Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Hockenheimring, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 German Grand Prix

2014 German Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Hockenheimring, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the German Grand Prix.

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2014 German Grand Prix

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150 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 German Grand Prix”

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  1. Another great one… at this rate, 2014 will be the highest rated season since these polls exist!
    I hope Keith puts together a mid-season stats update!

    1. @mtlracer No offense but do you seriously believe that 2014 had the best races among all the years so far ????

      I really wish @Keithcollantine puts in those statistics not by the Rate the Race numbers but by the website traffic, comments and activity etc !!!!!

      1. @tmax I don’t know what you mean.

        1. @keithcollantine I had posted a comment on a different page requesting you about some stats.

          I was referring to that.

      2. @tmax By that metric, the most hated races will be at the top since people like to complain a lot more than celebrate

        1. @pastaman sometimes i watch a boring race ( I dont call it hated ) and say there is nothing much about it and I dont log into F1 Fanatic to read the articles or write comments.

  2. Great race. Another one this season. But as Alonso is not winning some will say the season has been awful…
    Controled race by Nico. Amazing drive by Bottas, and great drive by Hamilton.
    Down side was the work on Sutil’s car. Very surprised that SC wasn’t deployed. Let’s see if this will continue on other races…

    1. I was happy there was no SC. But I have the feeling it was on purpose: ROS (german driver), driving a Mercedes (german car), 1st position on the German GP… how could they bring the SC on track when HAM was 4th with fresh tyres ?!?

    2. Come on! Alonso and his battles driving a red mini-van are giving us the only pieces of excitement.

  3. Good, strong 8. Didn’t really mind the DRS, most certainly it wasn’t as bad as last season or two seasons ago. As long as the overtake takes place in the braking zone, that’s fine by me. We can’t always complain about it, there were some great passes in other parts of the track (Alonso/Ricciardo battle was great). Until cars are much more equal to each-other we won’t see racing like yesterday’s GP2 race, so DRS is fine by me until then.

    1. How is ok that cars drive past the car infront before braking and with no defense cuz of drs beingntoo strong and the need to preserve tires. F1 has become for the most part a timentrial durinf the races with drs,pirelli and pitstops

      1. It’s ok because it was only one race. I don’t think it was too strong in the other races, maybe the second DRS zone was too strong today. But, if you ask me, most passes were done because of good traction and not really because of DRS. The perfect example was Alonso and Ricciardo: Alonso should have easily breezed passed in the DRS zone and didn’t. And if I have to choose between no passing and DRS passing being a bit too easy sometimes, I’ll choose the second one every time.

  4. liked it. we saw a lot of overtakes which was cool. great drive from bottas, for me DotW, though i supect most people will give hamilton their vote. i won’t.

    it’s a shame about magnussen getting taken out by massa, would’ve been interesting to see how he would have done. massa is an idiot, who should just retire already.

  5. 8/10
    Very good battles, especially at the beginning and after the first stop. Shame that there weren’t a lot of people to see it!
    The layout of the new Hockenheim isn’t that great, but it offers a lot of good possibilities for wheel to wheel action.

  6. Can’t give it more than 7 and that’s mostly for the first-half for some good midfield battles. Hamilton not being up there meant there never really was going to be a battle for the lead. Meanwhile the Brit would have been disappointed with himself for not taking 2nd off Bottas. I think it is safe to say that it doesn’t matter where the Mercs start. As long as there is a long straight on the track, a P2 is the least that the Merc can extract. I will go ahead and assert that this car is in relative terms faster than Michael’s F2004. So to finish P3 is not a case of 15 points gained, but 3 points lost for Hamilton.

  7. Seriously enjoyed the Alonso battles today. The guy has been involved in some of the best battles since I’ve been watching the sport. The better drivers must look forward to squaring off against him. Vettel, Webber and now Ricciardo have had me out of my chair as they take on Alonso. Great to see the absolute professionalism and respect they give each other.

    1. +1. The sport NEEDS Alonso in a car that can fight at the front. Can you imagine next year if Renault, Ferrari, and Honda can at least get into the same time zone as the Merc engine? Rosberg, Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel, Bottas, Ricciardo, and Magnussen street-fighting every weekend? Crying shame if Alonso doesn’t get another shot at the title due to poor equipment.

      1. @slowhands Trust me if Alonso gets a good car then all the little bit of excitement that we are getting would be gone. He will keep winning races by a mile and then it would be Formula Snore !!!!

        Now that Alonso has a really crappy car, the poor guy is single handed trying to do whatever he can to make F1 exciting.

        1. @tmax

          I doubt it. If that were true Alonso would have done so in 2006 and 2007 as well.

  8. Everything you can expect from motorsport racing action but a battle for the win – what casual viewers want. 9/10

  9. No real race for the win, but plenty of action elsewhere. Good enough to keep me entertained on a Sunday afternoon, and that’s all I ask for. 7/10

  10. An 8 from me.

    Fantastic to watch Hamilton battle through the field. Great wheel to wheel action from so many – Alonso, Vettel, Hulkenberg, Raikkonen, Kvyat, Hamilton and several others. The last few laps were great, watching Bottas keep Hamilton at bay.

    True, there was no battle for the lead but there was enough great action behind Rosberg along with several spectacular incidents that I didn’t really mind!

  11. Considering the DRS-talk about today’s race: I think we got a widely inconclusive picture about DRS all season long since the major variable and force here are the differing top speeds of the cars. Things would most probably leave a totally different impression if each of the cars did the same top speeds. But right now it’s a matter of which two cars are facing each other in the DRS zone for us to judge it “just right” or “too DRSy”.

    1. exactly right

  12. drivers giving way to others may have given a false impression that DRS was over-powerful

  13. Boring race, 2/10

    1. @noob

      Maybe Ultimate Fighting Championship is more to your liking.

  14. Great race, tv even showed proper battles and didn’t cut off at the heat of the action, overall very enjoyable! Another DOTW for Bottas I guess, stellar, stellar job! Also kudos to Ricciardo, Alonso, Vettel.

  15. An OK race. I gave it a 7 as there were good battles throughout but there was nothing memorable about it. I give the producer a 10 for us the battles in mid-field rather than focusing on the home boy driving around by himself.

  16. I see a lot of 8, 9 and 10 ratings. I did watch the race from Green lights to Chequered flag. I did not see any excitement anywhere. The TV commentators are working hard as much as they can to make it a little interesting. But that is it. Yeah Alonso Ricciardo duel was nice. Kimi-Vettel-Alonso sandwich moment was 2 seconds of fun. But otherwise it was a dull race. Maybe people are seeing more than what I am , but I have honestly watched better races in 20+ years to call this an exciting race. I gave it a 5/10.

    @keithcollantine you will have the best statistics here on this . I am getting a feeling that the post race activity on F1 Fanatic Website this year is very less compared to the previous years. I felt that the numbers of comments after the race has gone down considerably. If this is true then I am very convinced to the fact that these races are starting to become a boring affair and people have nothing much to say. Any thoughts here Keith ? Correlation between Exciting races and website traffic !!!

    If you can please post an article/statistics on that, I am sure it would be an exciting stuff !!!!

    1. I’m somewhat new here, but I see a fair amount of personal, ad hominem attacks on commenters rather than discussion of the comment per se. I’m sure that turns people off. Anyone else think this is an issue?

    2. What is your life… You didn’t see excitement anywhere during that race, but you do want to see an article on the statistics of footfall and comments on a website?! Either you have a reeeal fetish for stats, or we were watching different races mate.

      1. @slowhands Now I totally understand what you meant ;)

        @redwan I am happy for you that you were excited and thrilled by the race. Good for you.

    3. Don’t feed the Droll.

    4. @tmax I don’t keep tabs on whether the number of comments for regular articles is going up or down. With comments the objective isn’t quantity, it’s quality. However other indicative metrics I do track – page impressions, poll responses etc… – are tending upwards.

  17. 6/10 It is difficult for me to get overly excited about a GP where Alonso and Ricciardo are fighting tooth and nail (aka racing) for fifth position while Bottas is being told not to race Lewis too hard for second in order to conserve his tyres. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand Valterri’s engineer, however tyre management, fuel management and fake DRS passing is not that thrilling to me. It also does not help that the cars resemble something my cat coughed up and they sound like my riding mower. Give us real racing please and not the gimmicky sideshow which now passes for F1.

    1. @Jackal It is not “Formula 1 Racing” anymore…. It is “Formula 1 Saving” . Save Tires, Save Fuel, Save Engine, Save Brakes, Save Gearbox !!!!! But who will Save Formula 1 ????

      It is absolute bliss to hear Rocky telling Vettel “Don’t try to overtake Alonso, we need to save Fuel…” and Vettel asking “what am i supposed to do here !!!! “

  18. The german gp was a small improvement maybe 4/10 at a push, the people giving it a 7/10 an up must not have seen the real F1 racing of old when racing driver’s were on the limit all through the race not just a few laps then coast! I’ll hold on a few months more in hope that F1 will improve then if not sky sports is cancelled!!!! I think mr ecclestone has gone too far in controlling the racing an ruined it in the process :( sad but true!!!!

  19. Without Lewis the race was 3/10
    With Lewis the race was 8/10
    IF there was a safety car to close things up 9/10
    IF there was a safety car and rain with 10 laps to go 10/10

    1. LOL ! HAM has his part of fun in this race, but his racing was too much this time ! Too many collisions, extreme racing and passes ! ALO and VET blamed each other for pushing them off track, but HAM took this to another level. The guy looked like not really in control and the question was who’s race he’s going to destroy !

  20. 8. Excellent race but zero fight for the lead.

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