Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2014

Ricciardo expects stronger second half of season

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Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2014Daniel Ricciardo expects to be in stronger shape during the second half of the year.

Ricciardo, who took his second career win in Hungary last week, says he usually finds he is more competitive in the latter stages of a season.

Speaking to CNN’s The Circuit in an interview to be broadcast tomorrow, Ricciardo said his goal for the remaining races is to “keep building on what I have not only achieved but learnt in the first six months”.

“I feel since I entered Formula One the second part of the season has always gone better for me,” he explained. “It has been the time of the year when I seem to learn from the first six months and really put it towards better results in the second half of the year. So just keep doing that.”

“There is some fun tracks coming up as well – Spa, Japan is a good one and there are a few others. Austin is great so we will see how it’s going and try and get a few more wins.”

Ricciardo admitted the high-speed nature of Spa-Francorchamps, the next venue on the calendar, is likely to present some problems for the Red Bull chassis.

“Spa is pretty even across the lap,” he said. “There are some very long straights, which will unfortunately give a little bit of lap time away. But then there are some fast and flowing parts – particularly in the second sector should be a stand out sector for us as a team.”

“Whether that is enough then to catch back what we have lost on the straight we don’t know. We will see – maybe some rain will help things out.”

Despite his two wins Ricciardo says the team “always feel like we have been on the back foot a little bit this year” following their disrupted pre-season programme due to problems with their Renault power unit.

“Red Bull is a massive team and we can develop a lot quicker than other teams so we had sort of called up but it has been difficult,” he added. “I think more difficult than they have experienced in previous years”.

“But it is obviously a challenge that we are all aware of now and it is something we have to overcome. So I think the best thing is to try and move on and to move on with what we have got and that is the situation so… sometimes you feel like you want to point fingers and you have got to get some stuff off your chest which is fair enough but behind all that there is a lot of proactive work going.”

The full interview with Ricciardo will air tomorrow at 9:30am BST on CNN International.

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