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Rate the race: 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

2014 Hungarian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Hungaroring, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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  1. I voted it a 10 without hesitation. It had drama, changing conditions, great overtakes, spectacular crashes and near-misses (without anyone getting hurt), a team orders controversy and an unexpected winner. The cars were clearly a handful in those conditions, and the variable grip and tail-happy nature of 2014′s F1 cars made it a real test for the drivers, and a great show for the fans.

    That last few laps with Alonso, Hamilton and Ricciardo dicing line astern was epic – the cream rising to the top amidst the chaos. Three very different drivers, all fantastic talents. Three different cars, three different engines, three different strategies, all with a taste of the win and giving everything to achieve it. Then Rosberg chasing them down with some scorching laps and getting the door slammed in his face by his team-mate.

    I just wish I could have seen the whole race – had to make do with BBC highlights (although the coverage was still very good).

  2. only watched the highlights and i was gripped. the skill on show was breathtaking and there were lots of swings where it wasn’t clear who was favoured. the only disappointing thing was how easily ricciardo was able to pass alonso at the end but his pass on hamilton was just sensational. raikkonen and vettel showed tremendous skill, as did hamilton and rosberg on the final lap.

    first one i’ve ever rated 10/10 (though i think 2008 brazilian was better…nothing can top that)

  3. I think it was a great race but I did not enjoy it as much as I probably should have, and that is largely down to only seeing the BBC highlights show.

    All the elements of the race made it a classic, the wet dry nature and the safety cars shuffling the pack with some drivers pitting and some not.

    We had Hamilton starting from the pit lane, spinning on the first lap and then managing to get a podium and was genuinely challenging for the victory at one point, he went from damage limitation in the championship to actually closing the gap on Rosberg.

    The top drivers all had slightly different strategies which meant that you weren’t sure what the final order would be until the final few laps.

    Some of the overtakes were due to the big difference in the tyre performance at the time, which meant they are almost inevitable but they were still enjoyable despite that.

    When only watching the race highlights one of the main problems is that you don’t get a full picture of the race, you notice from the lap counter that the coverage has just missed out 5 laps and all the time gaps between the drivers have changed, it is hard to fully appreciate all the different strategies played out and how each drivers races went.

    If I was rating this on how much I enjoyed watching it at the time I would maybe only give it a 7 but I knew that the race was better than that so I rated it the same as I did the British and German GPs at 8.5 rounded up to a 9.

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