Bernie Ecclestone, 2013

Ecclestone offers millions to end bribe trial

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Bernie Ecclestone, 2013In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone wishes to take advantage of a provision under German law for him to settle his bribery case in Germany.


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Ecclestone Seeks to Settle Corruption Case for 25 Million Euros (Bloomberg)

“Defence lawyers for Bernie Ecclestone told the Munich judges trying him for corruption that the Formula One chief is prepared to pay Bayerische Landesbank 25 million euros ($33.6 million) if the criminal case is dropped.”

Ecclestone offers £20m to drop bribery trial (The Telegraph)

“His lawyers’ statement suggests the court process – due to run until October for two days a week – is proving a drain on Ecclestone. He has been keeping a noticeably lower profile in recent months.”

Ecclestone in talks to settle German bribery case (FT, registration required)

“German law has a provision that enables criminal cases to be settled with lesser punishments, including financial settlements, under certain circumstances.”

Ecclestone Makes Second Offer Of $40 Million To End Corruption Trial (Forbes)

“The first offer was declined and discussions about the second one are currently underway.”

Start, Red Bull Ring, 2014“Kein stehender Start nach Safety-Car” (Auto Motor und Sport, German)

Bernie Ecclestone says the plan for standing restarts in 2015 will now not go ahead, despite having been approved by the World Motor Sport Council last month, and now requiring the unanimous approval of teams to remove the rule for next year.

Ferrari deny Fry reports (Sky)

“According to Sky sources, Fry has been dismissed in the latest act of behind-the-scenes bloodletting following the team’s underwhelming performances at the dawn of F1’s new hybrid era.”

Raikkonen heading in right direction (Autosport)

“It was more fun because the car has been feeling a bit better, which makes life easier and lets you enjoy it more.”

Marco Mattiacci: Ferrari not here to finish second, so no shutdown (The Guardian)

“We are about 1.2sec behind the leaders, which means months or even years of work, so we cannot allow ourselves to shut down mentally.”

‘F1 needs drivers to be heroes’ – Horner (ESPN)

“We need to allow the drivers to be able to express themselves more without being criticised. We need to allow their personalities to come out.”

New Jules Bianchi column: “Voyage to the centre of Formula One” (James Allen on F1)

“For me Ferrari is like a second family and to drive full time with that Prancing Horse remains my goal, my ultimate dream.”

Max Mosley sues Google over sex party photos (BBC)

“The 74-year-old wants Google to block pictures first published in the now-defunct tabloid News of the World, which he successfully sued in 2008.”

Petitioning Jean Todt, president, Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) (Change)

Petition started by former FIA medical delegate Gary Hartstein in the wake of Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident.


Comment of the day

Praise for Ferrari’s strategy which netted their best result of the season so far in Hungary:

The changing conditions demand quick thinking from drivers and team strategists and it makes the races way more interesting.

Mercedes did not want to risk, Ferrari had to and they went for the quick softs to secure their podium. I was watching Sky’s post-race programme and Marco Mattiacci’s eyes were wet after their amazing result. That man has passion and it’s not a bad thing.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Cyanide and George Tunnicliffe!

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On this day in F1

It looked like a slow McLaren pit stop for Ayrton Senna had handed victory to Alain Prost at the Hockenheimring on this day in 1989. But a gearbox problem struck Prost with three laps to go, leaving Senna to head a one-two for the team.

Nigel Mansell was over 80 seconds behind in second place, while the other Ferrari of Gerhard Berger crashed out.

Here’s the start of the race – keep an eye out for a bizarre early retirement for Philippe Alliot.

Image © James Moy Photography/Jamey Price, Red Bull/Getty

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  1. Bernie has had many crazy ideias, one of them will never be implemented: artificial rain.

    After the last GP, it has become clear that artifial rain is the best idea ever.

    1. Bernie can buy weather , what makes you think he didnt do that in hungary ?

  2. Whilst I actually support Mosley to some extent, how can a search engine be blamed for publishing images… doesn’t the image reside at the hosting location? If google make local copies of the images for their image serach, then perhaps that’s something different.

    Whatever, I can’t see how any of this is going to make people not search for ‘Max Mosley’ on the internet again.

    1. Whatever, I can’t see how any of this is going to make people not search for ‘Max Mosley’ on the internet again.

      I think that idea kinda turns him on…

      1. Someone should give him a good thrashing.

  3. After watching the Hungary race i came to this conclusion
    Lewis you are going to win the 2014 WDC and i fully support you to get the WDC . This race should not be won by RIC or FA but it should have won by LH if Qualification goes right for him
    I saw two Drivers ahead and behind of Lewis who are most luckiest drivers of the Grid (My gut feeling) and mostly We thought NR is the Most luckiest as he was fighting for WDC but he wasn’t and Nico was 2nd luckiest driver with the upgraded Version of Webber(Sorry Markie). and biggest luckiest driver is Daniel for this 1st half of season. It seems what ever he does turns into gold for him, He was the only driver who has the least problems for those who are running Renault engines and never had any big issue apart from Fuel Flow Issue in sepang. And what ever strategy put on for RIC is going to get them ahead no matter what and that is luck more than skill.
    These Two are ahead of team mates due to Skill+Luck but luck has major part in this
    Hungary proved Lewis can turn it and im waiting for Vettel to do the same as he was no slouch either.
    I just hope i see 2X-4X-2X fight for their Odd numbered World championship for 2015 to have a crazy year or else the 2015 will be even worse with Standing restarts , Success ballasts etc etc.
    I dont like you lewis but i dont like Luck favouring things either so i put my dislike aside and warm you cos i know since the 2006 i was watching F1 who ever ive been warming was the WDC in WDC contenders . So push push lewis its all to play and just dont give up

    1. PS: Both Lewis and Vettel underperformed at some stages but the gaps are not showing the respective differences in table
      Lewis should be ahead of Nico by 10+ Points and Vettel should have been around 10-15 Points behind Dan but as i said the current positions have Big Luck part on game

  4. Bernie says: “Think before you bribe!”

    1. Hadn’t seen the earlier comment. My bad!

      1. No harm :) you have a great sense of humor ;)

  5. Bernie kinda looks like a Zombie in that (possibly all) pic

  6. Bernie should be fined 10 billion!!! 20 million is just pocket money for him!

  7. Was a little worried about what it meant for F1 if bernie got banged up. Now i think it would be nothing but good news for the sport.

  8. In a bizzare twist

    Construction on a new 20 room wing at Germany’s max security prison has ground to a halt leaving workers and suppliers out of pocket and out of work ,

    Work on the luxury new prison wing complete with media centre and replica London restaurants has ceased with the news that the influx of prisoner may indeed not happen ,

    Construction unions are waiting for the Caterham case to be settled to free up some lawyers ,

    To be cont ,

    1. Oh C’mon guy’s !!!!!!

      get it? Influx of prisoner ???????? “Bernie” sheesh, :(

      lighten up,

      this was seriously funny stuff and not one comment,

      Maybe my Wife was right,
      I’ll go make some beer,

  9. So Ecclestone is on trial for bribery and his solution is to offer to pay millions to make it go away, it doesn’t make him look innocent.

  10. It looked like a slow McLaren pit stop for Ayrton Senna had handed victory to Alain Prost at the Hockenheimring on this day in 1989…

    The 1989 F1 season was dominated by two team mates at the top of their respective games. One had armfuls of natural talent but took more risks and suffered from greater unreliability. The other wasn’t quite as fast but his calm, calculated approach and better reliability saw him build a points lead in the WDC by mid-season. Their team had produced a chassis/engine package that dominated the WCC and was clearly superior to the opposition, but struggled to maintain a positive relationship between their two drivers after a row about team orders. I also seem to remember allegations about favouritism being thrown around at one point.

    I fail to see the relevance to 2014.

  11. Surely the question is this: is bribing someone – paying someone to do something illegal – a crime or a civil matter? If it is a crime, then Bernie should face the music, not be offered a way out with his bottomless cheque book. If Mr Gribkowsky is guilty of taking a bribe, that rather implies that a bribe was given. At the very least, the prosecutors should seek an amount that would actually hurt; 1% of Mr E’s wealth (the latest figure mentioned) certainly won’t. He must look at that as small change (rather like the amount that Gribkowsky was convicted for).

    Besides, Gribkowsky gave such mealy-mouthed evidence one can only wonder at what other nods and winks and hints of quiet promises are flying about.

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