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Qualifying problems now ‘beyond bad luck’ – Hamilton

2014 Hungarian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Will Wood

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Hungaroring, 2014A frustrated Lewis Hamilton says he feels his misfortune with mechanical failures is now getting to a point where ‘it is beyond bad luck’.

Hamilton had not even completed his first timed lap of qualifying today when his Mercedes engine was engulfed in a fire that forced him to stop at the entry of pit lane.

The suspected fuel leak doomed him to start on the back row of the grid for the second consecutive race as team mate and rival Nico Rosberg took another pole position.

“I think it is getting to the point where it is beyond bad luck,” said Hamilton, who will start no higher than 21st tomorrow.

“I bailed out of that timed lap that I was doing and was going to do another timed lap and then something happened to my brakes. Something in the system failed. I had to engage some systems and then the engine just died.

“I was right next to the pit lane entry so I thought I could roll back but then I looked in the mirror and realised I was on fire. I was still trying to get to the garage. I thought we could still do something, then they said ‘stop, stop, stop’. It’s all pretty bad.”

Hungary marks the latest in a run of problems for Hamilton in qualifying, including two consecutive mechanical failures. Despite coming through the field to third after starting from the back last weekend in Germany, Hamilton is less optimistic about his chances tomorrow.

“I honestly don’t know what I can do tomorrow,” Hamilton admitted.

“This is a track that you cannot overtake on so I think I will struggle to get in the top ten tomorrow or at least the top five. I will probably leave here more than 20 points behind Nico, but there are still races to go. I don’t know what to say, I will try my best.”

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  1. Hamilton is ridiculous! No further comments.

    1. He’s implied only that there must be an explanation beyond just bad luck. How is that ridiculous?

      1. He’s just implied that? So I dreamt his previous complains, telemetry issues and all that? He should be out of the team next year.

        1. Ah I see, you hate Hamilton. It all makes sense now.

    2. Because he referenced that he’s had a lot of unfortunate incidents? Should he pretend the other times didn’t happen? Would that somehow make him less ‘ridiculous’?

      1. Because he complains about his team every single race? Somebody should sit down with him and ask him if he wants to leave next year being clear about he is FREE to go if he wants to.

        1. Please point to where he complained about his team.

  2. It could be worse Lewis, you could be Pastor Maldonado.

  3. Could someone please tell Hamilton he doesn’t belong in adult motorsport if, after realising he was on fire, he still thought about getting the car back to the garage? Endangering the whole pitlane just because he could maybe gain something?

    1. He tried to stop the car by a marshals’ post, but for some reason wasn’t able to.

    2. I guess you don’t either. As the other adults read what happened and the brakes wouldn’t work so the car couldn’t stop.

  4. As I said in the other topic, Why would Mercedes bother to work hard to convince Lewis to move to there team, Paying him a significant amount of money in the process, Go through 2013 working hard to make the car better suited to Lewis only to then mess with the car to ensure Nico gets an advantage?

    And on the ‘German team wants a German champion’ comments. The team are based in the UK, The cars & engines are designed & built in the UK & Most of the mechanics & engineer’s are British. Its a British team in all but name.

    In response to someone suggesting incompetence from his mechanics…..
    If it was the same issue every time then perhaps that would be the case, However its been totally different things that have failed caused by totally different things each time.

    Melbourne was simply bad luck, A rubber seal around the spark plug split.
    Montreal was more down to Lewis not managing the ERS problem as well as Nico so you could actually argue that Lewis contributed to his retirement.
    The German brake failure was in part due to Lewis going with Brembo, Nico had suffered a similar Brembo brake failure in the Silverstone test which was a part of why he went for the carbon industry brakes.

    Today who knows what the root cause of the failure was.

    1. The idea that his driving style or management of the problem contributed to the brake failure is purely a spectator generated one. No one who actually has information on the subject has ever suggested that cause. Such speculation doesn’t really have a place in a proper discussion.

      In addition, how was Hamilton supposed to predict that Rosberg’s brake failure incident was going to repeat itself? Tose kinds of things are usually one off, unpredictable events.

  5. It is beyond bad luck. Not in the sense that there is some massive conspiracy against Hamilton, anyone who suggests anything like that needs to come back to reality.

    No, it is beyond bad luck in that Mercedes have built the quickest car on the grid, but they have not built the most reliable one. This has affected both drivers at different stages of the season, and as we saw in Canada, it is possible for both cars to develop serious faults at the same time when they are being pushed to the limit. If Hamilton’s run of failures has shown us anything, it’s that there is no guarantee that either Mercedes car will get to the finish line tomorrow. Hamilton may be suffering now but I am sure Rosberg will be hit by more costly reliability problems in the future.

    The Championship is far from over, and a silver lining for Hamilton must be that his unreliability in the last two weekends have come on a Saturday. He can and will score points tomorrow, whereas should the car have failed on a Sunday he would leave with nothing.

    1. This is actually the most sane comment that’s been made regarding reliability for the silver arrows.

      Unfortunately they seem to hit Lewis hardest.

      If like to think that Lewis is stating that someone is basically making a mistake. Regardless of intention.

      Lewis probably has to look at the situation as having a silver lining the way you stated it. Unfortunately for him, even if he were to fight for and get to 2nd. He’s putting his PU through a lot more stress then Nico is and now two weeks in a row that is the case. Regardless of the fact that he’s going to have now his 4th PU have to be put in, he’s more then likely going to have grid drops for new PU’s very shortly.

      I hope it’s at least a close fight to the end. Unfortunately I predict Hamilton will crash out of tomorrow’s race trying to get to the front.

    2. Do you really believe they both suffered the same problem at the exact same time? I don’t for one minute, something very fishy is going on in that team!

  6. Tough luck is a part of racing. Vettel’s results have been affected by bad luck also … at least Lewis has the best car on the grid. He simply has to put his head down and get the most out of the situation that he can (as he did in Britain). This conspiracy nonsense is utterly ridiculous.

  7. It sounds as if Lewis will need both a new gearbox & transmission.
    are the penalties for this cumulative (5 +10)?
    do they carry over to the next race?

    1. Good point. Yes I think they will carry over. Harsh.

      1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        26th July 2014, 23:34

        What? Do they really carry over?

      2. @john-h I thought that only happened if the failure was during the race? I thought anything that happened before the race resulted in a grid penalty, meaning Hamilton theoretically starts 22nd +15, which of course is just 22nd.

        1. I thought I’d read somewhere that it was now going to carry over to the next race; the idea being that it’s not quite fair if you qualify 20 and need a new engine dropping to 22 isn’t really a big penalty…

          1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            27th July 2014, 5:32

            I guess we’ll know tomorrow from the commentators – I sure hope they don’t carry over from qualifying, that’d be a disaster for Lewis.

  8. Ron this is the perfect opportunity.. Just like Niki approached Lewis when he got out of the car after the SGP GP 2012 car failure, Ron should approach Lewis now. He is fragile now. He has not signed the new contract with Mercedes !!!! Go for it Ron….. Go Go Go…. bring your boy back home !!!!!!!

    Same with Fernando. It is the 33rd time he has qualified 5th…..

    Lets see some fun… Get Fernando back… we want to see the mature Fernado & Lewis race in a Mclaren Honda under Ron Dennis bringing back the memories of the 1988 McLaren Honda !!!!!!

    1. I would not mind Alonso or Hamilton at the wheel of Mclaren Honda. honestly, would really like to see Button do well with Mclaren Honda.

    2. You’re kidding, right ? Maybe HAM wouldn’t mind going back to McLaren alongside ALO, but I don’t think ALO would do that at all. We’ve had that Senna-Prost “taste” already in 2007, ALO did not like the outcome, plus he’s too eager to have at least another WDC in his bag, so a less competitive driver is obviously better news for ALO. Last thing, McLaren has been worse than Ferrari starting with 2013 (even now in 2014 when they have the best engine by far), so going back to McLaren looks like a big gamble.

  9. Some F1 fans though, talk about kicking a man when he’s down.

    Fortunately the season is still very long.

  10. This HAM is cooked and ready to eat
    (by rosberg) ;)

  11. Can’t blame Hamilton or his fans for thinking that way. A fuel leak should be detectable.

    Hamilton is undoubtedly feeling like Prost right now, with Rosberg being treated like Senna. Same car? No way. The engineers have their favorites too. To think otherwise is naive.

    1. This is about as far as I’d go on the subject of conspiracy. Whether anyone is “taking action” is another matter entirely.

  12. Oh, so HAM now officially points the finger at the team for not giving him the best equipment… no ?!?

    1. No. Where did you think you read that?

  13. I may be one of a few, but when I see the quote “beyond bad luck”, I take it as just hyperbole. It’s a common phrase, like the amount of negativity Hamilton is receiving is beyond or beyond belief.

    I honestly don’t think it’s some subliminal message or having a dig at the team. He wants them to do better. There’d be something wrong if he didn’t want that.

  14. will wood why did you miss out what lewis said straight after he said”its beyond bad luck”which was “we just need to do better”just goes to show how certain ppl like to try a twist and stir things.

  15. Rosberg is on course to be the luckiest WDC in history. Sure he’s quick but it’s a hollow victory when your team mate is starting from the polar opposite end of the grid.

    1. agree,but ppl are already trying to blame lewis for this.it happens alot,they try to twist things and put blame on lewis.they keep talking about others badluck,but they are not fighting for a wdc so its completely different.plus nicos only threat is lewis if his car doesnt let him down.lewis reliabilty in 2012 was poor because the team were more focussed on jenson.


    Sorry folks, thought I was Crofty for a moment. My bad :p

    1. I do want to say one thing though. I fully agree with Martin Brundle’s comment during (I think) Q1. I seriously doubt Mercedes are trying to sabotage Hamilton. I mean, what team wants to see one of their million dollar race cars go up in flames or hitting a tyre barrier at speed?

      1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        26th July 2014, 23:38

        I doubt Mercedes as a whole are doing it. These things are unheard of in F1:
        – Would anyone steal schematics from another team and photocopy them?
        – Would anyone stage a crash to benefit another driver?
        – Would anyone place weights on the car at the end of a race?
        – Would anyone fake a problem in their car to switch another driver to the other side of the grid?

        These things are just OUTRAGEOUS – no way they could EVER happen in a clean sport like F1?

        1. Those are all things to benefit the ‘team’, mostly gaining an advantage over the competition, and any hindrance to one car was acknowledged (Massa’s ‘penalty’) and/or known to the hindered driver. Trying to secretly sabotage one of your own cars, belonging to a very expensive and high profile driver, is madder than anything you listed.

          1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            27th July 2014, 5:43

            @matt90 You cannot make any assumption about a party’s intention in Formula1. I do agree with you that it sounds ludicrous that Mercedes would ever do this deliberately because they have too much to lose and Mercedes would prosecute the parties till kingdom come if it’s publicized.

            But McLaren were 100% behind Lewis after Ron Dennis left and looked how that turned out with Lewis wondering what on earth was going on at House McLaren. One massive failure after another. I honestly don’t know if sabotage would have been better as it would have been limited hopefully to a single race or a season.

          2. You cannot make any assumption about a party’s intention in Formula1

            Sorry, but when the assumption is that a team wouldn’t risk sabotaging one driver in a hugely public arena, you really can.

        2. Didn’t Ferrari switch Prosts car with Mansells years back?

          1. Or was tha allegations, never proven?

  17. It takes à single mechanic a quarter turn of a wrench to loosen a fuel line or a touch of WD40 on a disc to doom it. Not the whole MB.

  18. I know this is a terrible thing to say, I think Lewis is one of the best drivers on the grid, but if I hear he has to start from pit lane I get really excited, because I know a terrific race is to follow.
    Just watching Lewis get through the field is worth the price of admission…

  19. Donald Mills
    27th July 2014, 18:45

    and then during the race when it was looking like Hamilton was going to finish too high, to have a directive come through from a German director in Germany to let Rosberg go past when he was still 2 seconds behind, and on worn tyres, and then to say there is not a decision/conspiracy to make sure Rosberg wins the title? Common on..!

  20. Hahaha, what’s beyond bad luck? The Twilight Zone? :D

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