the British Grand Prix.

I was very fearful that a penalty for being too defensive or the breaking of another the myriad of rules governing (limiting) driver engagements would be handed out and that would have been a travesty. That battle was entirely the sort of thing I watch F1 for and since I have rejoined the scene in the past couple of seasons the over nannying of such encounters has been disappointing to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely see the need for stewards (and some of the driver stewards are epic guys) but in my opinion there is too much intervention and criticism of overtakes and/or when two cars come together.
Arki (@Arki19)

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On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher notched up his tenth win from the first eleven races of the 2004 season in the British Grand Prix. He lined up fourth in the grid, but this was in the days of ‘race fuel qualifying’, and once his rivals had pitted he was in the lead within a dozen laps and on his way to victory.

Here’s the start of the race with Kimi Raikkonen taking the early advantage from pole position:

Image © Red Bull/Getty

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  1. “it is understood the governing body believed that any other driver would have rejoined the track in the same manner.”

    So, if everybody ignores red lights, ignoring red lights is legal and the right thing to do.

    1. @f1mre No, it’s if everybody fails a math test concerning congruency, it probably isn’t the students’ fault.

    2. No. What they’re saying is that all drivers would have done the same thing AND “his car was unsettled by a bump as it ran through a patch of grass.” This makes it either a “racing incident” or “an unavoidable accident” or … whatever … but they couldn’t blame Raikkonen. It quietly suggests or implies that the owners of Silverstone should maybe look at the (in hindsight) invisible “bump” (or at least mow the lawn so that it becomes visible!) Nothing wrong, just unfortunate, bad luck.

      1. @paul-a In which case I hope the owners of Silverstone point out there is a perfectly serviceable strip of tarmac connecting the run-off to the circuit, which Raikkonen for some reason chose not to use.

        I think it takes excuse-making for Raikkonen to extremes to call the bump he hit “invisible”. It may have been hard to see from inside an F1 car cockpit at speed but that’s what track walks are for.

        1. Not disagreeing with you in any substantial manner, I was only trying to “refine” what the stewards decided — and they are quoted as saying “the governing body believed that any other driver would have rejoined the track in the same manner” and this despite some drivers having possibly done a “track walk.” Although how many did, and exactly what they looked at, I have no clue.
          [As an aside, I find it quite easy to hit bumps in my lawn, walking behind my mower at 3 m.p.h. — and as you so rightly say that’s very different from lying in an F1 car at over a hundred…]

        2. I imagine a track walk of the old hockenhiem was a packed lunch affair then . :)

  2. I love these canal oboard vids!

    1. Awesome eh!
      i love the onboard stuff
      Alonso got taken quite by surprise(asleep) with Bottas pulling up,
      How come we can still watch this stuff?
      and Burnees men in black aren’t tearing it down like you tube footage ?

  3. I have to say, looking at that 2004 Silverstone video, I honestly think my Schumacher favoritism was keeping me attached to F1 at that point. I literally remember nothing but Button’s helmet, Minardi driving without sponsors to remember John Walton (and subsequently losing Wilux as sponsor, which subsequently collapsed) and Trulli’s crash about that weekend.

    It’s weird, but looking back, I really did prefer 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2006 to seasons like 2004 and especially 2002. At least 2004 had a shake up behind Ferrari, I guess..

  4. I wonder why doesn’t McLaren want to put the resources to next car.

  5. The ONBOARD video is great, but WHY at 24:46 is the video blurring/obscuring some logo(s) on Williams’s car?

    This seems rude.

    1. @jdanek007 The footage is from the French channel Canal+, and the French are pretty brutal when it comes to tobacco and alcohol advertisements.

      Here’s an example from the 2006 French GP, when Martini were a small sponsor on Ferrari’s nose:

      Example from another 2006 race:

      1. Thank you for clarifying this, @npf1!

  6. Red Bull no closer ????

    Well they most certainly are closer than in Australia.
    after that round they were equal on points to ZERO,
    now they are running 2nd in WCC
    62 points ahead of the Red Tractors.

    But I get it,
    no closer in performance,
    But is anyone?

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