Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Hockenheimring, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 German Grand Prix

2014 German Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Hockenheimring, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the German Grand Prix.

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150 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 German Grand Prix”

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  1. Stellar effort by Bottas yet again – fantastic defensive performance!

    Overall, a race full of overtaking, and honestly I am starting to convert to liking DRS – it has been working this season very well.

    1. I didn’t liked that the DRS secured penty of “highway” passes throughout the race. However I liked when the drivers closed to each other with it and in the hairpin there were fighting closely in the following corners. And specially when they were more than 3 cars like in the first laps. That was awesome.

      1. There were a few passes that were a bit too easy, but with Vettel and Ricciardo’s battles with Alonso for example it worked really well I felt – just allowing the drivers to get close enough.

        1. It’s still not perfect though of course and I would rather they tried an alternative solution which doesn’t have to have the “highway” passes as an unwelcome bonus.

          1. A solution I would recommend is to use the DRS only 15 times. That seems a lot but think about how many times on the races drivers have the ability to use it. However, I don’t think DRS will take a big part of action in Hungary. Also looking forward to it, I expect good action in that restrictive track like in the second sector on Hockenheim.

          2. Perhaps the reverse of DRS is an idea? Perhaps deploying extra wings would allow more corner overtakes, or at the very least allow drivers to set themselves up for a good exit onto the straight for the overtake. Maybe that’s going a little too far, but I think that instead of having the option to deploy reduced downforce, the option to deploy more downforce would encourage more of the ‘pure’ overtakes that DRS doesn’t encourage.

          3. It’s actually not a bad idea at all @williamstuart, since it’s the corners where you need downforce that are causing the problems. And they are not the overtaking zones, either.

      2. What saved it maybe was seeing drivers go 3 abreast at so many opportunities IMO @cocaine-mackeine

        1. FOR: Some good scraps,………………………………………………………………………………
          AGAINST; To many pit-stops making following the race almost impossible, to many passes involving the same unequal battle between the same drivers on different strategies, to many battles won/lost because of new/old tyres. …………………………………………
          SUMMARY; Will be better viewing as a “highlights” program than it was live.

    2. Yeah great race from Bottas, his stock is really rising.

      It was a brilliant race, over-all 9/10 from me, there was only a couple of laps without any action. Great racing from Ricardo and Alonso and a fair amount of hospital overtakes really added to the spectacle.

      Got to hand it to the TV directors as well, I would say the German grand prix in the past has had a tendency to ignore the action and focus on the German drives driving around in circles, certainly not the case today.

    3. I don’t think that the defending was the impressive aspect of Bottas’ drive (seeing as Hamilton had lost his end plate and was probably losing a few tenths a lap), it was one of those anonymous drives that the very good drivers can race, there are no issues, everything is managed perfectly so the strategy is completed to a tee. Even Rosberg sounded flustered leading at the front. He is really starting to hit his stride, it really is very impressive.

  2. A 9 for me. It was a pretty good race with pretty good battles (Both through strategy and on-track) What the hell is the matter with Ferrari? Why would they pit Alonso so late, seeing as though he was losing 2 seconds a lap to the people around him. It was obvious that he needed to pit again. I was literally shouting to Andrea Stella (a.k.a TV) to pit him ASAP. They should’ve pitted Alonso 1 or 2 laps after Vettel and put on the Softs again. Ferrari have just become more and more mediocore every year. Back in 2012, it was strategy which allowed them to be so far into the title fight. And now? Unbeliveable.

    P.S. Did Alonso run out of fuel at the end? He was so slow at the straights that Ricciardo was less than a tenth behind and the run to the line is unbelievably short!

  3. 10 for me. Great race. Alot of good battles. Enjoyed it alot.

    1. Lots of good battles…except for P1. The FOM TV directors did a decent job for a change.

      1. I didn’t see the race, and so I haven’t voted. But I do sometimes wonder if we are rating the race or the TV Director’s performance.

      2. Yeah there was only the one jarring moment if I remember, when they cut away from what seemed to be a car pulling out to dive down the inside to another battle. But apart from that there was nothing noticeable, which is good.

    2. @me4me seriously 10 … so then what would you rate Brazil 2008 GP ???? Just curious ?

      1. @tmax, I haven’t seen that race in full lenght. I know some races have been more thrilling than todays, even the last couple of years, but it gave me what i want out of an F1 race. Exept maybe a battle for the win, but that didn’t bother me today. Alonso-Vettel-Raikkonen going into the same corner, who doesn’t get exited? :)

      2. The people in here don’t know anything about rating to be honest. They say “meh it was an average race” and then they give it a 7. Ridiculous. In my book though this race was an 8. Third best race this year, most other races this year have been 5s and 4s for me.

    3. I felt the same although i rated 9; but i am really surprised with fellow f1f ratings on average.. I loved all the overtakes.. I dont mind whether it be with DRS or not.. well at the end we have seen how difficult it is for HAM even with those DRS to overtake BOT.. i believe it is not making things that too artificial after all…

  4. 8/10

    Thourughly enjoyed that. It’s nice to be actually seeing proper battles again! DRS stopped this from being a 9, it was a bit too much here, but overall it was great, and there were plenty of overtakes outside of the DRS. Very nice!

    1. I gave it an 8 as well, dropped 2 points because 1 and 2 on the grid finished 1 and 2. Perhaps this race will give Bernie the idea for reverse grids. All that was missing today were the rain showers that threatened but didn’t actually occur. Maybe Bernis’s idea of track sprinklers isn’t so mad after all.

    2. And to think we’re saying that after all the talk of the DRS zones not being powerful enough when the two zones were announced.

  5. 8. A pretty good race. The first part before the pit stops was pretty good but towards the half of the race it came a little bit boring. To much DRS-ing nearly ruined the race. However the latter fights in the end were incredible. Kudos to Ricciardo and specially Bottas.

    1. Agreed. Definitely better than the British GP, but that race helped the championship and had a great crowd, today though there was less retirements more fighting but still no fighting at the front but all round 8 just too much DRS and the lack of fight at the sharp end. Should have been a safety car but I think that would hurt the Rosberg…

      1. The SC would have put Rosberg’s lead under treat, because Hamilton would have pitted and with fresh tyres and shorter gap, he could fight Bottas (who also could have pitted) easily and closed on Rosberg and that could have been a gripping end.
        PS: I considered the British GP better than this one tho.

        1. Argreed it was a good race though I have to say the when sutil went off and stopped in the middle of the track off the last bend I thought there should have been a safety car bearing in mind when one was deployed for a bit of damaged barrier at the British gp. Would have been very interesting with Hamilton then right on rosberg’s gearbox. Maybe it would have been too embarrassing for a German to lose to a Brit on home soil when the Brit started from 20th. We can’t spoil the german’s perfect week can we!!! Lol

        2. Yeah does anyone know the thinking from Charlie as to why there was no sc after Sutil’s stall? I wonder what the checklist is for the deployment of the safety car, as we’ve seen less serious incidents given safety cars. Besides this safety car would have potentially made the race a 10 if Hamilton could’ve changed a wing in his pitstop and then got out ahead of the rest of the field (potentially that is).

          1. Who knows that Whiting was thinking @williamstuart it was ludicrous – I’ve never seen anything like it. But if it rains we have an SC out for 10 laps, or a bit of debris on track, even when off-line we sometimes get a SC. It was madness.

            I just had the horrible image of a poor Marshal falling over, injuring him or herself, and attempting to hobble on.. only for a car to come swooping around the corner. There’s a reason the usual response to this circumstance is to call out the safety car. My word!

            What I’m even more surprised about is the lack of coverage of this by media and fan outlets. Sure, all’s well that ends well but it was a poor call that could have, and in the past has, resulted in serious injury or death to a marshal. Crazy stuff from Charlie there.

  6. Nice racing (Alonso-Ricciardo, Alonso-Vettel, Bottas-Hamilton, the three way tussles involving Raikkonen..), interesting strategies and an entertaining race. 8/10

    Not too happy about the marshals crossing the track to recover Sutil’s car, but that’s a different topic.

    1. It was a good race but I’m starting to think that Ferrari should find another driver for 2015 because Kimi is not good enough. Their car is not the class of the field but there’s a gulf between Kimi and Fernando and that’s not good for his reputation… Red Bull promoting Daniel instead of taking Kimi was actually an inspired decision (thanks, hindsight.)

      1. Perhaps Bottas will be the man of the moment at the end if the season with several teams potentially trying to fish him away from Williams. At the least Ferrari and McLaren will be trying to tempt him away, perhaps even Lotus would have a go too as a long shot, if they show enough pace towards the end of the season and in testing. However I think Williams will be able to keep him as they are the team most likely to be potential front runners next year, and saying that makes me so proud of the guys down in Grove for turning it around so spectacularly. I can’t see mclaren not being far off the pace either next year, their development rate at the moment is out of this world, and the car really seems to be improving even if the results dont quite show it.

        1. No, he will not be on Ferrari’s radar. Not sure why you said “at the least”

    2. The marshals running across the track while the cars were still racing seemed like footage from the 1960’s. It seems to me that the stewards didn’t want to influence the race by bringing out the safety car. Otherwise, I don’t understand why they did it that way.

      1. Except they were told there was a large gap there so they could run across quite safely. Unlike the bumbling morons at Canada in 2011.

        1. Yes, except a “large gap” at F1 speeds is not really that large. Also consider that crossing the track is one thing, but then having to maneuver the car off of the track while cars are coming around a blind high speed turn is another

  7. 9/10 – Racing was a bit DRSy but not too bad and really enjoyed the battles going on throughout the race

  8. PJ (@pjtierney)
    20th July 2014, 14:43

    A solid 7.

    Plenty of drama and battles in the first half of the race, and a few good ones towards the end too. Bit of a lull in the middle though, but you can’t have everything.

    1. Agreed, 7 from me for the same reasons.

    2. Took it that way too. Had some nice battles going on, 3 abreast makes it that little bit better. And a solid defence from Bottas (again) to keep 2nd in the end.

  9. A few nice scraps, nothing special though. A solid 4/10. Rain would’ve helped a lot.

    Gerhard Berger stepping in as commentator for Alex Wurz was the worst decision Austrian TV has ever made. Constant Renault-bashing and telling people how good the Austrian GP was compared to any other race while talking over EVERY SINGLE team radio.

    1. I think that you’re supposed to “Rate the race”, not ur TV broadcast and experience of it

    2. And you haven’t seen Mexican broadcast men. Same issues with Team Radios and break-ads on good moments. I missed action from Ricciardo, Alonso and Hamilton thanks to them as well as Kvyat’s fire.

      1. Yeah, sounds exactly like German TV. That’s why I bought a satellite thingie to watch the Austrian channel. It’s usually pretty good, Alex Wurz does a great job and he’s a funny guy. Also, it’s free and in HD with no advertising.

    3. I´m very disappointed with Gerhard, too. I thought it would be fun… it wasn´t.

      Still, the race itself was good, especially the Vet/Alo and Ric/Alo-battles, some other nice scraps, too, so I gave it 8/10.

    4. At least you dont have to suffer listening to Crofty saying “Lewis Hamilton” all afternoon long. The guy would mow Lewis’ lawn and wash the dog if he asked him to. Way too OTT for a commentator.
      I’ll need to confirm it but I beleive he went a whole lap without saying HAMs name. If I’m correct it was lap 23.

      1. @Glenn

        LOL! epic post mate….yeah, OTT…you think? I believe you’re being quite kind there, it’s becoming so intolerable watching it that I actually switched to the French language broadcasts just so I don’t have to hear histrionic screams about how he passed a Marussia for 16th…a TR for 14th, what collar he fits his dog with to make it look more gansta, how his rap career is shaping up etc etc etc…meanwhile Button, although not in as competitive a car, is treated like a has been, which he is not in any way, shape or form. In the same car, JB consistently outperformed HAM as a teammate.

    5. Fully agree on an annoying Gerhard Berger. I really like him as a person but he’s just too biased to serve as a co-commentator – and hasn’t been instructed to actually stop talking when there are team radio messages.
      Nothing’s ever gonna beat Heinz Prüller being joined by Niki Lauda from the hospital for the broadcast of the 2005 US GP though anyway – legendary!

    6. If only there was a kind of SAP option or something with no commentator at all.

  10. 5/10 for me.

    DRS was too powerful, I just don’t enjoy seeing that sort of pathetic highway passing. Every DRS pass like that just takes away a big chunk of the excitement for me.

    1. +1. Although, I gave the race an 8. Lots of great battles.

      DRS is just wrong. The idea that you can get your DRS enabled by lapping a back marker just opens up a set of possibilities, doesn’t it :-)

  11. The compound brought by Pirelli this time + the DRS “spiced up the show” , nevertheless i enjoyed the good battles between the drivers 4/10

  12. Not very good race 5/10. Three laps with a car stopped in the middle of the track and no safety car? Tire saving boring strategy and Hamilton overtaking family cars till the end when he had to face a Williams and he did nothing. Ferrariuseless again.

    1. Red Bull and Ferrari = family cars now? Sad times.

      1. SUVs at most.

      2. @DavidBR2 Sad times indeed !!!!!!

    2. @Paul2013 Family cars…. Good One …. LOL …

      Good time to for Toyota to get back to F1. They are family car makers too ;). They don’t need to build a new car or something. They can bring in Toyota Camry Hybrid. It has good Fuel efficiency, KERS, Not hard on tires (The same set of tires will run the entire season maybe a coupe of seasons too. Lots of cost savings) and yeah it is Rated highly by JD Power :)

      1. They will be on Q3 Every GP.

  13. Danksa (@danieljaksa)
    20th July 2014, 14:49

    Nice win Nico. Great chase Lewis. Alonso, you’re a master!

  14. 4/10.
    DRS ruined this race, Watching all those utterly horrid DRS highway passes saw me lose interest in the race. I ended up playing my playstation with the race just on in the background.

    Really not sure if i’ll continue watching F1 next year, DRS, Pirelli, Double points & Standing restarts ontop of all the other gimmicks have pretty much completely killed my 40 year love of the sport.

  15. Gave it a 9. Really nice race, never boring. My favourite race of the year so far, barely found the time to pick up something to eat in the fridge. And one could very well see Bottas clinch a third DOTW :)

  16. Great race. 9/10. Only thing missing was a battle for the win.

  17. Yay
    More crap trophies !

    Excellent race though

    I gave a 7

    Because the best battles where not for the lead

    Enjoyed the wheel to wheel with Red Bull and Red Tractors

    Lewis made a mistake losing his front end plate and a to early pitstop i think cost Lewis , maybe not enough to get past Valteri as the Martini Williams was mega down the chute

  18. drs was way too much, really sapped my enjoyment of the race.


  19. 8/10. Great race, lots of incidents, Massa was being an idiot again, Bottas was flawless, Ricciardo and Alonso was great to watch and Hamilton was unlucky as usual but good comeback to 3rd. We might have seen a battle for the win had Hamilton’s brakes not failed which would have pushed the score up to a 9 and rain would have given this race a 10. And please Sauber, ditch Sutil. He is a mediocre driver.

  20. I gave 7. A decent race, but lacked a bit of drama. There were great battles all the way down the field, except for first place. Alonso and Red Bull are getting well together recently – they’re finding each other on the track more often. It’s a bit of surprise, because Red Bull seems to be losing development race, which is quite strange for the best team in recent 4 years.

    And if there were thoughts yesterday that pack is catching Mercedes, today they showed that in race trim they’re still almighty. Hope, it changes sooner rather than later.

    1. I suspect RB are devoting more resources to next year’s car now that they see how far off the pace they are with the current Renault engine, which cannot be structurally developed at all. Software fixes and the best aero are not going to close an 80 hp gap. I think Newey signalled same by openly wanting to spend time on “other projects.”

      1. @slowhands Christian Horner was telling that they will develop this year’s car until the last race and Vettel told this weekend that upgrades to the car haven’t given the desired performance boost. So I think RBR are just losing development battle.

    2. Drama ?!? There was lots of drama with HAM ! His recovery has pretty reckless, lots of collisions and extreme racing. I think a penalty for HAM should have been considered.

      1. And i think you should watch other sport.

      2. If Ham had taken out Button, then maybe a penalty, but it was a racing incident, and the stewards were correct in not inflicting their justice upon such an incident. I’m sure Button will see the onboard view and agree that he did (inadvertently?) entice Ham to jam it in there. They handled it like a couple of champs, I thought.

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