Rate the race: 2014 German Grand Prix

2014 German Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Hockenheimring, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the German Grand Prix.

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2014 German Grand Prix

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150 comments on Rate the race: 2014 German Grand Prix

  1. Mike Dee (@mike-dee) said on 20th July 2014, 14:52

    Great race. 9/10. Only thing missing was a battle for the win.

  2. greg-c (@greg-c) said on 20th July 2014, 14:55

    More crap trophies !

    Excellent race though

    I gave a 7

    Because the best battles where not for the lead

    Enjoyed the wheel to wheel with Red Bull and Red Tractors

    Lewis made a mistake losing his front end plate and a to early pitstop i think cost Lewis , maybe not enough to get past Valteri as the Martini Williams was mega down the chute

  3. RogerPGR said on 20th July 2014, 14:56

    drs was way too much, really sapped my enjoyment of the race.


  4. Uzair Syed (@ultimateuzair) said on 20th July 2014, 14:57

    8/10. Great race, lots of incidents, Massa was being an idiot again, Bottas was flawless, Ricciardo and Alonso was great to watch and Hamilton was unlucky as usual but good comeback to 3rd. We might have seen a battle for the win had Hamilton’s brakes not failed which would have pushed the score up to a 9 and rain would have given this race a 10. And please Sauber, ditch Sutil. He is a mediocre driver.

  5. Osvaldas31 (@osvaldas31) said on 20th July 2014, 14:58

    I gave 7. A decent race, but lacked a bit of drama. There were great battles all the way down the field, except for first place. Alonso and Red Bull are getting well together recently – they’re finding each other on the track more often. It’s a bit of surprise, because Red Bull seems to be losing development race, which is quite strange for the best team in recent 4 years.

    And if there were thoughts yesterday that pack is catching Mercedes, today they showed that in race trim they’re still almighty. Hope, it changes sooner rather than later.

    • Slowhands (@slowhands) said on 20th July 2014, 16:24

      I suspect RB are devoting more resources to next year’s car now that they see how far off the pace they are with the current Renault engine, which cannot be structurally developed at all. Software fixes and the best aero are not going to close an 80 hp gap. I think Newey signalled same by openly wanting to spend time on “other projects.”

      • Osvaldas31 (@osvaldas31) said on 20th July 2014, 17:02

        @slowhands Christian Horner was telling that they will develop this year’s car until the last race and Vettel told this weekend that upgrades to the car haven’t given the desired performance boost. So I think RBR are just losing development battle.

    • Corrado (@corrado-dub) said on 20th July 2014, 18:24

      Drama ?!? There was lots of drama with HAM ! His recovery has pretty reckless, lots of collisions and extreme racing. I think a penalty for HAM should have been considered.

      • Ed Marques (@edmarques) said on 21st July 2014, 0:43

        And i think you should watch other sport.

      • ferrox glideh (@ferrox-glideh) said on 21st July 2014, 3:20

        If Ham had taken out Button, then maybe a penalty, but it was a racing incident, and the stewards were correct in not inflicting their justice upon such an incident. I’m sure Button will see the onboard view and agree that he did (inadvertently?) entice Ham to jam it in there. They handled it like a couple of champs, I thought.

  6. MtlRacer (@mtlracer) said on 20th July 2014, 14:59

    Another great one… at this rate, 2014 will be the highest rated season since these polls exist!
    I hope Keith puts together a mid-season stats update!

  7. Ed Marques (@edmarques) said on 20th July 2014, 15:01

    Great race. Another one this season. But as Alonso is not winning some will say the season has been awful…
    Controled race by Nico. Amazing drive by Bottas, and great drive by Hamilton.
    Down side was the work on Sutil’s car. Very surprised that SC wasn’t deployed. Let’s see if this will continue on other races…

    • Corrado (@corrado-dub) said on 20th July 2014, 18:27

      I was happy there was no SC. But I have the feeling it was on purpose: ROS (german driver), driving a Mercedes (german car), 1st position on the German GP… how could they bring the SC on track when HAM was 4th with fresh tyres ?!?

    • Paul2013 said on 21st July 2014, 20:45

      Come on! Alonso and his battles driving a red mini-van are giving us the only pieces of excitement.

  8. Robert (@gicu) said on 20th July 2014, 15:02

    Good, strong 8. Didn’t really mind the DRS, most certainly it wasn’t as bad as last season or two seasons ago. As long as the overtake takes place in the braking zone, that’s fine by me. We can’t always complain about it, there were some great passes in other parts of the track (Alonso/Ricciardo battle was great). Until cars are much more equal to each-other we won’t see racing like yesterday’s GP2 race, so DRS is fine by me until then.

    • S2G-Unit (@s2g-unit) said on 20th July 2014, 18:52

      How is ok that cars drive past the car infront before braking and with no defense cuz of drs beingntoo strong and the need to preserve tires. F1 has become for the most part a timentrial durinf the races with drs,pirelli and pitstops

      • Robert (@gicu) said on 20th July 2014, 20:46

        It’s ok because it was only one race. I don’t think it was too strong in the other races, maybe the second DRS zone was too strong today. But, if you ask me, most passes were done because of good traction and not really because of DRS. The perfect example was Alonso and Ricciardo: Alonso should have easily breezed passed in the DRS zone and didn’t. And if I have to choose between no passing and DRS passing being a bit too easy sometimes, I’ll choose the second one every time.

  9. Rigi (@rigi) said on 20th July 2014, 15:05

    liked it. we saw a lot of overtakes which was cool. great drive from bottas, for me DotW, though i supect most people will give hamilton their vote. i won’t.

    it’s a shame about magnussen getting taken out by massa, would’ve been interesting to see how he would have done. massa is an idiot, who should just retire already.

  10. Yoshisune (@yobo01) said on 20th July 2014, 15:07

    Very good battles, especially at the beginning and after the first stop. Shame that there weren’t a lot of people to see it!
    The layout of the new Hockenheim isn’t that great, but it offers a lot of good possibilities for wheel to wheel action.

  11. Sankalp Sharma (@sankalp88) said on 20th July 2014, 15:09

    Can’t give it more than 7 and that’s mostly for the first-half for some good midfield battles. Hamilton not being up there meant there never really was going to be a battle for the lead. Meanwhile the Brit would have been disappointed with himself for not taking 2nd off Bottas. I think it is safe to say that it doesn’t matter where the Mercs start. As long as there is a long straight on the track, a P2 is the least that the Merc can extract. I will go ahead and assert that this car is in relative terms faster than Michael’s F2004. So to finish P3 is not a case of 15 points gained, but 3 points lost for Hamilton.

  12. Glenn (@glennb) said on 20th July 2014, 15:11

    Seriously enjoyed the Alonso battles today. The guy has been involved in some of the best battles since I’ve been watching the sport. The better drivers must look forward to squaring off against him. Vettel, Webber and now Ricciardo have had me out of my chair as they take on Alonso. Great to see the absolute professionalism and respect they give each other.

    • Slowhands (@slowhands) said on 20th July 2014, 16:30

      +1. The sport NEEDS Alonso in a car that can fight at the front. Can you imagine next year if Renault, Ferrari, and Honda can at least get into the same time zone as the Merc engine? Rosberg, Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel, Bottas, Ricciardo, and Magnussen street-fighting every weekend? Crying shame if Alonso doesn’t get another shot at the title due to poor equipment.

      • tmax (@tmax) said on 20th July 2014, 17:23

        @slowhands Trust me if Alonso gets a good car then all the little bit of excitement that we are getting would be gone. He will keep winning races by a mile and then it would be Formula Snore !!!!

        Now that Alonso has a really crappy car, the poor guy is single handed trying to do whatever he can to make F1 exciting.

  13. Everything you can expect from motorsport racing action but a battle for the win – what casual viewers want. 9/10

  14. JackySteeg (@jackysteeg) said on 20th July 2014, 15:32

    No real race for the win, but plenty of action elsewhere. Good enough to keep me entertained on a Sunday afternoon, and that’s all I ask for. 7/10

  15. Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 20th July 2014, 15:32

    An 8 from me.

    Fantastic to watch Hamilton battle through the field. Great wheel to wheel action from so many – Alonso, Vettel, Hulkenberg, Raikkonen, Kvyat, Hamilton and several others. The last few laps were great, watching Bottas keep Hamilton at bay.

    True, there was no battle for the lead but there was enough great action behind Rosberg along with several spectacular incidents that I didn’t really mind!

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