Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Hockenheimring, 2014

Hamilton may be forced to start race from pit lane

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Hockenheimring, 2014In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton may be forced to start today’s German Grand Prix from the pitlane if Mercedes opt to change his brake discs.


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Hamilton set for pitlane race start (Autosport)

Toto Wolff: “We have had a brake failure which means we are obliged to make sure that the car is running safe tomorrow. That means switching the brakes supplier. If this results in starting from the pitlane is not yet discussed, and we have not yet brought the decision on that. But we are discussing that with the FIA.”

Lewis Hamilton rules out beating Nico Rosberg in German GP (BBC)

Hamilton: “I’ve got to now do damage limitation again, which I seem to be doing quite often. I’d have to be smoking something to think I could really get to first. Nico’s on pole. He’s got no-one in front of him.”

Vettel disappointed by Renault and Red Bull upgrades (ESPN)

Vettel: “I don’t think as much as we were hoping for. We had an update on the car but it didn’t bring us as much as it was supposed to. It was generally better than this morning so I was fairly happy, on the last run we just didn’t seem to be able to go with the track. I didn’t get a smooth lap and didn’t improve.”

Kevin Magnussen Q&A: FRIC removal to McLaren’s advantage (Formula1.com)

Magnussen: “Personally I feel that the removal of FRIC is to our advantage – and yes, the updates that we’ve brought also play a significant role in our qualifying performance – but I have no idea where the other teams are.”

Albers remains tight-lipped on Caterham driver line-up (NBC)

Christian Albers: “I have seen a lot of rumors in the press as usual in Formula 1. At this moment, of coruse, we have seen Carlos and we have spoken to him also, but at this moment there is nothing done. The drivers are performing now, I was happy today, that’s the situation.”

F1 legend Niki Lauda warns sport needs to change or face extinction (Mirror)

Lauda: “We have a generation of drivers that, if they were not wearing their racing overalls, you would simply walk past some of them and not notice. We must again have the drivers, not the bureaucrats, in the foreground. If we continue like this, no one will be bothered about Formula One anymore. It’s five minutes to twelve.”


Comment of the day

With Hamilton set to start at the back for today’s German Grand Prix, AdrianMorse doesn’t think it will be easy for the Mercedes driver to make his way to the front…

I’d like to believe those who say he’ll be second in no-time, but I think it’s going to be a bit more difficult than that. If the Williams drivers have a normal race, they will be difficult to catch (they seem to be closer to their Austria form than their Silverstone form, which was still good of course). It should make for an interesting race, of course, but for the championship it looks like Rosberg will cruise to victory with his engine turned down, while Hamilton has to take risks and tax the engine to make it into the top 5.

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On this day in F1

The British Grand Prix 40 years ago produced an ideal result for the championship: Jody Scheckter won ahead of Emerson Fittipaldi with the Ferraris of Clay Regazzoni and Niki Lauda fourth and fifth. That meant the quartet left the circuit separated by three points at the top of the table with five races to go.

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