Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Red Bull Ring, 2014

Tyres key to Raikkonen’s struggles – Grosjean

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Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Red Bull Ring, 2014In the round-up: Romain Grosjean believes his former team mate Kimi Raikkonen’s struggles this year are rooted in the tyres.


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Grosjean not surprised by Kimi struggle (ESPN)

“I know what he doesn’t like and I think this year’s tyres don’t suit him very well. He needs a good front end and there tyres don’t give him that feeling.”

Ecclestone pays to settle case (Sporting Life)

“I stood down for obvious reasons, but I’ll be back on again now. Everything is back to normal.”

Ecclestone trial halted after F1 boss agrees to $100 million settlement (Reuters)

“Judge Peter Noll told the court the suspicion of bribery against Ecclestone could not, by and large, be backed up in a trial. He gave Ecclestone one week to pay $100 million – $99 million to the state and $1 million to a children’s charity.”

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone to pay £60m to end German bribery trial

“‘A prosecution of the accused due to bribery is not probable as things stand,’ the court said, despite admitting that all evidence in the case had not yet been heard.”

Ecclestone to pay £60m settlement in bribery trial (The Telegraph)

“Ecclestone’s lawyers made the offer believing the state defence team’s case to be, in their words, ‘highly questionable’, and with the trial proving to be ‘extremely burdensome’ on their client.”

Interlagos begins major revamp (Autosport)

“The plan for the new pits has been in the works for several years, but the idea of moving the start/finish to the back straight on the run to turn four has been ditched and they will instead be built in the same location.”

Simon Pagenaud, IndyCar, Sam Schmidt, Pocono, 2014Interview with Christijan Albers (GP Update)

“We have been working hard on the car for 2015. We’ll have the car in the windtunnel soon. We are also working hard on upgrades for the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps.”

IndyCar’s Pagenaud closing in on Honda test (Racer)

“Asked if Honda would facilitate the test, the cagey 30-year-old acknowledged the link to the Japanese manufacturer, but stopped short of mentioning them by name. ‘I hope they would…why wouldn’t they?” Pagenaud said with a laugh.'”

Nelson Piquet Jnr to make Sprint Cup debut (NASCAR)

Nelson Piquet Jnr is set to make his NASCAR Sprint Cup Series debut this weekend at Watkins Glen International, his first national series start of the season.”

Raikkonen liittyy F1-isien kerhoon (Turun Sanomat, Finnish)

Raikkonen and his partner Minttu Virtanen are expecting their first child.


Comment of the day

As you might have guessed there were a lot of comments yesterday about Bernie Ecclestone’s trial settlement:

From what I understand he did not pay his way out exactly and it’s not a deal in the common sense.

It’s all about “Paragraph 153a Strafprozessordnung”: There is a suspicion you are guilty but this probably cannot be proved, furthermore you are not accused of a capital crime. Then – if the interest of the people is preserved (read in this case: money) – the case will be closed. The amount of money to be paid relates to your wealth.

The law is meant to speed up cases with first time offenders of small to medium crimes which are likely to result in a “not guilty”, meaning more time for capital crime cases. It is invoked more than a hundred thousand times per year in Germany.

The judge found it hard to establish that Ecclestone was guilty of bribery. Not least because Gribkowsky was a truly miserable witness.

Additionally it appeared hard to prove that Ecclestone knew that Gribkowsky was a civil servant which was one of the main points that made it a criminal case.

Ecclestone could have gone for the “not guilty” verdict if he was interested in spending a couple more months in court.

He clearly was not.

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