Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, 2004

Suspect in Schumacher case ‘found dead in cell’

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Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, 2004In the round-up: A man suspected of stealing medical files relating to Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident at the end of last year has been found head in his jail cell in Switzerland.


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Suspect in Schumacher records probe found dead (Associated Press)

“The man, whose name wasn’t released, was found hanged in a Zurich police jail on Wednesday morning as officers were handing out breakfast, prosecutors said in a statement.”

Mercedes designer Aldo Costa on why his old team Ferrari is struggling (James Allen on F1)

“We were told that [building a new wind tunnel wasn’t necessary to remain competitive] and that there was no need. In Ferrari all the decisions, on strategy and people, have always been taken by the president, Montezenolo.”

Monisha Kaltenborn Q&A: Sauber slump temporary (F1)

“Last season… we took a decision to continue on that year’s car, knowing full well that this would mean taking a considerable risk on the new 2014 car, and the development of that car in light of the massive changes which were coming up. We took that decision and it turned out to be the right decision for last season, but we didn’t expect that we would be facing as many issues as we are now.”

Hulkenberg: F1 now easier for rookies (Autosport)

“I remember when I came in, my first year as a rookie was a bit tougher. I don’t know if they’re just that much better or if things have become easier.”

MP4-29 a ‘laboratory’ for next year (ESPN)

“Most of the upgrades from this car will be carried over to next year’s car so that’s why we are using this car as a laboratory for next year.”


Comment of the day

Paul gives his verdict on the field based on yesterday’s team mates analysis:

Bottas and Ricciardo will be jostling for the title in years to come; it would/could have been this year had Mercedes had not been so dominant.

Button deserves one more year with McLaren, although I really don’t think Magnussen has done quite enough for McLaren to gamble on another rookie. McLaren needs a real performer alongside Button to go for the constructors’ championship.

Grosjean deserves more. The Red Bull and Mercedes lads are just cushty where they are at the moment. Let’s see the back of Sutil and Maldonado.

Kvyat has adapted well and should be granted another year, Vergne on the other hand, I think this may be one season too many for him, wouldn’t be surprised to see him stay or go.

I think Kobayashi deserves a midfield seat yet again to display his overtaking prowess.
Paul (@Frankjaeger)

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On this day 60 years ago Stirling Moss won the non-championship Oulton Park Gold Cup driving a Maserati 250F.

Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo