Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Monaco, 2013

Hamilton as smart a racer as Rosberg – Button

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Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Monaco, 2013In the round-up: Jenson Button discounts the idea that Nico Rosberg is a smarter racing driver than Lewis Hamilton.


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Button: Hamilton could be ‘unbeatable’ in quest for F1 title (TalkSport)

“People say Lewis Hamilton is quicker but Nico Rosberg is more intelligent, I don’t know though. I know how quick Lewis is and if his head is in the right place he will be unbeatable.”

Bernie Ecclestone wary as David Cameron takes steps to allow London Formula 1 Grand Prix (Daily Star)

“The news is good, but I don’t know whether you’d have street racing because it’s not cheap to put on something that’s safe. Street racing is expensive.”

Coulthard on team orders (UBS via YouTube)


Comment of the day

Has the time come to ban FRIC suspension?

It’s like other things in the past, The original idea was looked at as been fine but as it gets developed it eventually gets to a point where its no longer sticking to the original interpretation and starts heading down a path where it isn’t fully legal.

The Renault mass damper system was similar, The original concept was fine but as it developed it became clear that it was becoming far more advanced and doing much more than the original concept put to the FIA said it would do and it eventually reached a point where what it was doing had reached a grey area.

The hot-blowing exhaust diffuser was similar. Originally it was looked at as been OK but as things developed the FIA became less happy with how it was been used & what effect it was having on the cars.

Banning these things mid-season however is something I’ve always disliked, Unless its something that’s a clear breach of the regulations or something that’s been protested by other teams which they prove contradicts something (That happens a fair bit, You usually don’t hear much about it though unless its something big).

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Happy birthday to former F1 driver and 2004 Monaco Grand Prix winner Jarno Trulli who is 40 today!

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