Caption Competition 56: Caterham

Caption Competition

Tony Fernandes, Robin Frijns, Marcus Ericsson, Kamui Kobayashi, Caterham, 2014

It was all change for Caterham at the beginning of the season with new branding and an all-new driver line-up: test driver Robin Frijns joined rookie Marcus Ericsson and new signing Kamui Kobayashi.

But the changes didn’t stop there. Last month Tony Fernandes, frustrated at having gone four-and-a-half years without scoring a point, sold his team to new owners.

Add your funniest suggestion for a caption in the credits and a selection of the best will feature in an upcoming F1 Fanatic round-up.

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Image © Caterham/LAT

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99 comments on Caption Competition 56: Caterham

  1. sozavele (@formula-1) said on 9th August 2014, 14:59

    We have three drivers here…who will be here at the end of the season and who will run out of money first…let’s find out who is the weakest link!

  2. JackySteeg (@jackysteeg) said on 9th August 2014, 15:19

    Tony’s rendition of “My Way” draws a mixed response from the Caterham drivers.

  3. Adam Kibbey (@kibblesworth) said on 9th August 2014, 15:23

    After much time, money and effort, Tony decides the time is right to announce his 2014 AirAsia cabin crew team

  4. Sean Doyle (@spdoyle17) said on 9th August 2014, 15:32

    Robin may have been confused as to what Tony meant by, “Pick up the refreshments at the coffee shop.” Kamui and Marcus, though, never went through an easier press conference in their careers.

  5. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 9th August 2014, 15:36

    “King Joffrey signs with a Formula One team.”

  6. Nick (@npf1) said on 9th August 2014, 15:51

    Tony: ‘Bets on who leaves this team first?’

  7. Little_M_Lo (@pezlo2013) said on 9th August 2014, 16:01

    Tony: Now Kamui, how many points will we score this year?

  8. Mathers (@mathers) said on 9th August 2014, 16:02

    The F1 Rocks concert in Singapore will feature a new band on the scene…

  9. Fernandes introducing the first half of season’s line up.

  10. Jack (@jackisthestig) said on 9th August 2014, 17:08

    “Underperform lads and you won’t get paid!”

  11. Brian Frank (@brianfrank302) said on 9th August 2014, 17:34

    Three Musketeers of Caterham are for sale…..Anyone?

  12. Nimba (@nimba) said on 9th August 2014, 17:55

    Tony : Gentlemen, please smile your hearts out because one day we will feature in a caption competition.

  13. David Not Coulthard (@davidnotcoulthard) said on 9th August 2014, 17:59

    OK, Robin, how are your and Christijan’s last names’ pronunciation again? I think there’s this @andae23 person claiming Crofty’s to be wrong……..

  14. David Not Coulthard (@davidnotcoulthard) said on 9th August 2014, 18:01

    OK, so Al-bears, this is Robin Frins, and he’s going to do some testing at Zandvoert as soon as I leave.

  15. Ian (@f1ian) said on 9th August 2014, 18:06

    Reading the faces from left to right: L – “I really don’t know what I’m doing here” Middle – “Yep, all eyes on me” Right – “I know, I can’t believe I’m here either.”

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