Pastor Maldonado, Lotus, Hungaroring, 2014

Lotus financial situation “improving”

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Pastor Maldonado, Lotus, Hungaroring, 2014In the round-up: Lotus expects to report a fall in losses this year following their financial problems last season.


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Gerard Lopez: An F1 car helps for a man in a hurry (The Independent)

“In fact, Lotus is improving: the accounts for 2013, due to be filed in a few weeks, will show that losses have been reduced with Lotus close to break-even, give or take €10m.”

Ferrari, tutta la verità di Marmorini (Quotidiano, Italian)

Former Ferrari engine director Luca Marmorini, who left the team earlier this month, says he was urged to produce a compact engine design to aid aerodynamics, even at the expensive of power, but that the team have ended up lacking both engine and aerodynamic performance.

Orders expectation surprised Mercedes (Autosport)

Paddy Lowe: “People even thinking like that is almost an inversion of how you should be, probably generated by that [Michael Schumacher] Ferrari era. Before that era no one would have ever thought about it.”

Grand Prix 10-year-deal isn’t what it seems to be (

“We’ll know what the real story is when the FIA and F1 issue the 2015 preliminary schedule. If “Canada” has an asterisk beside it, that will tell you just about everything.”

Ed Gorman’s Formula One Notebook: Why Nico Rosberg is tougher than anyone thought (James Allen on F1)

Keke [Rosberg] was having none of it, however, and turned to me – someone he did not know – and in no uncertain terms told me to f*** off. I remember thinking ‘wow, this guy doesn’t give a stuff.’ We never did have that chat.”

Mechanics’ tales: Jo Ramírez (MotorSport)

“You always like an honest driver like Keke Rosberg. When he crashed, he’d be the first to come and say ‘I screwed up, so you can stop looking for something wrong with the car’.”

The junior stars with a shot at an F1 seat in 2015 (Paddock Scout)

“When Red Bull want [Carlos Sainz Jnr] to be in F1, he will be there. The only thing that could stop him would be an FR3.5 championship collapse.”

Susie Wolff Q&A: I’m no marketing ploy (F1)

“The podium ceremony was going on when suddenly there was the call, ‘Susie Stoddart, please come to the ceremony’. I thought that’s very strange because I haven’t finished in the top three, but my team manager said I had better run quickly… they called me up to the podium for being the top female driver!”



Max Verstappen, Can Amersfoort Racing, European F3, Nurburgring, 2014

Max Verstappen is now racing in Red Bull colours after joining their young driver programme – and took pole position for the first of this weekend’s European F3 races at the Nurburgring in a rain-hit session.

Comment of the day

F1 was a lot faster ten years ago, but was it better?

All those who scream about the cars and V10 engines of the early 2000′s how fast they were etc… should be made re-watching the 2004 Hungarian Grand Prix without nodding off, and a jolt of electricity to wake them up any time the do.

Yes, most of the speed records are from 2004, which is incidentally one of the worst ever seasons of F1. Ever. And 2002 was as bad. But what made 2004 worse than 2002 was that it came after the great promise of 2003. Such a let-down.

So yes, the speeds were incredible and the V10s sounded fantastic but everything else was terrible especially the racing. Almost everywhere, not just in Hungary. During Hungary I turned off the TV before halfway to stop wasting my time.

Really everyone who was an F1 fan before 2004 and remained a fan after 2004 should be given a medal of loyalty and perseverance. I know a few who didn’t make it. With all the criticism, I’d take the F1 of today over 2004 any day of the year (apart from Abu Dhabi and the double points lunacy).

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On this day in F1

F1 returns to the track formerly known as the Osterreichring earlier this year. On this day in 1970 it held its first ever world championship race.

However it proved the final F1 race for local hero Jochen Rindt, who was on his way to the world championship. He was killed during the following round at Monza.

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