Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2014

F1 risks turning into ‘GP1’, warns Newey

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Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2014In the round-up: Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey says the rules on F1 car design have become too restrictive.


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Adrian Newey: Why he’s quitting Formula 1 (MotorSport)

“I do think the regs have become too restrictive. We’re in danger, chassis-wise, of becoming GP1.”

Why the aerodynamic failures of the F14 T have led to a power vacuum at Ferrari (Sky)

“Although this would indicate that the power unit was more of a problem than the car’s aero performance, the feeling is that the performance of the power unit was knowingly compromised to achieve maximum aero performance with quite a radical design.”

Lauda: F1 doesn’t need Briatore (Autosport)

“Why do we need Flavio? Bernie [Ecclestone] is the man in charge, and he should stay in charge.”

Vijay Mallya Q&A: Force India can catch Williams (F1)

“Customer cars would be disastrous. Not just for the paddock but also for the sport. The DNA of Formula One has always been about passionate teams. When you look at the history of how these teams started – be it Ferrari, Williams, Brabham or McLaren – they have all been entrepreneurs and racing enthusiasts passionately going racing in what evolved to become this big thing called Formula One. That’s part of our DNA.”

Red Bull will struggle at Spa and Monza, says Horner (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“You never know, it might be wet at Spa, and Monza might put a load more corners in! Singapore has to be the next golden opportunity for us, in reality.”

UK Court Ruling Holds The Keys To Ecclestone’s Future (Forbes)

“Ms Noetzel said on Tuesday that it is not clear how long the settlement talks will last but Mr Ecclestone’s latest offer expires on 8 August.”

Driven to Race With Simon (Red Bull)

Daniel Ricciardo’s race engineer Simon Rennie: “I really enjoy qualifying because absolutely everything is down to the second and it has to be perfect. That’s the bit I enjoy the most I think. In the race you might have a bit more time to react to things.”

‘My ambition is to be the first team to have all trackside systems in the cloud,’ says Caterham F1 IT head (Computing)

Caterham Group head of IT Bill Peters: “Typically lots of teams still carry four or five racks full of IT equipment to every event. We’ve managed to condense that down to a half-size rack with a completely virtualised environment.”


Comment of the day

Parallels between the championship of 25 years ago and this season:

The 1989 F1 season was dominated by two team mates at the top of their respective games.

One had armfuls of natural talent but took more risks and suffered from greater unreliability. The other wasn’t quite as fast but his calm, calculated approach and better reliability saw him build a points lead in the drivers’ championship by mid-season.

Their team had produced a chassis/engine package that dominated the constructors’ championship and was clearly superior to the opposition, but struggled to maintain a positive relationship between their two drivers after a row about team orders. I also seem to remember allegations about favouritism being thrown around at one point.

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Also on this day 60 years ago Argentinian Onofre Marimon was killed during practice for the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

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