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Rate the race: 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

2014 Hungarian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Hungaroring, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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230 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix”

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  1. That was a great race for sure. Ok I wanted Alonso to win it but there is no denying this was a 10/10!

  2. Rosberg lost the race due to sheer bad luck. That safety car destroyed his race. Where are all the people crying for Hamilton’s bad luck now? (after he had such good luck today)

    1. Well he deserves some good luck, doesn’t he?

    2. Rosberg threw away the race himself by not getting past Vergne (unlike Hamilton) didn’t pass Lewis and called for team orders (what a crybaby) and pitted too late when he was behind Hamilton.

      1. +10,000

    3. I can’t understand why rosberg was unlucky this race. Sure after the first safety car, ROS was fourth. But ALO was also eight after the first safety car. And I remember ALO making vital overtakes on VET, ROS and JEV to come third. Whereas ROS with a more powerful car was stuck behind JEV. To me ALO was the best driver on the grid today. RIC got the advantage of first safety car inspite of his poor start.

      1. NR and LH should win every race with the package that they have, why don’t they do it? Oohh well they almost do it every time so another one slips by how unfortunate for the Petro Mercs fans but not for the overall F1 fans really.

  3. Incredible race: 9 (i wish 9.5 :P)

  4. Repeat of Canada a month or 2 back with a wet weather patch? 10/10

  5. Very unpredictable race with lots going on. Can see why people rate it high, but I’m just disappointed about the safety car lottery. Bottas could have landed his 4th straight podium here :(

    1. At least it wasn’t standing starts instead I guess @markf1 !

  6. Also guys which english commentary is the best?
    I watch Sky and although Martin Brundle is really good, but gosh do they talk about anyone but Hamilton? They are so Hamilton centred and sometimes they just sound so childish.

    1. 1. Sky is a British TV channel
      2. HAM is a British driver
      3. HAM had an eventful race from pits to 3rd
      4. HAM is fighting for the WDC

      What on earth did you expect?

      1. Yes but it’s got to the point where their assumption (particularly Croft) seems to be that none of their viewers cares about anyone BUT Hamilton. I was quite frustrated that there was no news from the rest of the race for the last 20 laps or so.

    2. Yeah true, but you have to remember that the Sky team are British so they are going to tend to talk a lot about the leading British driver who is fighting for the championship. Even Murray used to bang on a lot about Mansell and Hill when they were a contender for the title.

      Free to air TV in Australia only gets the Sky commentary, and FTA is what the majority of the population have to watch. We have Pay-TV (Foxtel), but only about 40% of the population in Australia had that.

      1. The commentary and the f1 driver might be British but Sky is owned by an Aussie called Murdoch so at least chip in and get into the good books with the boss you lot, but I agree Martin rabbles on at every race about LH as though he’s the only one on the track and sort of shrugs off Dani as though he’s not even there, unfortunate and very biased commentary.

    3. In all fairness David Croft is an Hamilton fanboy, however Martin spent his last season at BBC and his 1st at Sky criticising Hamilton. Even when it wasn’t his fault. Brundle usually favours anyone else but Hamilton. I was genuinely surprised that he was so pro Ham today.

  7. Awesome race!!! Being a Hamilton fan, I cannot be happier today. I am a bit weak when it comes to understanding race strategies but shouldn’t Mercedes have pitted Lewis once more for the Softs considering the number of unused sets they had with them? Could it have helped Hamilton at the end to get second position or even win the race?

  8. Rubbish. I could barely keep my interest with those quiet engines. And the fuel saving has gone too far, it was almost like they weren’t even trying. And the tyres have gotten out of hand, those option tyres Alonso was using could barely last 5 minutes. And where are the sparks?

    Perhaps I would’ve enjoyed this race more if double points had been rewarded.


    1. Agreed, more points and sparks ,

      1. And trumpets on the exhausts!

        1. Luckily the sprinkler system wasn’t needed.

          1. It was made worser because Lewis didn’t behave like a good boy and let Nico beat him because…well heaven knows why Lewis didn’t give Nico the place Nico deserved. I mean team orders is team orders.

            I was so gutted I felt compelled to vote 10.

            I looked for a tag but couldn’t find one. Just pretend my comments are enclosed by tags.

  9. Im going for a 9/10 ,

    epic race, great entertainment,

    1. ok ok,


      Dan the Man,

  10. Another farcical display of the FIA’s competence in handling safety cars mars an otherwise entertaining race. 4/10.

    1. @kanil

      Please explain.

      1. @PhilEReid The top four guys had to queue behind the SC, while those behind them got to pit. They were punished for running well. ‘course, FIA safety car incompetence has been a staple of F1 for my entire viewership, and comes in a truly surprising number of flavors (Rosberg’s podium in Singapore springs to mind as the single dumbest thing I can recall.)

        1. @kanil That’s just literally down to unlucky timing. They were passed the pits when the SC came out, and it couldn’t have come out any earlier (i.e, it was deployed straight after the incident). Unless I don’t fully understand what you’re getting at, I disagree at what you’re getting at.

          1. @PhilEReid You do understand, but that the rules allow that is idiotic. The top four drivers had no mechanical issues, they weren’t caught up in a wreck, their strategy wasn’t compromised by the safety car. They got screwed for no other reason than the rules being bad, which is something that doesn’t happen in series with better rules (IndyCar springs to mind.)

          2. @Kanil The only other options would be to delay the SC (which would be wrong) or to delay the ability to go into the pits for a lap. The issue here is that all the cars would be bunched up, teams would have to double stack their cars which would be unfair on the 2nd place driver of every team on the grid. Secondly, it would almost certainly cause a pit-lane incident. F1 pit-lane is much tighter than an IndyCar pit-lane (for the most part), and with all the cars bunched there would almost certainly have been contact and thus the ruining of another drivers race.

            In this instance, 4 drivers got screwed, with a change, it could be a hell of a lot more. The only other way would be to let the leaders of each team pit one lap, and then the next set of drivers the next lap… But that would cause the SC to stay out much longer.

            It’s just how sport goes sometimes. You can clearly be the better team, doing everything right and then you get caught with something unlucky. This is no different. I’d be interested to hear your suggestion though, maybe you’ve thought about a better solution which I haven’t, in which case I’d rest my case.

    2. How?
      Ericsson was a meter or 2 from the edge of the road at the exit of T3 Grosjean’s car had to be moved from just as much a dangerous position and Perez’s crash flew debris all over the pit straight like an opened blender.

  11. Completely absorbing from start to finish. For me, the best race of a year when there have been some great races. An easy 10/10.

  12. 8/10 for me. Great battles but too much luck involved especially 1st safety car. Still do not understand why Merc didn’t bring in ROS 5 laps earlier for the final tire change. That would have spiced up things in the end.

  13. Rosberg yesterday:
    “Also I would prefer to be out there battling with Lewis, that would give me the maximum adrenaline rush. It won’t be a gloves-off battle with Lewis but I am still very, very happy.”

    Rosberg today after his wish came true:

    1. I know right! He was whining like a 5 year old child with his yearning for team orders! ”LEWIS ISN’T LETTING ME PAST WAAHHH!!!” Rosberg should have overtaken him, he didn’t. End of story.

    2. +100000000000000000000000000000000

    3. COTD

    4. Rosberg: I don’t always get an adrenaline rushing gloves-off battle with Hamilton, but when I do I prefer he’d be a lap down.

    5. Brilliant!!!!!!

  14. I voted 9 by mistake. My bad, should have been a 10.

    Great win by Dan, he continues to show that racing wheel to wheel with World Champions doesn’t phase him one little bit. He’ll fight as much as his car allows him to. Fernando didn’t look all that happy. If his tyres weren’t beyond their life he might very well have won. As it was he was powerless to hold of the young Aussie.

    Lewis finishing third makes me wonder “what if” he had started at or near the front instead of from the pits. I know a few cars didn’t finish, but to pass that many cars in a race at the Hungaroring is an impressive effort in those conditions.

  15. I usually rate the race after I’ve seen the TV coverage, which for me is BBC highlights for most races, and listen live to the race on BBC radio 5 Live. Today, I’ve rated straight away, because I probably won’t watch the highlights show, because it is always a disappointment, and by leaving off my rating, I’m doing a disservice to the radio broadcasters (not the producers though, who seem quite happy to have the coverage start late or end early or be constantly interrupted by something that could be broadcast on 5live Extra). Honestly though, the simple fact that it is LIVE makes all the difference. The best race in the world is nothing if it isn’t live.

    1. @splittimes I too listen to 5 live for english commentary, as I watch german TV for the races that the BBC aren’t showing. So I depend on that. Quite frankly I was appalled at what happened today, prioritising the commonwealth games and a test match (which goes on for all day), instead of F1. They said they were switching to Hungary for the race start but they were too late, only switching to it when the car’s were midway through the first corner. And then dropping it to go back to the commonwealth games after 20-odd seconds. Just terrible.

  16. 9/10

    As much as I enjoy seeing Danny Ric smile on the podium, it’d be nice to have one of the “old guards”, Lewis – 4 victories or Fernando – 3 victories, on the top step.

    But overall, a great race, plenty of surprises.

    Move of the Day: JEV on Rosberg.
    Driver of the Day: RIC, HAM

    1. HAM on JEV was better tbh

  17. Aqib (@aqibqadeer)
    27th July 2014, 15:54

    there should be an option to rate 11/10 i wanted to rate 9/10 but by mistake i rated it 10/10 for some reason lol!

  18. What a dramatic race! Everything from Hamilton spinning on the opening lap, denying Rosberg track position and finishing 3rd, to JEV denying Rosberg a handful of times AND overtaking him fairly and squarely, Alonso ending up leading the race, Riccirado winning, the crashes, the strategies..

    Yet, there were a lot of moments in the race where there was drama, yet little overtaking. If we had this drama at a track like Interlagos or even Hockenheim, it would have be a 10. Yet, I’m going to to one up from last race and vote a 9, even though I would vote a 9.5 were it possible.

    It’s not often I find myself cheering this many drivers on, purely because they make some absolutely amazing moves, though!

    1. HAM on JEV was better

      1. That response would be better off elsewhere ted ^

        1. I might have replied to the wrong comment, my bad…

  19. Driver of the day – 1- Lewis / 2- Ricciardo / 3 – Alonso

    1. You have that in reverse.

  20. 8/10 for me.

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